5 Gadgets That Will Go Mainstream By 2041

Technology is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? And just think about how far we’ve gone in this department in the last 30 years or so… not to mention how new technological developments seem to take place increasingly faster! We find it safe to assume that – provided the EOTWAWKI (end of the world as we know it) does not occur in the next thirty years – we will likely get a chance to handle some *really* exciting technology, by the year 2041.

In fact, we cannot help but wonder just what kind of amazing pieces of technology will go mainstream by that time. If you are also inclined towards musing, then you may find it intriguing to explore our predictions for the…


Top Gadgets we hope to see before kicking the bucket.


This will be the iPad of the future, of course. We’ve already seen the first steps in terms of auto-stereoscopic technology, so it shouldn’t be too unreasonable to hope for fully functioning holograms within three decades, right? By then, tablet computers will gain a new dimension as they are able to project images right out from the screen for anyone to meddle with. You will get to watch holographic pictures and video, traverse websites in a way that will make the Minority Report look antique, and… just imagine how awesome FaceTime will be, and how many Star Wars jokes will be just waiting to happen.


Sure, the current slew of e-readers is pretty cool, but just imagine how it awesome these devices will get when e-ink technology isn’t as  expensive. By then, e-book reading devices will just like a real book that you can leaf through…. except, you will be able to populate the content of all pages at the click of a button. There will be no need for an integrated keyboard either; you will just have to scribble down your thoughts on e-paper and they’ll get instantly OCR’d into the documents. As extra bonus, they will even kind of smell like an actual book used to …. back when trees still weren’t endangered species.

bracelet PC

As personal computers keep getting smaller and more powerful, it’s only a matter of time until they get so compact that you will actually get to carry around your full-power workstation in something as discreet (and fashionable) as a bracelet. And since electronic paper will be widespread by then (and hopefully more suitable for video than at time of writing), lugging around a screen would be pointless, since there will be no shortage of devices you can sync your bracelet PC with to display pictures through. Not to mention it will probably be able to broadcast pictures via wireless to your retina!


In the future, phones will become obsolete. Because eventually, tele-portation devices will see the light of day, and everything will change. And hopefully no scientists will have to get merged with a Fly to bring about such advancements. The transportation industries will be drastically changed, when you can zap yourself across the world at the flick of a button of your trusted portalphone. After all… speaking to people remotely through a screen is so… early XXI century, you know?


Since we’re going all out with these predictions, why not propose a device that allows anyone to upload their consciousness on-line? Granted, having a living and breathing body is surely an amazing experience, but should we peacefully succumb to death just because our bodies come with an expiration date? Not when a technology finally appears which provides a way to link all of our individuality to digital support! When the shell is eventually crumbled, all that remains will be able to float around the cyberspace quite leisurely, and keep dreaming of an even crazier future!

Do you agree with these predictions? Do you believe that we’ve been reading one too many science fiction novels? Can you think of imaginary gadgets even cooler than those we mentioned? If so, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts by using the comments box down below.

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10+ Awesome TRON Gifts For Your Geek Boyfriend

Tron: Legacy is a 2010 American science fiction film produced by Walt Disney Pictures, released on December 16, 2010. It is a sequel to the 1982 film Tron. Though I’m not a Tron fan, still these gadgets tempt me to watch that movie quickly.

You can surprise your Geek boyfriend by gifting him some special TRON gadgets. I collected some popular gadgets from various sources.

#1 – Oakley Tron 3D glasses

Oakley Tron 3D glasses

“Collaborating with Oakley provided Disney with a great opportunity to interpret the aes thetics and themes of TRON: Legacy into cutting edge eyewear for fans to enjoy,” said Stephen Teglas, vice president and general manager of Fashion & Home North America at Disney Consumer Products. [Source : CrunchGear]

#2 – Razer Tron mouse and keyboard

Razer Tron mouse and keyboard

From the Rez and De-Rez lighting effects during start-up and shutdown to the smooth black finish of the Hyperesponse™ keys, the TRON Gaming Keyboardis exactly what you need to dominate the game Grid. A detachable modular keypad, lighting effects triggered by in-game actions, and fully programmable keys with macro capabilities make this a must for any TRON fan. [Source : Razer]

#3 – TRON Mouse

TRON Mouse

The TRON Gaming Mouse comes in an ambidextrous design with a luminescent blue glow protruding from sleek edges and lines. Designed for the upcoming TRON: Evolution game and inspired by the Light Cycle featured in the film, the mouse creates light alerts based on your in-game actions, thrusting you into the TRON universe. [Source : Razer]

