10 Don’ts Your Presentation Can Do Without

Presentation, in some words, nothing but the practice of showing and explaining a specific topic to an audience or learner. But the way we present indeed plays the role. The entertainment should be in the presentation.

Below I have embedded an useful Slideshow titled “10 Don’ts Your Presentation Can Do Without” originally created by Narayanan Hariharan, CEO & Founder of Effect Works. Overall this slideshow contains 14 slides with useful tips.

Hope you would have found this slideshow useful. Do share your opinions and experiences about Presentations below.

18 thoughts on “10 Don’ts Your Presentation Can Do Without”

  1. The presentation is really impressive indeed. Thanks for the share, Its surely gonna help while me making presentation.

  2. I like the slides ! i think for any presentor , one should make himself smart(looks, dress ,etc..) which is very important i guess

  3. Excellent Slide. Loved it. I agree with some of the points like Don’t Use Caps and Weird colors, which will just piss off the audience.

  4. This article is really worth some!!!! And a worth to be shared, and i want you to put a bit more work from your side to concentrate on the article you write regarding the literature part!!!!


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