Why you need to upgrade your vehicle security to KENT CamEye

A vehicle security system is not new in the market, and surely almost everyone would have been using the one for their car or fleet vehicles. But with the change in time, a great advancement has been witnessed in these security systems. So, using year-old systems might keep you untouched from those trending in the market. 

Upgrade Your Vehicle Security To KENT CamEye

The latest in this segment is KENT CamEye that offers you advanced features and functions that not only ensures the security of your vehicle but the safety of your loved ones as well. This is primarily a combination of a dashcam with GPS tracker that offers real-time updates at any given moment. This is a great option for those Indians who had been solely using a simple dashcam or GPS tracker as a vehicle security system.  

KENT CamEye dash cam price in Indian market looks competitive, but it is justified with its cut-edge features that can offer real peace of mind. It has been brilliantly designed with a blend of artificial intelligence that appears to be obvious while using the device. You will find dual cameras that cover the view for inside and outside the vehicle. The built-in microphone helps in capturing the in-cabin audio, rest the device can be easily accessed from the user-friendly mobile application named KENT CamEye app. 

Let’s explore the KENT CamEye vehicle security and see what makes it different from others: 

Live-video streaming: 

If you are a parent to small kids, who are driven to their schools by your chauffeur but the concern of their safety still keeps you concerned, then KENT CamEye in your car can help you the best. Think how much relief it would offer when you can see your children live on their way to school. That’s what KENT CamEye as a dash cam offers. The device allows you watching the real-time video for inside or outside view of the vehicle, right on your phone. 

Not just for personal purpose, even the fleet owners can use this device to keep an eye on their employees driving the fleet vehicles.  

2-way calling:

As of now, no any ordinary vehicle security device offers 2-way calling facility. KENT CamEye offers a voice calling feature using which you can communicate with the driver or other persons seated in the vehicle without even using any mobile phone. You as an admin of the device can place a call from the app, meanwhile, in the vehicle, the call gets auto-received, establishing the connection. It has a built-in mic and speaker that makes it’s a hands-free device. 

Cloud storage

Before getting a security device for your vehicle, you must take into consideration the storage space it offers. The problem with ordinary dash cams is that they offer limited internal storage that after a certain period of time gets exhausted. It then auto-deletes the previous recordings or asks you every time to free up the storage space. 

KENT CamEye has solved this issue by offering unlimited secure cloud storage space where the entire trip data remains stored up to sufficient 90 days. If you want to keep those data for further records, then you can simply download it through the mobile app. So, when you pay KENT CamEye dash cam price, you get large space to save your data along with the data security. 

Artificial Intelligent Alerts

Another good reason to upgrade your vehicle security system to KENT CamEye is the AI-alerts it offers on the breach of various security measures while driving. Be it your teenager driving on reckless speed, or the chauffeur misusing your parked car by putting AC on for long hours or keeping the engine idle unnecessarily, for all these concerns KENT CamEye has an alert system that you can utilise to keep a watch on the driving behaviours. 

So, with so much to get benefitted with, investing in KENT CamEye dash cam would be worth the price.

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