What Brings YoKart In The Good Books Of Multivendor eCommerce Startups?

I have been reading about YoKart on various platforms and judged it from the perspectives of other tech authors who have reviewed it. Since it’s Shopify, Magento , BIG commerce, CS Cart and the likes that usually strike our mind when thinking of an ecommerce platform, I didn’t pay much heed initially. But coming across YoKart frequently and that too in the A list of multi-vendor systems pricked me to search more about it. Knowing that a system received Product of the Year award within first two years of its launch, I had no reason to delay this review.

Yo!Kart Review

What you will read further is the cream of the crop as I didn’t want to write another lengthy, stepwise features list of YoKart ; you already have a lot of it on many platforms. I reviewed the platform on all levels and had various thoughts on everything. In ecommerce, whole focus shifts to the website, as that’s apparently the face of a business and shoulders major responsibility to make a business model successful. My major focus anyhow was to know few reasons why entrepreneurs rely on it and tech authors call it the fastest growing ecommerce platform of present times. Following is the full picture of what I know about YoKart now:

1. Vendors Focused Features

Pleasing vendors prior to the end users (shoppers) is the primary obligation of any multi-vendor eCommerce website. For vendors, YoKart has designed a natty dashboard, which offers immediate results of product sales, account balance, orders, etc. Besides the dashboard they have easy access to other sections prearranged by the system to manage credits, rewards, orders, cancellations requests and other things distinctly. All of such features increase the convenience of merchants and make a multivendor eCommerce portal desirable for more suppliers.

2. Mobile friendly Behavior

You don’t have to pay additionally for making your website mobile friendly if it’s built with YoKart script. The responsive behavior of YoKart makes businesses collect more sales from all sources including mobile, desktop and various devices. And, interestingly this applies to all packages of YoKart, even to the lowest $250 hosted website solution. This flexible technology saves a business from additional expenditure as well as comes in handy to engage mobile traffic or any sort of visitors coming from all devices other than desktops. In short, a responsive ecommerce store has no separate mobile website and it still enjoys limitless mobile traffic.

3. Customer Focused UI

eCommerce stores developed on YoKart follow modern UI trends. Not just the obvious things like checkout, search bar and security but everything from shopping details on homepage to large header navigation links are designed with attention to detail. With a highly engaging front end, it succeeds in pleasing every visitor. It’s unlike few shopping websites that seem cool in the first look but turn disastrous in the second, as the user fails to figure out what next. All the multivendor ecommerce portals built with YoKart have a great advantage of an intuitive UI that guides visitors through every page and takes them to final steps of checkout effortlessly.

4. Easy for Admin to use

Best part of YoKart for capitalists, especially the new players in ecommerce world is the ease of managing website. Being admin of a YoKart based website you can have endless power and handiness to manage your multi-vendor ecommerce portal. Everything including new users, orders, sales, new shops, signups can be reviewed and managed at one place. The ease with which site owner can manage vendors, their commissions, track activities is remarkable on YoKart.

5. YoKart For Startups

The multivendor system focuses on making the start easier for new entrants, which is quite evident in its marketing approach, branding philosophy as well as pricing. YoKart gets the best a brand can earn, i.e. the mouth of word branding through its own existing clientele. Within less than two years of its establishment, it has reached every nook and corner where there is a possibility of digital shopping. A recent event organized to give FREE licenses globally so the best 100 multivendor business plans can be started up with less investment was a major hit. After hogging much appreciation for contributing to startup growth, YoKart scores high on market credibility too.

6. Cost Structure

The pricing is simple and cost-effective. In just three distinct options, it meets maximum requirements of a newbie, SMEs and fully established businesses. In short, you pay just for your business requirements as YoKart has flexible packages of $250, $999, $4999, which offer almost all necessary features and if you find something missing, you can get it done on order.

Yo!Kart ECommerce

The search of a website builder begins right from the point where an entrepreneur starts planning ecommerce business. At that point, there are several apprehensions that may lead to wrong decisions but YoKart simplifies maximum things for such businesspersons by keeping it value-focused and uncomplicated. From pricing to how a store will look, everything is transparently shown on their website. Now, that’s something which make it a front-runner again. That said, there are few restrictions like the initial two package come with a default design and one needs to hire good programmers (if you customize it) who can understand the framework on which YoKart is developed. Although the company provides full source code and gives you the option to get custom implementation done on order from YoKart itself yet it may not be welcomed by everyone.

In two lines: YoKart is a gamechanger in many aspects, not just the media coverage you see online but in the creation of successful ecommerce stores too. With the freedom it gives and certain limitations, it is a good deal to bet on, especially for the small and medium enterprises.

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