#4 – Monster TRON Headphones

Monster TRON Headphone

The LED Light Drive System is a first in Monster headphones and recreates the movie’s animated lighting effects. The headphones also have a noise-isolating feature to block out external noise. It can double as a headset thanks to a removable boom microphone that can be attached to either side. [Source : iPodNN]

#5 – TRON Mousemat

TRON Mousemat

Besides enjoying light alerts triggered by in-game actions on an interactive gaming mouse, gamers can now add the gaming mouse mat that features a bio-luminescent tracking glow trail as they swipe their mouse across the smooth, hard surface. [Source : Razer]

#6 – Tron Xbox 360 Controller

Tron 360

Light-up orange accents illuminate nighttime gaming sessions on this officially licensed Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. With its sophisticated and simplistic design, it features precision controller parts and vibration support, performance enhancing counters and design, and rubber-grips with a soft-touch finish. [Source : PDP]

#7 – Tron Wii Controller

Tron Wii

Based on the designs of both the film and game, the TRON controllers will feature unique, performance-enhancing contours and design, rubber grips with a soft-touch finish and perforated details and light-up accents reminiscent of the TRON universe to illuminate late-night gaming sessions. [Source : Nintendo Life]

#8 – Glowing Tron T-Shirt

Tron T-shirt

The sweet glow-in-the-dark piping looks to be very nicely adapted from the movie, and the shoulder pads are a nice touch. Of course, wearing this is perhaps even nerdier than wearing a Wi-Fi detecting shirt. [Source : The Daily What]

#9 – Adidas Tron Shoes

Tron Shoes

It turns out the glowy bits are “glow in the dark stitch detailing and reflective TRON disk screenprints” probably made from reflector material. In their defense, that stuff can get pretty bright in the right environment, and it lasts a long time: I have some Pumas from 2001 that still shine. [Source : CrunchGear]

#10 – Tron Light Cycle

Tron Light Cycle

You can customize the bike with whatever color you like (but there’s only 1 of each color being made, so hurry), the wheels are hubless, and you can pick between gas or electric engines. [Source : CrunchGear]

#11 – Tron Notebook Skin

Tron Notebook Skin

There are lots of notebook skins you can get from Skinit. The light disc one looks familiar to Tron thing. [Check Skinit]

#12 – Tron Skatecycle

Tron Skatecycle

Created by Alon Karpman of Brooklyn Workshop, the custom-built skateboard is actually a Freerider, modded to sport the colors and lights of the movie’s signature Lightcycles. The results are impressive, to say the least — enough to give modding-incapable Tron nerds some serious geek-envy. [Source : Cool Things]

#13 – TRON: LEGACY Audio Dock

Audio Dock

TRON: LEGACY audio dock is inspired by the iconic data disk from TRON: LEGACY [Source : TheNextWeb]

#14 – Tron Lighted Identity Disk

Identity Disk

A Tron Identity Disk looks like a glowing frisbee, but it is a powerful device with many amazing abilities. [Check Amazon]

I collected some popular gadgets that could make great gifts for boyfriends, from various sources. Did I miss any TRON gadget here?? You can also help me to update this list by mentioning them below!

15+ Things The Apple iPad Lacks

Apple iPad is the latest buzzword and trending keyword. It is believed to change the face of computing and to bring a new form of digital experience.

Some of my friends said it was a giant iPhone in fact! 😀 Meanwhile, if you a fan of HP, then do check the HP Slate (iPad Killer!) Specifications.

Below I mentioned some of the features that Apple iPad indeed lacks.

Apple iPad

1. No Multi-tasking : From the demonstrations and reviews of iPad, I came to know we can’t run applications in the background. This also lacks in iPhone I guess.

2. No Drag and Drop File Management : Another issue we are facing with iPad is syncing your iPad with another computer. You will only be able to associate your iPad with a single other device as the same way you do for your iPod or iPhone now.

3. No Camera : This will be a huge disappointment to all the Apple fans and Photographers, LOL! Using an iPad you can’t record a video, you can’t take pictures, and of course, no webcam. So no video iChat and no Skype video conferencing.

4. No SD Slot : You can’t stick a 16GB SD card in as a semi-permanent storage. If you want to pull files off an SD card you need to purchase iPad Camera Connection Kit.

