7 SEO Tips To Consider in 2019

The world of SEO has changed immensely over the last decade with different Google algorithm changes over the years. These updates have stressed different aspects of SEO whether it has been content relevance or content quality. Marketers have continually found effective ways to game Google’s system with some resulting in being hit hard by updates in terms of the results their clients were receiving. In the ever-evolving world of SEO the same guide that worked in 2014 is sure to be outdated in 2019. The following will outline tips to consider for SEO in 2019 as well as tips for SEO going forward. 

SEO Tips To Consider

In-Depth Content Can Be Created By Transcribing Podcasts 

The mistake that many companies are making with respect to their SEO is not having a podcast. For those that do have podcasts failure to transcribe is not allowing the podcast to reach as broad of an audience. Podcasts allow businesses to go in-depth on a subject that would have been too long of a casual read but it is the perfect amount of time to listen. Listeners can then go back into the transcribed podcast to use as a reference which can help build backlinks as well as social shares. Long form written content can be expensive and far more difficult to produce than a naturally flowing conversation on a specific topic. 

Content Quality Matters More Than Ever Before 

Content quality has become a priority for Google when ranking websites as a plethora of poor-quality content is produced by brands of all sizes. Hot topics like that of cryptocurrency investments which gained huge popularity with the explosion in value of Bitcoin. A company wants to attract readers with content that will inform as well as engage their interest. Setting up a thorough monthly editorial calendar for both the company blog as well as offsite publications is essential to allow content to reach the largest audience. 

Building Backlinks STILL Works And Delivers Results 

A solid effort on building backlinks needs to be taken as ranking on search engines provides companies with website traffic as well as leads. Outreach can be a great way for a brand to publish on relevant websites to the business by contributing great content. Many websites are willing to provide a company with a link as long as it is natural and they are transparent about this. Others will ask for compensation depending on who does the outreach as a company email is far more convincing than an email that is created for a link building campaign by a digital marketing agency. There are going to be SEO “experts” that say link building is not a viable tactic but this is the opposite of what the data shows. The top minds in SEO understand backlinks might not be as heavy of a ranking factor than in the past but it is still a huge factor. 

Resource Hubs Can Be Great Ways To Create Organic Backlinks….With A Little Outreach

Resource hubs are a very popular way to create organic backlinks through promotion. A step by step guide to purchasing a home or taking out a small business loan can be referenced through a myriad of websites. Outreach can help move the needle a bit in terms of backlinks whether it is offering a guest post or asking to put the link in an article they think it would add value to. Putting quite a bit of thought and using tools that help a company see what type of content has converted in their niche in the past is important. This content could be expensive to create but it will be an easy way to garner natural backlinks that will not attract the overzealous eye of Google Webspam team. 

Site Speed And User Experience Matter 

The site speed and loading times matter when it comes to SEO so it is important not to overload one page with too much media. The right host can help with site speed as well as hosts differ immensely in quality. User experience matters in today’s world of SEO as a hard to navigate site will score far lower in terms of SEO than an easy to navigate site. Design the site for a target demographic but remember to do this with best SEO practices in mind. 

Optimizing Old Content And Updating It Can Yield Great Results 

Old content does not have to be removed but rather updated to stay as current as possible. This allows a company to keep content creation costs low while being able to release an updated guide as a new piece of content. Updating the copy on the site is also important as you want the right keywords and density of these keywords per page. Write for your audience then optimize for SEO rather than writing simply for search engines which does not always read in the most natural of ways. 

Interlinking Pages On Your Site Will Help SEO 

Interlinking pages can easily be done simply by requiring writers to link to one or two other pages on the site. Take the time to list out all of the pages that you want to interlink then think up of content ideas that will do this naturally. Metatags, as well as descriptions on each article, can help make pages more search engine friendly. There are plenty of tools that can allow a writer to know how well their piece will do with the search engines. Picture links are also a great way to build a few links in a natural way so outreach to websites using company images to ask for them to cite these images with a link. 

SEO is going to continue to evolve at a rapid rate as trends shift with new tweaks search engines make in their ranking algorithms. Marketers are going to continue to have to be creative as well as put an emphasis on the organic growth of their websites. Take a look at SEO even 5 years ago and anyone could tell you it is changing with no intention of slowing.

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