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15+ Things The Apple iPad Lacks


Apple iPad is the latest buzzword and trending keyword. It is believed to change the face of computing and to bring a new form of digital experience.

Some of my friends said it was a giant iPhone in fact! 😀 Meanwhile, if you a fan of HP, then do check the HP Slate (iPad Killer!) Specifications.

Below I mentioned some of the features that Apple iPad indeed lacks.

Apple iPad

1. No Multi-tasking : From the demonstrations and reviews of iPad, I came to know we can’t run applications in the background. This also lacks in iPhone I guess.

2. No Drag and Drop File Management : Another issue we are facing with iPad is syncing your iPad with another computer. You will only be able to associate your iPad with a single other device as the same way you do for your iPod or iPhone now.

3. No Camera : This will be a huge disappointment to all the Apple fans and Photographers, LOL! Using an iPad you can’t record a video, you can’t take pictures, and of course, no webcam. So no video iChat and no Skype video conferencing.

4. No SD Slot : You can’t stick a 16GB SD card in as a semi-permanent storage. If you want to pull files off an SD card you need to purchase iPad Camera Connection Kit.

5. No HDMI Out : There is no single-cable way to connect an iPad to your TV set. Like Steve Jobs said, you can hook the iPad up to a projector, but you can’t hook it up to your HD monitor. There will be video out through dock connector.

6. No 1080p Playback : Now another bad news, you can’t expect full HD playback from the iPad. It has much less output. Video output is supported but only at 480p.

7. No USB Port : You cannot attach your USB peripherals directly. You can do only when plugged in via its proprietary dock connector.

8. No Full GPS : Wi-Fi only versions have no full GPS support. The 3G versions have Assisted GPS, and they use cellular connection for finding locations. If you are in a dead zone or other area of poor connectivity or even if you didn’t pay for your mobile service, your GPS will be dead!

9. E-mail Attachments : Just like iPhone’s e-mail app, you can’t view any mail attachments outside. Same goes for the much awaited iPad. So they are trapped in your mailbox.

10. No Native Widescreen : A iPad’s screen is a relatively square. This won’t be ideal for watching widescreen movies. The aspect ratio isn’t that wide screen.

11. Universal E-mail Inbox : To view e-mails from another account, you need to go out of the inbox you are currently viewing and then go to the other account’s inbox.

12. Blown-up iPhone Apps :Yes the iPad can run all existing iPhone apps. But you can run them at their iPhone-size in the center of your iPad screen, or you have to blown up to fill the screen. They are not anti-aliased. The text and images will look chunky.

13. No OLED : Earlier it was rumored that Apple is going to release two versions of iPads, one with OLED screen and one without. Some experts said, it would be perfect for an iPad to have OLED screen!

14. No Flash : It is believed that iPad has poor support for Adobe Flash. Already it was bad on the iPhone and it is one of leading causes for the crashes on Mac OS X. Though video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo switched to H.264 for video streaming, we still have lots of sites which support Flash. Poor Gamers!

15. No Keyboard : LOL, it has a keyboard, but not a physical one. Of course, I agree this is an iPad not a netbook, but the hassles are only known to the people who have used it. Without a keyboard its difficult to manage typing. But according to the iPad site bluetooth built into the iPad does support an Apple wireless keyboard.

16. Same as iPhone : To me iPad looks like a stretched version of iPhone. The OS and interface are the same I believe. So I’ll buy an iPhone rather than an iPad.

17. No Widgets : iPad has a huge screen and it would have been nice if they provide widgets like calculator, sticky notes or anything like that.

18. Average Battery Life : Apple claims iPad has 10 hours battery life and that is a good one, but only for ebook readers. By playing games or browsing the web for one or two hours, your battery life will be dead. Even if you turn on Wi Fi or 3G you need charge it twice or thrice a day.

19. Charging iPad : You can’t charge iPad over a USB port. It won’t charge even if iPad’s syncing with iTunes. The only way to charge the iPad is by using the included AC wall adapter.

Though there are many good things to say about iPad, still we are more concentrating on the disadvantages. What’s your take on this?


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    • Emily@ipad 3 specs

      I surely would prefer a MacBook Air for $999 than an iPad 64GB for $699

    • John Cole @ Rural Area Internet

      The main reason why I won't buy Apple products is because my main freelance client uses Flash on all his sites. I need to be able to use Flash on my computers, smartphones and tablets.

    • Amandeep Singh

      A lot of these features have been added as a part of iPad 2 🙂

    • Ganeshbabu

      Good one. no one says these type of "Apple iPad Lacks" information. but they are lot of concept in apple ipad. so let share all things.. thanks.

    • Smart Phone

      I think Apple is going to include some of this things in the next iPad upgrade, because I wonder why iPad should not come with likes of: USB Port, Multi-tasking, Drag and Drop File Management, SD slot and other very important software and hardware for a tablet system.

