Add “Suggest to Techmeme” Button On WordPress Blog

Earlier we shared “Add to Kindle” button and Facebook “Send button, now something to bring you direct traffic. If you are not aware about Techmeme, it is a popular news aggregator site. Get featured in Techmeme, and you can expect 1000s of visits to your site.

Why You Should Add This Button On Your Blog?

If ‘breaking news’ is something your blog gives, then you must try this. Techmeme displays all the trending and breaking technology news. Getting featured on Techmeme as several advantages. Your blog gets good traffic and it will also get good exposure.

How To Add “Suggest to Techmeme” Button?

Tip Techmeme ButtonTechmeme uses Twitter to get most of their news/tips. To send a tip to Techmeme, just include “Tip @Techmeme” or “Tip @TechmemeFH” in your message along with the URL of the news story you’d like to appear. Check the below image for example :

Tip Techmeme

You can try Sociable – “Suggest to Techmeme” WordPress plugin for creating a exclusive button for it. Then your readers can also tip Techmeme, thus increasing the chance for getting featured.

[Download “Suggest to Techmeme” plugin]

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  1. I absolutely agree with you. Techmeme is one of those site webmasters can use to drive traffic to their site. Thanks for sharing this tips. Its really going to come handy

  2. Adding button on blog is more useful than using twitter because thousands of tips are shared on techmeme everyday

  3. This is one of the useful information to all the people on the earth. Thank you so much for sharing your blog post on here 🙂


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