5 Ways to Maximize Your Company’s Local Marketing Efforts

For a huge chunk of entrepreneurs, local customers are the core of their business.

Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses struggle to succeed with local marketing efforts. They’ve tried mailers, local ads, and promotions but just aren’t getting the visibility and sales results they’re looking for.

Today we’re going to give you 5 tips to help you start down the path to mastery of local marketing.

Ways To Maximize Your Company’s Local Marketing Efforts

1. Unify and Simplify Your Brand

The worst thing you can do from a marketing standpoint is to confuse potential customers. If you’ve got multiple campaigns with different messages going at the same time it’s hard to establish a clear brand identity.

Spend some time going over all your branded materials, company logo, and current efforts to see how they’re working. Identify trends that have worked in the past and use that knowledge to create a unified brand image.

That way you have one set of marketing materials going out featuring a single message. Try and update all your physical logos and branded documents as well.

This gives you a single image that is presented to all potential customers. It lets people know exactly who you are and what you stand for.

2. Attend Local Events

Local business is essential to a huge chunk of the small business world. One great way to help build brand visibility on the local stage is by attending local festivals and events.

Some examples include:

●    Fairs

●    Carnivals

●    Food Festivals

●    Farmer’s Markets

●    School Events

This lets you put your brand in front of the people who matter to your success. It shows that you’re a part of the local community the same as they are.

Just showing up is only part of the battle though. You need to make sure you have a fabric banner that conveys your message and capture the eye. Once you have their attention make sure you’re offering useful giveaways and promos.

The goal is to get their attention and their business. Make sure you’re always providing value to them whenever they see you.

3. Optimize Your Social Media Buzz

In this day and age, every company should have a social media presence. If you don’t or if you aren’t properly leveraging social marketing you’re missing out on a huge section of the market.

If you’re too busy running your business to also deal with social media hire a social media brand manager. They can help you create a unified social media presence that encourages connection with the brand.

They can update your followers about exciting new products or announcements from your company. A really good social media manager will figure out ways to expand your web presence through content production, media marketing, and organic shares.

4. Be Bold at Trade Shows

Once your company starts to take off attending a trade show can be a great way to expand your presence. A well run booth gives you a lot of attention from people within your industry who need your products.

The trick with trade shows is to get noticed in all the right ways. You want to make sure your booth is both eye-catching and tasteful. Get a few top quality fabric banners with your branding and message properly presented.

Everyone and their brother will show up with the same folding chairs and tables. Make sure your company looks sleeker and more professional. You should also try to generate buzz through the use of giveaways, promos, and effective swag.

Don’t go for the same old pens and notebooks. Find offbeat and interesting freebies that people will remember and tell their friends about.

5. Sponsor Local Teams

One of the best ways to raise your profile in the community is to sponsor local youth sports teams. High schools and athletic associations are always looking for new sponsors.

For a very reasonable contribution, you can get your brand in front of the best demographic for your products and services. It shows that you’re a thriving company with the right mindset to be accepted as part of the community.

Above All Be Active

The most important aspect of local marketing is to be active in your community. Make your presence known in the right ways so that locals know you’re one of them.

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