5. No HDMI Out : There is no single-cable way to connect an iPad to your TV set. Like Steve Jobs said, you can hook the iPad up to a projector, but you can’t hook it up to your HD monitor. There will be video out through dock connector.

6. No 1080p Playback : Now another bad news, you can’t expect full HD playback from the iPad. It has much less output. Video output is supported but only at 480p.

7. No USB Port : You cannot attach your USB peripherals directly. You can do only when plugged in via its proprietary dock connector.

8. No Full GPS : Wi-Fi only versions have no full GPS support. The 3G versions have Assisted GPS, and they use cellular connection for finding locations. If you are in a dead zone or other area of poor connectivity or even if you didn’t pay for your mobile service, your GPS will be dead!

9. E-mail Attachments : Just like iPhone’s e-mail app, you can’t view any mail attachments outside. Same goes for the much awaited iPad. So they are trapped in your mailbox.

10. No Native Widescreen : A iPad’s screen is a relatively square. This won’t be ideal for watching widescreen movies. The aspect ratio isn’t that wide screen.

11. Universal E-mail Inbox : To view e-mails from another account, you need to go out of the inbox you are currently viewing and then go to the other account’s inbox.

12. Blown-up iPhone Apps :Yes the iPad can run all existing iPhone apps. But you can run them at their iPhone-size in the center of your iPad screen, or you have to blown up to fill the screen. They are not anti-aliased. The text and images will look chunky.

13. No OLED : Earlier it was rumored that Apple is going to release two versions of iPads, one with OLED screen and one without. Some experts said, it would be perfect for an iPad to have OLED screen!

14. No Flash : It is believed that iPad has poor support for Adobe Flash. Already it was bad on the iPhone and it is one of leading causes for the crashes on Mac OS X. Though video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo switched to H.264 for video streaming, we still have lots of sites which support Flash. Poor Gamers!

15. No Keyboard : LOL, it has a keyboard, but not a physical one. Of course, I agree this is an iPad not a netbook, but the hassles are only known to the people who have used it. Without a keyboard its difficult to manage typing. But according to the iPad site bluetooth built into the iPad does support an Apple wireless keyboard.

16. Same as iPhone : To me iPad looks like a stretched version of iPhone. The OS and interface are the same I believe. So I’ll buy an iPhone rather than an iPad.

17. No Widgets : iPad has a huge screen and it would have been nice if they provide widgets like calculator, sticky notes or anything like that.

18. Average Battery Life : Apple claims iPad has 10 hours battery life and that is a good one, but only for ebook readers. By playing games or browsing the web for one or two hours, your battery life will be dead. Even if you turn on Wi Fi or 3G you need charge it twice or thrice a day.

19. Charging iPad : You can’t charge iPad over a USB port. It won’t charge even if iPad’s syncing with iTunes. The only way to charge the iPad is by using the included AC wall adapter.

Though there are many good things to say about iPad, still we are more concentrating on the disadvantages. What’s your take on this?

6 New Upcoming Tech Components

We have entered a new decade and what will you imagine for the future. Getting a computer with parts that are not outdated in terms of concept is one aspect that a tech geek must be aware of.  In this article, I will keep the readers informed of what is the latest technology that you must keep your eyes peeled in order to keep abreast of the times. Due to the limit in links set by the site owner, I will only bold the names and you will need to google search yourself.

Rise in Technology1. Sata 6G Motherboard

Look out for the new motherboards that come with Sata 6, also known as Sata III, which is 6 gig per second worth of data transfer.  This is more than twice the speed of what we have now, current motherboards only have Sata 2. These newer boards also have usb 3.0 ports for future devices that need ultra fast data transfer rates like terabyte drives which stands for 1000 gig per 1 tera.  One example would be ASUS P6X58D

2. Duo chip video cards

Video chips are also following the trend of CPUs and are also moving towards multiple chips in a single package. This not only save space in the motherboard as there is no need to waste space to put extra graphic card and generating excess heat. Although, if you are planning to power up and boost your whole system, it is going to generate more heat than you are used to. It’s good to get the best 140mm fan to help your system cool off. The latest technology in graphic card concept is not only 2 chips in one card, but a mix of 2 different chips in one card. One example is the EVGA GTX275 CO-OP PhysX, this card contains a GTS250 chip and a GTX275 on a single package.  The reason for having 2 different chips is because the stronger chip will render 3D whereas the slower chip will render physX.  This will help to cut down on power usage as there is really no need for 2 powerful chips in one single package.

