8 Video Blogging Tips You Must Know

Video blogging also known as vlogging has become very popular these days. As a lot of people like consuming content online. They work great whether you want to make a little money on the side or work full time and make a larger income. 

So, here are some top video blogging tips for anyone who is getting started…

Video Blogging Tips You Must Know

Get the best equipment

When it comes to video blogging, quality matters a lot. As there are a lot of people publishing video content on a daily basis. If you want people to watch your video over theirs, it needs to be better. I am not just talking about the content you create, but also about the viewing quality. This is why you should invest in the best equipment. This should include cameras, lighting, and video editors

You can either buy all this equipment or hire someone who has it. The one you pick should depend on your budget and posting frequency. 

Do a lot of research

Before you create the content, make sure you do a lot of research. As I mentioned you need to stand out. But at the same time, you need to create content that people like to watch. So, first, figure out what type of content your audience is posting that is driving the most views and engagement, and then create your own version of it. But your own version should approach it from a different angle and contain a lot more information. 

This will help you stand out and drive more views. 

Test out content

Video content creation is a long process. It takes about 10 hours of work to create 1 hour’s worth of content. This includes both creating the content and then editing. And editing isn’t really a fun job. This is why you should test out content with other formats such as blog posts and images to see if people like it. 

So, in the beginning, when you are figuring things out, post an image or a blog post on topics you think will work. If these pieces of content do well, then you can confidently create the video. If it doesn’t, you can find something new. 

Work with influencers:

It’s going to take a long while to grow your social media account. I am talking about months and years. If you want to cut this short, you should invest in influencer marketing. Influencers have already built strong followings. They can get your videos in front of more people and grow your following or help you generate sales. 

So, either work with them and create a video for their channel or get them to do something for yours or do a combination of both. This will grow your following even more quickly. 

Make sure you use good influencer marketing software to find these influencers as there are a lot of fake ones out there. You can try SocialBook. It can help you find legit influencers. 

Optimize videos for silent viewing

A lot of people will watch your videos on mute as they might be in a public area or don’t want to disturb anyone. This is why you should add subtitles to your videos. Subtitles will make it possible to follow along in mute. They also make it easy to follow for people who aren’t fluent in the language the video is in. 

Adding subtitles can seem hard these days, but there are a lot of auto transcribing tools out there that can simplify the process. Make sure you get one. 

Build a relationship

The most powerful way to grow your vlog is to build relationships with your viewers. If you get to know them and make them feel special, they will come back for more. They will like your work, comment on it, and get their friends to check out your work too. 

So, spend a third of your time interacting with your followers. This is more important than content creation. 

Promote your content

You should spend another third of your time promoting your content. Most people only focus on the creative bit. As a result, they end up amassing all this content that no one watches. The only way to get people to watch your content, especially when you start out is to promote it aggressively with multiple techniques such as outreach, ads, partnerships, social media sharing, etc. 

The more you promote it, the more views you will get, and the quicker you will grow. 

Convert to followers and leads

Take steps to convert more views into followers and leads. If you do this, you will automatically generate more views in the future as you will have an audience to promote to. Leads will also help you generate sales which will ensure that all the effort you put in is producing a return. And you can invest more time and money in creating content. 


These are the 8 best video blogging tips you must know. Use them to grow your vlog quickly. 

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