7 Ways To Expand Business Possibilities With WordPress Development

WordPress and BusinessIn today’s time, a single business cannot guarantee you long terms success. To become successful one has to multitask and be devoted towards excellence. WordPress, being the CMS of choice offers amazing opportunities for budding or seasoned developers to optimize their earning potential and capitalize upon the various market requirements for high end WordPress Development.

Provided below is the compilation of seven highly pragmatic ways with which you can grow as a WordPress Developer and enjoy long term success with significant financial gains.

1. The Ace: Your WordPress Design and Development Skills

One of the most easiest way to start a business with WordPress skill and knowledge is to offer WordPress design and development services to various website development agencies. The present times have witnessed a wide untapped increase in the use of Website development services and the need of talented and skilled resources of WordPress developers is highly huge and enormous. As per the WordPress design and development services, you may choose either one or more, of the below mentioned options:

WordPress Theme Customization

Customizing WordPress Themes is a fast growing business. A lot of people – individuals and corporate houses wishes for customized WordPress themes and designs which solely represent them and is tailor made to fit their personality. As a WordPress Developer, it is a great business opportunity to offer WordPress theme customization at competitive prices..


Subcontracting is another way of getting business based on your WordPress themes. It combines your expertise with the expertise of a design and development company and together you both end up working towards significant professional gains. For instance you may excel in WordPress plugin development, but not so good with theme designing. Subcontracting with a design company well let you provide your expertise as a plugin developer, and the designers will accommodate it into the design.

The advantage is that it reduces pressure from you and the professional web design and development company has to manage the clients.

2. Create your own WordPress Design and Development Agency

After a point in time, there comes a time to expand and grow. So you may have enough of experience as a professional WordPress Developer – perhaps as a freelancer or as a full time resource. But this might be your opportunity to utilize your experience and skill set along with your managerial abilities to form a web design and development company. Though there will be added work pressures, client handling and similar jazz, but in the end of the you will be your own boss and you won’t be required to just raise your price anymore. You have risen as a person and as a professional. Contact a few designers and developers, perhaps the young pass outs who are roaring to go and the subcontractors. You can provide them with your experience and they’ll provide you with their fervent enthusiasm.

3. Sell out your high end customized Themes

The need for WordPress themes has gone on beyond the imaginable levels. Today the market is afloat with several will placed professionals offering WordPress themes. In addition to defining theme and look of the website, the themes also add certain extra functionality to the entire application and thus it is a sought after market option. When you decide to sell themes through online theme shops, remember you will not only be spending a lot of time developing themes but also with providing extra careful customer support. The two viable options on theme sales are discussed below:

Independent Theme Shops

A person with high self representation and ego needs as a business owner may opt for Independent Theme Shops. The world of eCommerce website development is not hidden from anyone. Especially our web designers and developers. Thus a simple and more self expressive way is to own a personalized theme shop like WooThemes, Press 75 and etc. With your personal Theme Ship you can decide for various payment options, sales and pricing and what not.

WordPress Theme Marketplaces

If you are not looking out for the entire headache and effort of owing a theme shop and managing all the clients and customer relations, you can just opt for selling your WordPress themes by joining a profitable Marketplace. The benefit of getting in touch with a marketplace is that you get to concentrate all you efforts on the designing and development part, thus your output is much more refines and systematic and there is no extra added pressure and burden. But the negative aspect of the same could be the presence of high competitive professionals. You will not be the only one presented on the market place but your competing firms will be right there, next to your themes and designs. This might make you anxious and insecure, but then competition is everywhere, you got to choose what is best for you.

4. WordPress plugin development and support is an irresistible option

The sale of WordPress designs and themes requires the matured and skillful hands of seasoned WordPress developers. Those who have a developed vision and fast instincts as to which design and functionality will work profitably for the business. However the newcomers to this arena, may not be able to provide WordPress themes for high end users, but supporting and developing plugins might just be the “IT” solution for you.

The reason that plugin development is so much popular is because there are not many quality plugin developers around and the market has displayed a lot of promise.

One challenge in plugin development is the support part. Your customers may vary in their understanding of the technology base and may be clumsy around working with it. Thus you not only need to produce the best of the plugins, with very precise and systematic coding, you need to project it too, the right away and handle customer anxiety related to the same.

Various eCommerce websites which provide you an opportunity as a plugin developer are Gravity Forms, Plugin Buddy, and Cart66 besides there are other marketplaces for demonstrating your skills, such as CodeCanyon, WP Plugins, and Mojo Themes (they also have plugins).

5. Become a WordPress specialized Web Host

A web hosting platform is a prerequisite for a user to successfully work upon a self hosted WordPress website. There are several web hosts which offer low cost possibilities for web hosting, sturdy WordPress compatibilities and thorough installation with a single click. These web hosts are: Godaddy, Dreamhost, MediaTemple and etc.

however the scope of these websites are limited to just that. There are several new platforms which are emerging and provide highly beneficial features strictly concentrated upon WordPress which includes Theme Installation, WordPress support and optimization. A few of such examples are Page.ly, WP Engine, and ZippyKid.

Getting started with a WordPress web hosting platform is quite a task and requires you to have a deep routed knowledge of server technology and scaling issues. Besides you will have to invest in the infrastructure, marketing and customer support. And be ready to face the customer queries if the server is down even for a little while.

Thus a hosting business is very lucrative and offers amazing earning potential, but is also requires you to up on your toes constantly.

6. Write Content for WordPress Community

Have a flair for writing and knows about WordPress CMS? Then there is nothing stopping you from earning great buck by producing relevant and meaningful content for the Internet users as a whole. By writing WordPress based content, not only you communicates your in depth knowledge of the customized CMS but also with time develops a readership base which gives you endless possibilities to capitalize upon.

There are various separate platforms which covers various aspects related to WordPress based content. WPCandy takes the charge of providing all the news releases pertaining to WordPress. WP Beginner offers highly educative tutorial for those who are starting off with WordPress CMS. WP Engineer handles skillfully the advanced and technical features of the WordPress CMS. Besides there are different podcasts like WordPress Weekly and a lot more.

The primary earning happens through advertisements, however with time you earn from a loyal user base. Always keep in mind to produce relevant and meaningful content.

7. Provide Fervent WordPress support

It is one of the most recent developments in making business through your WordPress skill and knowledge. With the rise in the service sector, consumers wants have increased. So in order to develop a business around your WordPress knowledge, you can create a business bu providing sturdy support to the customers. Though WordPress community offers helps to WordPress users, but at times the big corporate houses or varying sized firms may demand a deeper and more personalized help. You can provide the same and gain economically through the same.

This write up has covered so far, some of the most popular and keenly used ways of developing a business around WordPress. However this is just the beginning and the market and business opportunities offered by WordPress Development is just as limitless and abundant as the tranquil blue sky above us. In the modern time of cut throat competition, and the social status being dependent on the monthly pay cheque, bring your WordPress expertise to some good use and become a successful business owner.

This article is written by Jennifer Hill. She is an ambitious and self motivated professional, working as a senior marketing executive with WPCanvas, a specialized WordPress development firm.

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