Why Are Dating Blogs Still Popular in 2019?

Dating blogs are the places you go to when you need advice and tips about how to meet the one online. Although there are a lot of dating blogs out there, you need to know the ones that speak from experience and the ones that are just full of air.

Why Are Dating Blogs Still Popular

If you are looking for the best online dating blog that provides a list of the best dating websites online, expect that you are going to be bombarded with a lot of them. However, the trick is to read and look for the ones where bloggers actually go on a date and live to tell the tale.

Reasons Why Blogs are Still Popular

Many people read funny stories about actual dating on these blogs. There are tales about 40-year old dads who went through a bad breakup. These dads share insights on what is it like to date a 20-year old, the funny things that they do and the disasters that need to be avoided.

There are other stories about single moms who are into Latin dating. They might be looking for a Latino man who can give them a taste of what it’s like to enter into a relationship for so long again. Latin men are known for being romantic and handsome and this is why single women often find it awkward to mingle with them at first. People often visit sites such as Meetville can provide more insights about dating Latin men and women. Recent trends show people opting for Best Christian Dating Sites these days.

There are people who like blogs that deal with personal issues and dilemmas someone might face while dating. Women may want to meet middle eastern singles but they have no idea how dating in the middle east is like. There are subjects that need to be tackled when dating Arab guys and women turn to blogs to answer some of them.

There are bloggers who are serious and will give you the no-nonsense attitude that you are looking for. These blogs talk about how you can protect your emotional, psychological, and physical health when dating. They discuss the things that you have to do when you are on a top dating site.

In a nutshell, here’s a list of why blogs are still going strong despite the changing times:

  • They review top dating websites
  • Provide useful information for men who are in their 40s
  • Provide the dos and don’ts in online dating
  • They have fun anecdotes about dating
  • Bloggers who have done it know what’s best
  • They share valuable insights about how the dating game today works

Online Blogs Lead You to the Top Dating Sites

This can be contrary to popular belief that a blogger only promotes his website, but this is true. Get information about the top dating sites, how they became popular, what made them unique, and whether you need to pay or not in order to fully access all the singles out there. The bloggers can even provide meaningful review and they have already tried the website and will tell you in-depth of what it’s like. Here are some insights about dating sites that you may want to know. These insights came from bloggers who are popular in the dating scene.

Advantages of Dating SitesDisadvantages of Dating Sites
Does Not Require Real Information YouMight Be Dealing with Liars
You Can Opt Out to Meet with PsychopathsMay Never Meet with the One in Person
Scroll Through a List of Men and WomenMay Miss Knowing Someone Thoroughly
Match with People who have the Same HobbiesSome People May Lie about their Hobbies


You can consider blogs as treasures if you found meaningful ones that provide useful content. Do not settle for a blog that was written by a bored publicist 20 years ago. He might already have moved past the dating game and has already a family of his own. Choose the ones that are evergreen or the ones that can provide advice that is going to still be useful for a very long time. With dating blogs, you can also contact bloggers for customized tips about a dating experience that you would like to know more about. Read a lot of them and get ready to have fun in the world of online dating.

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