    • iPad Technology

      I agree with Nabeel they are holding back for the next release on some of these features, if they launch a newer version in the near future they will make more money.

    • Tini | Inzone Internet

      For the most part I am just going to use it for writing blog post anyhow, there are definitely trade offs but I will still be saving for it. Price is the most hard to accept for me.

    • Senthil Ramesh

      I am not even going to think about iPad. I had an idea to buy it or atleast make a step towards toward buying it when Steve Jobs announced it. The reviews had made me fed up. You know I saw a comment by one of the viewer in MTV as "iPad would have made more sales if its released on April 1, as it is nothing but a concept to fool you" LOL

    • Mathew Day

      Wow, that is quite a list. I probably won’t get one cause some of their competition offer more value. Or maybe they’ll improve it over time.

    • Directory Sieve

      lack of multi-tasking is the biggest short coming on this device, however no HD is pretty much expected and so is no camera, though with all these features missing am sure many would still buy it…

    • Jamie

      This is helpful. I did not realize there was THAT much wrong or bad with the iPad. I mean, I knew it was one of those things you don’t have a use for, you have to find a use for it.

    • Nabeel

      Apple likes launching its products without certain features intentionally. So that they can add some of those features in next release and people can buy the new version.

    • Link Building

      Well, the ipad definitely lacks some very important features. But honestly I think Apple did this on purpose so that in 6 months or so they can just come out with a new and updated ipad. They are a very smart company and have an agenda for everything.

    • Sourish | Wordpress Install Guide

      instead of having all these drawbacks , ipad sells like hot cake.

    • sebin

      The iPhone lacked a decent camera and its processing power is lower than the other smartphones , but still it was a winner ! What makes you think iPad's gonna lose ?
      .-= sebin's last blog…Kick start your iPad with these Apps ! =-.

    • TechChunks

      And this is why HP Slate looks way better on paper than iPad!
      .-= TechChunks’s last blog…HP ‘iPad Killer’ Slate Details Leaked: $549 Keyboard-less Netbook =-.

    • Tech Sputter

      It’s not a computer but a big iPod Touch ha ha ………..:-) 🙂 :-), 130 US dollars (90 euro) for a 3G modem seems pricey seems a great problem….
      .-= Tech Sputter's last blog…<a href="">Now get 2x faster Broadband from BSNL for free…</a> =-.

    • Kothapally Arun

      Agree with you in and out.

      No flash????? YUKie
      It surprises me how apple devices get so much craze…

      Overall for style and usability I love the comapany ….
      .-= Kothapally Arun’s last blog…Pacesetter Grand Prix arcade racer : The rebirth of racing simulators =-.

    • Dennis Edell

      I don't get what it's good for in the first place. Is it more then just the latest/greatest gadget that does what all the others do anyway?
      .-= Dennis Edell's last blog…Comment Contest and Bonus Winners – March! =-.

    • GadgetGuide4U

      Every application or software has its pros and crons so its totally wrong sighting only the bad things about it. It has most of the good points and as the time passes these weak points will be soughted out.
      .-= GadgetGuide4U’s last blog…Digg App For Android is Now Avaiable =-.

    • prasanna

      i thought ipad will have several good features!!! but its lacking in more major things!!
      good information dude!!!

    • face lift

      Well I did not know some things which are not in Apple’s iPad.Though an iPad has some limitations,it has a good qualities.It is easy to hold and it has good performance.I can say that iPad will also a good hit like iPhone.

    • Ramkumar

      There are always disadvantages when you compare an object with some other object ., From the above points I reckon you have compared a iPad with a Atom powered Laptop 😀

      Leave the disadvantages mate, Apple is innovating rather than copying others products , and as u know every invention has its own flaw.
      .-= Ramkumar’s last blog…Nokia 7705 TWIST =-.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      It lacks few feature and so iPhone did..still its hotselling device.. I can’t wait to get my hands on iPad…
      .-= Harsh Agrawal’s last blog…2 Free iPad Applications for Bloggers =-.

      • NpXp

        Well iPad is a fancy gadget nonetheless. But frankly just a waste of Money 😉
        .-= NpXp’s last blog…How Not To Get Banned From Google Adsense =-.

    • Aminul Islam Sajib

      To be honest, I didn't expect something like iPad from Apple.

    • ashok

      It seems that my mobile is better than iPad,,, the thing which i don’t like is, it won’t support usb,,,

    • GDI Blog

      No external devices only apps but apps mean More money to spend, so this is the worst thing.
      .-= GDI Blog’s last blog…Find Good Personal Injury Insurance Rates and Cover Your Business =-.

    • Samuel

      Lol sounds funny i dnt tink diz ipad is meant for human beings

    • NRI

      oops !!! then why shud we buy ths ?????

      • Rockstar Sid

        Things have changed. Not everyone are willing to buy useful stuffs anymore..
        .-= Rockstar Sid’s last blog…The 3 Specific Trades Which Must Take Advantage of iPad =-.

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