Should I Move To A Dedicated Web Hosting?

This is yet another HBB Question and Answers section. I was asked by one of clients whether she should move to a dedicated hosting since she wants her site to be perfect!

But she was not able to differentiate between a shared hosting server and a dedicated hosting server.

For people who don’t know what a dedicated server/web host is,

A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone. (via Wikipedia)

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Dedicated Hosting

Ask Yourself Some Questions

Finally I asked her some questions regarding Dedicated Hosting Server and she changed her mind. The Questions are as follows :

#1 – Do you want to host several websites?

#2 – Do you want to install several custom applications?

#3 – Do you require high Bandwidth?

#4 – Do you need high-level security for your website?

#5 – Do you want to have your own server?

#6 – Last but not least, can you afford one?

What Makes Dedicated Hosting Special?

#1 – Storage : You can get almost unlimited disk space using dedicated hosting. Tһеу come wіtһ tһеіr οwח processors, hard drives, bandwidth capability аחԁ RAM.

#2 – Bandwidth : Dedicated server meets your bandwidth needs adequately since you don’t need to share resources with other websites. They reduce your needs to share hardware or software with other websites on the server.

#3 – Security : You are saved from intrusions caused by other sites. Using dedicated hosting, you will be in complete control of security. Anti Spam Appliance is used here which acts like a Strong Firewall.

#4 – Customization : You can customize it the way you like since you have the complete control. You can make changes and updates on software installed on your server since you have full root access to the dedicated web server.

In short, if you have money and your site receives heavy traffic, you can confidently consider a dedicated server or a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Are you using a shared web server or a dedicated one? Are you comfortable with it? Share your opinions are comments!

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32 thoughts on “Should I Move To A Dedicated Web Hosting?”

  1. my blog had a sudden increase in visitors some days earlier. then my hosting company told me to shift to dedicated hosting as my usage was very high. can you please guide me how to view the usage details (CPU Usage).
    thanx in advance.

  2. I look at it differently. Its more about comfortability to share the space. Data today is precious. If its a high value website (no i am not using the word high traffic). Which is also called as authorative website where data is more valuable the owner should go for dedicated servers not even a VPS.

    This helps in access control as who can peep in the server data because then the server admin has to freedom to install the apps on different ports or foldername then the regular ones to ward out script kiddies or even hackers.

    If you store customer's credit card information just go for dedicated servers don't even think of saving in shared hosting

  3. For my plan, I can only afford cheap shared web hosting right now. I like to read your posts. The information looks resonable. Just need a new web hosting company to host my blog. Thanks for the good work.

  4. It stands for Virtual Private Network and you need Software to do it and truthfully you don’t need it. This is for high profile Corperate Networks that are anal about security.

  5. I think it depend on the type or website or blog you have, if the website or blog is big and traffic require dedicated serve, than you can go for it. But if it is a small site or blog you dont need to host on dedicated server, a good share server will be okay.

  6. I always suggest my readers to start from Shared hosting > VpS and Then Dedicated hosting..
    Since dedicated hosting are costly there is no point gng for it until one really needs it…

  7. I think you should only do so if your current host is giving you trouble or if they simply can not support your growing site.

  8. hey this is great! I think one should start with shared hosting and once their website gots better ranking then they can switch to dedicated hosting..

  9. I just wrote about this actually. A couple tradeoffs with dedicated hosting is the need to manage, or pay someone to manage it. When things go down, they may not be as quickly resolved as they are in shared hosting, and truth be told, uptime in shared hosting is starting to exceed dedicated. And dont forget the big price tag difference too.

  10. I think new websites and blogs don’t need a dedicated hosting as it doesn’t take the best advantages of it, so it is very wasted of money.

  11. Dedicated hosting or also called as dedicated server have advantage and disadvantage too but if you have the trust that your files are not been access easily. It’s good to have the dedicated hosting.

  12. It all depends on how much resources u are using of a shared hosting..but I would prefer a move to a VPS rather than directly jumping to a dedicated server!

  13. I think big portal like, clickjobs use dedicated web hosting. A shared hosting is enough for our blog. Well thanks for detailing about the dedicated web hosting.

  14. Excellent tutorial on the topic. I think one should start with shared hosting and once their website gots better ranking then they can switch to dedicated hosting..

  15. Those are all good questions. There is no need for a dedicated server for bloggers. Not even if they get 3000 UVs a day. Dedicated servers are best taken advantage of when visitors watch hosted videos, download files / images, the blog has a user-community with high activity, ect.

  16. Nice post Pradeep, but as said Robin VPS hosting is sufficient for a blog which receives upto 25,000 pageviews per day.

    I am also using VPS hosting for my blog and it is working very good.

  17. No offense! But your post just conveyed some fumes instead of actually conveying anything. Tip – Don’t write technical articles just for the sake of them, do what you are good at. Being specific always pay off well.

  18. absolutely not , DDS is for site with high data usage , example , Torrents , Image HOsting , Music Hosting , or something like DIGG , that huge . Eveb blog like qot are hosted in cheap VPS … its suffices all needs

  19. Great points as usual.. SSL is one important matter that requires dedicated ip. In dedicated servers it works best.

    For a blog, VPS is pretty sufficient today, as it offers many dedicated server features.

  20. You are right, I think new websites and blogs don’t need a dedicated hosting as it doesn’t take the best advantages of it, so it is very wasted of money. I plan to use dedicated hosting only when my blog could attract over 20k visits/day.

  21. Another advantage of using dedicated hosting is the possibility to tweak to the max for performance in terms of caching, compressing etc. Most shared hosting services do not support many of these performance features.

    1. Hey Chetan it depend more on the size of the page than pageviews, if the page is of small size you are consuming less resources on shared hosting and vice-versa. The other part is how many websites are hosted on shared server and what are their usage. So according to me there are no direct questions. The best way to determine to move to VPS is when your site is down more than usual, compare the time when your site was down with the traffic you were getting just before it got down. (There is a possibility that it may not be down because of your resources consumption but due to some other issue on your web-hosts’s side)

      Whenever your website will consume more resources than allocated on a shared server, most web-host will ask you to move to their VPS or Dedicated hosting service.

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