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5 Things Bloggers Can Learn From “3 Idiots” Movie


3 idiotsThe movie 3 Idiots was a blockbuster with ever making laughter scenes but there were also moments when we could learn something from it. Although the movie released quite long ago but this article got into my mind when I recently saw the movie. I hope everyone here would have seen it!

If not, I recommend you to do it once and you will not regret it. Movies are really an inspiration for people, especially for freelancers and bloggers. If you have read our post – What Bloggers & Geeks Can Learn From Movies, you’ll know why. Below you can see the 5 things bloggers can learn from 3 Idiots movie.

1. Gain Knowledge Anywhere

Aamir was a poor lad in his childhood but had the passion to learn. He went to school and sat in class he wanted to, by just getting old set of uniform. It may not work out in reality but still the lesson he wanted to teach is clear “ If you have the will to learn, there is a way”. As bloggers we have lots of thing that can be learned everyday by just going through some blogs and sites. Not only will this help us gain knowledge but also give us a source to write an article.

2. Be Innovative

All through out his college life, Aamir Khan criticized the system which was being used in his college. There was no room for innovations,but wanted innovations rather than just studying what had been invented earlier and mastering that. Blogging is no different either! If you post the same old content which is available all around that is definitely not going to work. Be innovative in what ever you write and do, be a trend setter and let the world follow you. If you are lacking behind in success, try to be innovative and take an extra element of risk which will give you better chance of succeeding.

3. Never Run Behind Success

I loved the wording where he said “Success ke peeche mat bagho, balki success tumhare peeche baghne do” (Don’t run behind success, let success run behind you). If you want to become popular and successful in a hurry,then you are actually pressurizing yourself and creating distractions in your road to success. Be gentle and follow the basics which will give you success for sure with just a little hard work and determination.

4. Be Crisp and Clear in the way you write

One of the most humorous scenes surely is the Mechanical lab where he is asked to define ‘What is a machine’. He answers it in simple wordings which is crisp and clear but the professor doesn’t like it. That is not the case in blogging! People like crisp and clear writing which is easily understandable. You are not writing for a single category of people in your blog but to a variety. So, it is always better to write in a manner which people can easily make up.

5. Do what you want

The movie at the end showed us how an Excellent Photographer (Madhavan) was forced to study Engineering, which he could not study well because of the lack in interest. Aamir Khan then convinced him to become a good Wildlife photographer than just an ordinary Engineer. You also need to make a decision in blogging and take the right one. You may have to take decisions for the following

Do you really want to be a blogger?

My Opinion: If no, quit it and do what you like than wasting time on it.

Do I need to write on niche which is more likely to fetch me traffic?

My Opinion: No, you should write in areas of your interest. People on loving your work will automatically make it a big one.

These are just some but you may have many. Think about it and do make right decisions for better blogging career.


Sandeep Singh is the editor of Technoleash. He is a Engineering student and Blogger. He owns almost 10+ blogs and he is trying his best to start'em. Connect with him on .

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