How WebRTC Changes The Way You Communicate

The world of technology is constantly developing and advancing, providing you with frequent updates as to how you can communicate within your business and even to clients. Implementing new technology can streamline your existing processes, simplify communication and break down previous barriers. While the likes of video conferencing have been around for some time, it can sometimes be shunned as inefficient and hard to use.

How Webrtc Changes The Way You Communicate

Revolutions in communication technology can often change the way your business works, mostly for the better if you choose to use them accordingly. This is where the rise of WebRTC comes in.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is becoming a more popular method by which businesses can communicate and work together. It is now viewed as an industry standard for communications that are utilised to provide video and voice, among other forms of collaboration. One of the simplest forms of WebRTC that you will probably have come across is the live chat feature on retail sites; especially those with an option to not just text but also talk, without the need to pick up a phone.

In other words, WebRTC is a communication tool that allows you to collaborate straight from your browser. It has all the features of easily becoming the next big thing, allowing website browsers to communicate with each other on a real time basis.

How Can Businesses Use It?

WebRTC provides the perfect solution to further improve client end support, through its open source platform. With the help of the internet, you can create a connection between 2 browsers that allows you to communicate and even share data.

Providing a one-on-one line for customers or businesses, you have a direct route to provide the necessary extra support. With the ability to access it on a number of devices or platforms, WebRTC can be accessed by households and businesses alike.

WebRTC is essentially a game changer, allowing video applications to be built and run directly in your browser. Offering endless opportunities, as a business, you can help your office progress and go that extra mile. Companies can now have the option to run call centre platforms through WebRTC video chats, or offer a connection via their website to not only talk but even screen-share.

In 2015 it was predicted that WebRTC would be utilised for 15% of enterprise voice and video communications by 2019. Given that it’s currently used for 1%, it is clear that WebRTC could really take off. It has also been predicted that WebRTC could be worth 4.45 billion USD by 2020.

The WebRTC market has been referred to as the ‘blue ocean’, meaning it is an uncontested marketspace that holds huge potential. The vision of WebRTC is based on the idea of only needing minimal back-end software to be able to use it fully, providing a simpler way for businesses to run.

Creative collaboration

The adoption of WebRTC has allowed creative collaboration and communication to be easier than ever before. The idea that real-time communication via devices should be as natural as face-to-face is something that has challenged previous video conferencing tools, but WebRTC has now allowed for an efficient way to achieve this. WebRTC is already used in the likes of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. If you want to learn more about real-time communication and how it can help your business, contact Viju.

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  1. With the spread of internet, communication is no more a challenge. WebRTC seems to be very promising from your post. Hopefully we will be using it by 2019 or soon.


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