Ati manufacturer came up with powerful cards that use real low power.  ATI Radeon™ HD 5450, this card is able to play high end games without exceeding 20 Watts worth of power. This is one big achievement taking into consideration that high end cards would require a PSU between 450W to 650W and draws around 200 Watts.  The most amazing part of this card is that it does not require any fans and the card only contains fixed non moveable fins that resemble the stegosaurs to dissipate heat. It was able to run at 43 C under a stress test which is totally amazing.

3. i7 Intel 2010 desktop cores

The i series processors may sound familiar to you, seems like you have seen them on sale before.  These processors now contain a graphics chip together in the CPU.  In other words, if you have a motherboard with integrated graphics, you have 2 spare graphic cards because the CPU itself is also a graphic card.  There is no doubt that these chips will be twice as fast as the core 2 duos that we see now, what is amazing about these CPUs is that it contains a HD graphic chips that allows the user to play games that require a good graphic card. Integrated video cards these days cannot even allow you to play smoothly but the CPU’s graphic alone is able to run new games like crysis at 40 fps constantly. Put it simply, a non gamer can save money without having the need to buy a graphic card to watch a Blu-Ray disc that outputs video in HD.

4. Solid State Drives

SSD will be the future in hard disk standard, these drives are demons from hell and huge obvious improvements in performance will be noticeable even if you did not upgrade the CPU. These SSD drives can read at speeds of 4 meg per sec to 48 meg per sec compared to 2.2 megs per sec for the average sata drives.

5. Faster Rams

Even though DDR 3 rams have already been in town for quite a while, this standard will stay for another 2 years before the arrival of DDR 4.  The advancement in ram technology would be low voltage rams. One example would be OCZ Fatal1ty Edition 6GB Low-Voltage kit.

6. iZ3D Gaming monitors

3D movies and television screens are changing the way we define entertainment. The future will be realistic 3 dimensional images right before your very eyes even in a small screen.  iZ3D gaming monitor is one such example that will take your gaming experience to a whole new level. The game itself does not have to be 3D, it is the projection of the wave lengths of light that makes the whole image 3D. We all know that a monitor makes use of 3 colors to form up the whole display. Red, Green, Blue. The rapid changing of the wavelengths actually blurs the image if you do not put on the special specs, but when you put on the specs, the image becomes clear and has depth because the special glasses will filter the light for you.

The future is now ladies and gentlemen, I foresee a raise in trend where people actually decide to stay at home and enjoy a great movie. It is so simple to rent a disc and watch over the weekend and the best part is, in the comfort of your own home. Cable TV companies are offering HD movies in their package and that means 3D movies as well, remember the fact that what makes a movie 3D is not the disc but the TV set. Lets sit back and imagine the possibilities of 3D TVs with touch screens and video conferencing.  The era of star trek is within reach.

Trust Me, I Have A Projector In My Pocket !

I’m not kidding. You can have a projector in your pocket, if you are a proud owner of Optoma’s Pico Pocket Projector. You may get confused at first sight of this sleeky design. It gives no clue to figure out that it is indeed a Projector. It is so compact and simple. It fits your pocket comfortably.

Author’s Note :

Don’t expect an image quality that matches top-class projectors, because it was not designed to do so. Overall, this is a cool gadget for everyone.

Things are getting smaller and smaller now-a-days. Let it be Apple’s New iPod Shuffle or Sony’s VAIO Laptop series. Everyone want to see things in a light and compact way. Now it is time for Optoma for making a new entry in Projectors category. Optoma’s Pico pocket projector is one of its kind. I really got confused whether to believe it is a phone or a projector. For me, they both look alike. Ha ha ! Lets discuss about the specifications of Optoma’s Pico pocket projector.

Optoma's Pico Pocket Projector
Optoma's Pico Pocket Projector

Following are some of the mind-blowing specifications and configurations

  • Type : Digital Light Processing (DLP) Projection Technology
  • Resolution : 567i / 480i (can extend upto 60-inches)
  • Connectivity : Composite, Mini USB Port (for charging only)
  • Inbuilt Speakers : 0.5 watt
  • Contrast Ratio : 1000 : 1
  • Battery Life : Two hours of projection on single battery life
  • Lamp Life : 20,000 hours
  • Dimensions : 0.6 x 2 x 4.1 inches
  • Weight : 115 grams
  • Price : Rs. 28,100 + Taxes
  • Warranty : Two Years