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Why Freelancers and SMEs Should Consider Using a VPN


Electricity bills, house rent, internet fee, food budget, clothing allowance, and a whole lot more which includes money. Sometimes a single job is not just enough! So, what do we do?

In today’s ever-changing world with a lot of alteration in trends and minimum requirements for survival in the 21st-century society, a single job which pays the minimum salary grade is insufficient for the needs and wants of each individual especially to those who have their own family. So, to adapt to these changes, people tend to have multiple jobs. But, the problems that arise with engaging in numerous occupations is time management and work distribution. One solution for this is to work freelance, have a home-based business and be a social media entrepreneur since the internet is accessible to most places both local and international.

Why Freelancers And SMEs Should Consider Using A VPN

Freelancing is an effective way of ensuring that you have money to spend for additional expenses. Furthermore, this allows you to have control over your client and the type of job which suits your ability and schedule. Home-based business partnered with social media entrepreneurship is also a great opportunity to consider since strong social media presence is an operative tool to promote your brand.

Now, the difficulty to earn more has been partially solved, the next challenge is how to ensure that these money-making opportunities will work. Factors that must be considered are the products or services, the market or audience, and data security or working on with sensitive data. This is a worldwide phenomenon and Hong Kong has listed the Top 10 Freelance Jobs of 2017, five of these are may be done online such as Online Language Tutor, Data Entry, Graphic Designer, Writer, and Video Production.

For the product and services, Online Language Tutoring uses communication software such as Skype to teach the clients based on the schedule agreed upon by the tutor and the tutee. In addition, learning is better with more senses involved such as hearing and seeing which will convey verbal, non-verbal, and paralanguage forms of communication. Next, Data Entry comprises encoding from a source or recording that could be a video for subtitles such as in movies, documentaries, or just raw videos. You can work in offices or just at home with a company supplying you with assignments. Then, Graphic Designing and Video Production can be done at home with the social media as your platform of advertisement. These sorts can be small to midsize to large-scale designing and editing. Lastly is writing, who says writing cannot be a source of income without a publishing company? One can start a blog with two social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn to gain market and followers. One can also try web content writing, where information and related articles will be provided for the writer to create his own article for the company he is working for.

To catch and sustain the attention and interest of the market or audience it is important to keep in mind that working on with followers does not solely relies on the likes, comments, and shares, the content itself must be interactive and comprehensive for users. To increase participation, first, the content must be relatable; it is advisable to use the first-person point of view for the reading to be more personal, also it must be delivered with humor and too much use of technical words is discouraged, photos and videos are suitable. Second, owners must understand their analytics such as identifying the engagement, track reach, and trends to cope up with fashion and styles. Third, updates must be posted on optimal times of the days, research shows that 10-11AM of Tuesdays and 7-8AM to 5-6PM of Wednesdays and Thursdays are the peaks; furthermore, updates must be frequent and consistent. Fourth, there must be a variety of content with fresh and significant infographics, videos, pictures which could be memes. Lastly, business visibility must be improved where keywords relevant to your site can easily lead followers.

Now that the product or service, and market or audience has been ensured, the final factor which is working on with sensitive data is all that is left. Virtual Private Network or VPN which enables two or more device to connect without interference, snooping, and censorship issues is an answer to this.

Freelancers and Social Media Entrepreneurs should consider using VPN because of the following reasons:

Using a VPN provides a smoother internet connection. When accessing the internet, we all want quality ones although some VPN, usually the free ones, have limited bandwidth for a specific place which causes delays and slow speed.

Using a VPN is a lot safer. Hackers cannot access your IP address with it, only the IP address of the VPN server. This means you can surf anonymously with no personal data such as location and name on the internet.

You can access blocked websites with VPN. Since some websites are blocked due to geographical positions and some are locally blocked, surfing the internet with the use of VPN with the location of the VPN server evades any blockades.

Using VPN allows you to disseminate files with clients in a swift way since the local network is used at the same time safe due to the reason mentioned earlier. As a business-minded person, you may want to share files in a fast but secure manner.

VPN is not expensive. For a person who, in the first place, freelance and opt for social media entrepreneurship for extra income, he must select something low-cost but a quality investment. You may visit for more information about VPNs.

The Internet has indeed open gates for more opportunities, these prospects may have been easy but challenging most of the times. With the ever-changing world we are left with do or die situations and as human beings we always choose to live and survive, and to do this we must learn to adapt and to invest in things which will help us cope up. This may be hard but it is worth the risk and effort if it means a more comfortable living and a step or two higher on the socioeconomic ladder.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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