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What Are the Benefits of One-Year Online MBA?


Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides theoretical and practical training for business and investment management. Nowadays, MBA programs are the most sought-after master’s degree in the country, with over a thousand programs available for those seeking to accelerate their career prospects and want to stand out in a competitive market, especially during an economic downturn. An MBA is also a requirement in consumer marketing, corporate finance, and commercial banking. If you’re looking for a faster way to move up the career ladder and enjoy a higher salary but finding it hard to give up your professional and personal responsibilities, getting an MBA online would be a smarter choice. This article will define what an online MBA is and what benefits you can get from it. To help you learn more about the best one-Year MBAs Online, check this greatbusinessschools.org blog article.

What is an Online MBA?

What Are The Benefits Of One Year Online MBA

An online MBA is equally respected and internationally recognized as its traditional, on-campus counterpart. It offers the same rigorous curriculum and aims to help professionals gain a better understanding of general business management functions. The only difference is that instructors tailor their coursework to online platforms. Technology makes location-independent study possible, which means you can attend out-of-state schools without the expense and hassle of relocation and permits you to have more control over your pace of study. 

Core coursework offered by the online MBA includes accounting, business law, economics, finance, marketing, and management, along with specializations such as business analytics, international business, entrepreneurship, management information systems, and real estate. Students are typically required two to five years of professional experience before they can be accepted to an MBA program. Lucrative career opportunities in areas like consulting, operations, marketing, and finance are available for MBA graduates.

An MBA can be completed as fast as one year, so students can expect a more intense calendar.

6 Benefits of Getting a One-year MBA Online

Getting an MBA online comes with its advantages compared to traditional programs. Here are the top six benefits of getting your MBA online


Most online MBA programs offer a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning, meaning you can attend a class or submit a project during an appointed time, or submit a work you can complete at any time that’s best for you.

Suppose you’re juggling between working full-time and caring for a family or transitioning from the military into the workforce. In that case, online MBA programs tend to be highly adaptable to complex schedules and may help you earn a degree amidst these.


Online MBA programs often present a cheaper alternative to their traditional counterpart, even when tuition rates are mostly identical. If you’re concerned about tuition costs, you can find accredited online MBA programs for as little as $5,000 to $10,000 a year. Many programs also allow you to adjust how many credits you want to take per semester based on how much you can afford to pay over time. And, of course, an online MBA offers you the flexibility of being able to continue working while you’re in school. Aside from that, the associated costs of attending traditional classes—such as childcare, relocation, and transportation—will be much lower or even nonexistent.


Online MBA programs are generally designed to adapt to a variety of circumstances and needs, so if you are an international student, going online is an advantage since you can learn from a variety of other viewpoints and meet fellow learners of all different ages and stages, career paths, and national origins who will make you gather new ideas and reconsider old ones.

Access to Innovative Technologies

Online learning enables MBA students to build a mastery of business technology in recent times while making the educational experience compatible with their needs and schedule. Online platforms make way for more dynamic and interactive online learning than ever. Besides that, online MBA programs usually offer comprehensive tech support to troubleshoot any problems during online classes.

Equal Accreditation 

Most universities in the US offering the online MBA program have a good reputation and are properly accredited. Aside from that, employers have become more welcoming of online MBA degrees like the traditional MBA degrees. Hundreds of high-quality online MBA programs are now accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), an organization that determines if a degree program is top-tier and if potential employers value it.

Global Opportunities

Suppose you want to expand your professional contacts abroad. In that case, it may be smart to go online since online MBA programs make a priority out of attracting international students, offering international business immersion opportunities, and even establishing satellite universities in other countries. 

Even if the experience lasts only a few months up to a year, the opportunity to connect and create a network with other students, faculty and professionals in international settings is more immersive and can be impactful.


Online MBA programs definitely match the rigor of their on-campus counterparts. These programs exist because of the desire to accumulate knowledge quickly and return to the workforce to put that knowledge to use. Now that you know the benefits of getting an MBA online, it’s time to start looking for the best programs in the country where you can learn and grow as a business professional.


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