Productivity On-The-Go: What To Pack For a Successful Coworking Day!

Bring the essentials to maximize your day in your shared workspace.

Remote work has gone through quite a change in the last few years. While many of us couldn’t imagine working from home 10 years ago, remote work is now the new normal for many. The way we work and where we work has started to matter a little bit less to some companies.

In the ever-changing landscape of remote work, coworking spaces have become a popular choice for those looking for a social space more akin to an office environment. Coworking spaces are a great option to give you a bit of flexibility in your working location so you don’t always have to work from home as a remote worker.

While these spaces offer a range of amenities, you should always pack everything you need to have a successful and productive day from your coworking space. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to maximize your productivity.

What To Pack For a Day At a Coworking Space 

Coworking spaces are normally set up to give you the most productive experience possible—lots of outlets, desks, kitchens—but it’s still crucial to come prepared with everything you might need for the day. From essential tech to the little things that will make a big difference in your comfort, here’s what you need to pack for a productive day from your coworking space. 

Tech Gear

Changing up your environment from time to time can certainly help with your productivity, but you need to be sure you set yourself up for success before you get there. When packing for a day at your coworking space, make sure you have your tech prepared ahead of time. 

  • Laptop and charger – Most of us can’t get much done without our laptops. Make sure your laptop is fully charged before you leave for the day, and bring your charger along with you so you can charge it while you’re working. At the bare minimum, you should always make sure you have these two items with you before leaving home. 
  • Headphones – With how comunal coworking spaces tend to be, it can be difficult to find your focus. Bring a pair of noise-canceling headphones to help block out distractions in your space. Make sure these are charged and you pack a charger for your headphones before leaving the house, too.
  • A tech-safe bag – When you commute to your coworking space, make sure you have a bag that will protect your gear. It’s best to have a bag that’s zippable and water-resistant so you can keep your tech safe from the weather. A backpack with a laptop sleeve, compartments for your tech accessories, and room for everything else you need for the day is the perfect option for an on-the-go commuter. 

Tech Gear Accessories

Compared to our offices at home, we aren’t able to put the same time into our set-up in a coworking space. There are still some ways to improve your coworking space setup with some portable accessories to make it a bit easier to get your work done. Consider bringing the following to enhance your on-the-go workspace.

  • Laptop stand – Pack a laptop stand to elevate your laptop so that it’s at eye level, no matter where you’re working, so you can keep your posture in check. You can find lots of lightweight and collapsible laptop stands on the market that fit your specific needs. 
  • Portable monitor or tablet – Once you get a second monitor, it’s so much harder to do your work on just one screen. Portable monitors are normally very compact and can be easily used on the go to give you a second screen. If you have a tablet, you can use this as a second monitor as well!
  • Bluetooth mouse or keyboard – Working on a laptop keyboard or trackpad isn’t always the easiest if you aren’t used to it. Consider bringing a wireless mouse and an external keyboard to help you feel a little more comfortable. 
  • Blue light glasses – Staring at a laptop too long can fatigue our eyes and cause headaches. Blue light glasses can help cut our exposure to blue light emitted by digital screens to alleviate eye strain. 

Stationery and Organization

While tech is essential, don’t forget about your stationery needs either. To help you stay organized and on track when working from a co-working space, consider bringing the following:

  • Notepad and a pen – While you can absolutely use your tech as stationary when you work, sometimes you just need to write something down. Your coworking space may or may not provide you with stationary, so it’s best to be prepared at the minimum with a notepad and pen
  • Sticky notes – Bring sticky notes to create reminders, to-do lists, and anything else you may need. 
  • Cable organizer – Keep your workspace tidy with a cable organizer to manage and declutter all of your tech cords. 
  • Business cards – Take advantage of networking opportunities when you’re out in a coworking space! Make sure to pack a few business cards away to exchange with any professional connections you make. 

Comfort and Hygiene Essentials

When working from home, we always have everything we need to stay comfortable right at hand. But, when you’re working from a different space, make sure you pack the following to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible for the day:

  • Water bottle – Bring a durable and leak-proof reusable water bottle to make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout the day. Invest in insulated options to keep your water cool throughout the day. 
  • Healthy snacksA quick snack at work can boost your energy levels and keep your mid-day hunger at bay. Pack a few protein-rich snacks, like granola bars and nuts, to help fuel your productivity. 
  • Personal hygiene kit – Be prepared for anything while you’re working an in-person day with a few personal hygiene essentials. Bring things like deodorant, hand sanitizer, and anything else you might need for the day. 
  • Layers – As temperatures start to drop, the clothes you need to stay comfortable during your commute to the office and the clothes you need to stay comfortable in the office aren’t quite the same. Make sure you dress in layers so that you can adjust your outfit to brace for the cold of your commute or the warmth of the office. 

For remote workers, having access to coworking space is great to get a break from your at-home office and get some work done. By bringing the essentials, you can make sure you are set up to have a productive and comfortable working experience. 

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