6 Ways Social Media Can Boost E-Commerce Sales

Companies seeking to bump up their conversion rates need to look no further than their social media efforts. E-commerce is the shopping way of the future, and retailers looking to remain competitive in today’s world must capitalize on e-retail strategies. One easy way to expand your e-commerce sales is to use social media performance to your company’s advantage. Social media plays a vital role in online shopping, so it’s important to strategize your efforts from the very start of your business.

Ways Social Media Can Boost E-Commerce Sales

Ways Social Media Can Boost E Commerce Sales

1. Choosing Your Platforms

Business owners looking for the highest ROI on their social media practices must choose their outlets wisely. When it comes to social media and e-commerce, Facebook dominates. It’s the top driver of social media traffic and contributes to the most sales. According to Shopify, nearly two-thirds of their social media visits are sourced from Facebook. This social media behemoth offers the highest conversion rate of all the social media outlets, coming in at a whopping 1.85 percent. Don’t focus completely on Facebook and ignore other channels. It’s important to determine where and what your customers are looking for, and determine the main digital spaces in which your target consumer hangs out.

2. Optimize Your Posts

SEO is important, and using the right keywords in your posts can expand your viewing audience. Use keyword research to find out which terms are making your consumers tick, and incorporate these in as natural a way as possible into your post. Make sure your content isn’t just a regurgitation of your competitors; spend time creating unique posts that will stand out.

3. Create High-Quality Content

In order to stand out and provide something of worth to your customer, it’s important to create high-quality content. Salesy pitches on Facebook are the last thing social media addicts want to see. Focus your efforts on crafting share-worthy content that customers will actually want to spread around. It’s all about diversifying your content and providing bits of solid information in each post. Keep in mind that high-quality doesn’t mean lengthy; keep your posts concise and make sure they’re easy digestible. Offer all types of content; text, video, and images should all be used in your favor to spread brand awareness and drive consumers to check out your e-commerce site for themselves.

4. Let Your Consumers Speak for You

We’re a world full of opinions, and the moment your e-commerce site goes live, you can expect feedback. Existing customers can be your best form of marketing, so make sure you allow a space for reviews, and make sure to share the most positive ones on your social media channels. According to SearchEngineLand.com, up to 88 percent of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and online reviews hold a huge bearing on how qualified they deem a local business.

5. Offer Free Trials, Services

Depending on your product or service, offering free trials or samples of what you’re selling can be an ingenious way to improve sales. Look at something like online gambling. While most online gambling websites require a deposit—that’s how they make their money after all—there’s something to be said about offering free services, at least at the start, to develop a loyal consumer base. According to WinkBingo.com: “The most popular Facebook bingo apps attract more than 2 million monthly users and this flow of players has translated into an upturn in the number of real-money bingo players joining sites.” Someone who sees an online bingo game as a way to spend the hours at first might be enticed by the bigger payouts promised by a small deposit, switching a hobby into an e-commerce sale.

6. Add Social Sharing Buttons

Consumers are busy and have limited time, so if you want them to share your wares, make it easy. Add sharing buttons to your e-commerce site that are easily accessed on each page. These make it easy to share your content to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter in one click, and will make customers more apt to spread the news about their purchases.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your e-commerce sales, consider revamping your social media efforts. From optimized posts to curated imagery, putting in the time and money can see a huge return.

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