What’s Wrong with Your Blogging?

You’ve decided to pour out your heart and soul into your new creative outlet and cherished brainchild, that is your blog. Naturally, you dream that it will grow and become more successful. No doubt you invest time religiously into writing, but it is quite often the case that despite having regular posts the blog still doesn’t attract as many visitors as you would wish.

What’s Wrong With Your Blogging

So What Are Some Blogging No-no’s That You Should Be Aware of?

Quantity over quality 

That’s right. There’s absolutely no need whatsoever to churn out crude blog material every day with the end product looking like it came off an assembly line. You can consider instead to keep the posts coming systematically but not necessarily on a daily basis; it is much more important to make sure you provide unique and relevant information. Intrigued by the content, the visitors will make sure to bookmark and return to it. Coming up with great texts involves working hard on your writing style to make it concise and light enough for the reader to dive in headfirst and not to turn away without having reached the end of the first paragraph. Honing down your skill to express complex ideas in simple sentences will make your blog a pleasure to read. Therefore, even if you’re a quick essay writer and can produce a lot of material, it is top quality that is first and foremost in gaining your followers’ trust and loyalty.

Advertising overkill

It is well-known that too much of one thing is good for nothing, and as sure as day the excess of ads drives away the potential followers. Perhaps you’ve recently started your blog, and you’re excited to see how monetization works, but take things slowly because the last thing you want to do is overuse the various banner ads and pop-ups on your blog page. Those are so annoying and distracting, especially when they block the content of your page, rendering it utterly unreadable. The alternative is just to place the ads as sparingly and unobtrusively as possible and at least to keep them related to the theme of your blog. Beginning to advertise only makes sense when the blog has already been around for a while and has attracted during that time substantial traffic.

Slow page loading

Imagine: your meta title and description are catchy and compelling, so the interested internet user clicks and anticipates a captivating read. However, the page is taking forever to load! In this scenario, the modern user can’t really be blamed for losing patience and going back to the search results to click on another link.  It’s disappointing to lose readers over such a small matter, but you can easily cater to the readers’ desire for instant gratification by enhancing the speed of your blog, it will definitely be a noticeable improvement.

Neglect of the comment section

After putting your works of genius out there in the form of blog posts, it is too early just to sit back and relax. In fact, it is of utmost importance to encourage conversation in the comments and answer questions, demonstrating your dedication, involvement, and readiness for open dialogue with the readers. Show your audience that your blog is not about just your ego screaming out for approval and attention but is actually about sharing knowledge of your field with others and about mutual help. Moreover, if you browse the comment section attentively, you might come across some constructive criticism (there’s always room for improvement!) and unexpectedly useful additional information. You might even find inspiration for new topics to cover in your future posts. 

All things considered, having made up your mind about a blogging topic that you’re familiar with, especially well, spend time on providing some excellent content rather than excessively concentrating on the number of articles available for readers. Patience is a virtue, and you can exercise it by avoiding the introduction of excessive ads on your blog page so as not to repel the readers prematurely. It delays somewhat the monetization cash flow, but proves useful in the long run, securing a large dedicated audience. So, it does ensure that your blog page loads fast enough because it provides the readers quickly with the coveted information before they try their luck on another website. To further boost the success of your blog, check out regularly the comments and bolster lively conversations with the readers. 

Do some of the above-mentioned points strike home? Then you can consider applying some changes to your blog so that it will appeal to a wider audience than ever before.

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