4 Writing Secrets to Improve Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is a great way to connect with family and friends using multimedia and written word. However, the trend of using social media for business purposes has reached its peak and is continuing to grow. 

With company leaders seeking to be the first choice, the competition has become real. To succeed, you need to improve your social media accounts to stand out. One of the best ways to do that is to focus on the way you write social media posts. 

Here are four writing secrets that can be used to improve social media accounts and make them look more credible.

Writing Secrets To Improve Your Social Media Accounts

Don’t cut words or use social media abbreviations

When writing on social media, the temptation of shortening whenever you get the chance, is real. Some of the most popular ways to do this are to use unofficial abbreviations like BTW, FR, RN, which means By The Way, For Real and Right Now. 

Other people may opt to use numbers that sound like a particular word or part thereof. Those numbers are used like this – b4, going 2 the office, etc. Using those abbreviations can hinder the social media content visibility of that post because when people search for it in plain English, they won’t find it. 

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Writing professionally doesn’t mean that it has to be uptight and so serious that it loses its appeal. On the contrary, you can add humor and puns here and there to attract new business. Before you go on interjecting humor on social media posts, try to define your reader and then rule out what would be appropriate. 

Understand homophones

Homophones can be a real pain when typing in a hurry because you can end up spelling “to” as “too” and making other similar mistakes. 

It is hard to detect homophone errors while you are writing. But a fundamental understanding of what homophones should be avoided can be very useful. Understanding homophones will help you as you learn how to write better for social purposes and normal occasions.

Don’t rely solely on spell check to do the work for you because sometimes they can be missed by the software you use. Besides, homophone mistakes can grow to you and they will end up affecting your life outside social media, or where you can use a spell checker. 

To avoid this, proofread all social media posts before you make the social media post seen by all those following you.

Focus on the grammar

Social media is well-known for its grammar checking police that correct other users at every mistake they make. Grammar indeed is one of the most important elements of writing. 

That is why you shouldn’t fall victim to grammatical errors because your followers will start discrediting and ridiculing the posts you make. You need to ensure that the best grammar is used all the time before the post goes online. 

Instead of posting a hurried post that has a high potential of grammatical errors, take your time and work through it to minimize errors. Punctuation marks and being consistent with the tense of each sentence are some points to follow-up on. 

This problem can be worked by using tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway App that give you suggestions on where the post can be improved.

Read the draft post aloud

The best way to resolve most errors, when you write, is to proofread the post a few times before posting it. As you read through, it will be easy to identify problems because wherever you get stuck when reading it is where you should edit. 

The process will save you the struggle of trying to edit or delete the post once it has been posted. When you’re reading the post for the final time, read it out aloud. Reading it out loud will help you listen to the context and you will hear if it makes perfect sense and is free of grammatical errors.

The bottom line

Social media posts have evolved, they aren’t only social now, but they are marketing vehicles for different companies. Social marketers and other users of these platforms must recognize the importance of using simple English that is free of errors. Nip it while it is still at the buds by using proper language even on social media and this will result in improved writing skills.

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Emma Rundle is a digital marketing expert working as a consultant for online writing services. Her main focus is to help the services reach the students who need writing services and convey the right message effectively. She also focuses on the shareability and likability part of the message. In her free time, she practices mindfulness, reads mystery novels and plays tennis. 

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