What Does Your Logo Say About Your Company? Here’s What You Need To Know

Logo Say About Your Company


What Does Your Logo Say About Your Company?

When you are developing your company brand, you need to think about what your logo says about your business. A logo is much more than a small image; it is a representation of your company. You want people to recognize and adore your logo when they see it. That means that you need to keep things fairly simple, whilst still being unique. You need to give a lot of thought to how you want your logo to look. Rushing the development process is a stupid thing to do. Instead, make sure that your logo portrays the right message to people.

Logo style

If you look back at 1950’s style logos and follow a timeline to the present day, you will see some remarkable changes. Over time, trends have come and gone. Logos used to be straightforward. Much of the time, they were just the company name in a fancy typeface. Now, logos are so much more than that. From obscure to simplistic, there is a whole range of styles you might want to try out. Your logo style should suit your demographic. If you are targeting young, hip people, you should go with a contemporary, yet original design. If you are targeting bankers, something simple and corporate will do the trick.


One thing you want to steer clear of in your logo is cheap, tacky graphics. If you own a Mexican restaurant, for example, you might think a cartoon sombrero is the perfect logo, but it will look cheap. The moment you start using silly pictures, you lose customers. Unless your target market consists of five-year-olds, you need to avoid using childish logos.


If you do intend to use imagery in your logo, you need to ensure that it is subtle. If you try to put a detailed picture in your logo, it won’t work. You need to remember that your logo will appear in many sizes. When you shrink your logo down to a small size, you will not see the detail in the picture. Some companies have a separate small mark version of their logo. They use this version on social media platforms and some literature. When you shrink individual logos down, you will find that you can’t see them properly. By having another version of the logo that is small and square, you have a mark to use online.


The question of whether you should use your company name in your logo is a valid one. For some businesses, for example, Facebook, it works to have a name as a logo. For others, such as Hello Kitty, it is easier just to use an image. Nine times out of ten, you want your company name as part of your logo.

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