6 Ways LinkedIn Can Be Leveraged for B2B Marketing

Is your business tapping into the incredible marketing potential of LinkedIn’s 500+ million users? If you answered anything other than yes, then you need to stop everything you’re doing, turn the brightness up on your screen and get ready to learn these top six LinkedIn strategies for B2B marketing.

Ways LinkedIn Can Be Leveraged For B2B Marketing

Before we jump straight into these powerful strategies, let’s take a moment to understand a couple of things about LinkedIn. It is no secret that LinkedIn has a well-established name for itself, in terms of being the go-to place for business owners, startups, and professionals… years later nothing has changed, it is still considered one of the strongest and most used channels for corporate storytelling.

So, let’s finally answer the question that’s driving everyone crazy, “How can I leverage LinkedIn to generate leads using B2B marketing?”

1. Using Targeted Content on LinkedIn To Grow

LinkedIn is different from other social platforms, in the sense that users on other platforms tend to generate friends with no meaning, sustenance, or value. While LinkedIn users tend to keep their network restricted to other users within the same industry, niche, and interests.

Producing shareable content that contacts within your network enjoy and connect with can go a long way!
Starting with professional connections that share your quality content, which then becomes a part of that connection’s network, who will still have some contacts that share similar industry related interests, which also helps your content go even further outside your network, to the point of total strangers sharing your material.
This allows your reach, impression, and influence to expand further on LinkedIn, ultimately resulting in new connections and more potential opportunities.

2. Brand Engagement and Visibility Strengthening Through Group Interactions

The one key thing about using groups in LinkedIn is not to directly promote yourself or your services. In fact, the main focus of group interactiveness is to produce/provide answers, kick up interesting debates, and use content marketing inside of groups to position yourself as an industry leader.

By actively providing helpful information, insight, and participating in groups, your collective influence will drift to your brand in the form of new connections, prospects, and leads.

Interacting with groups is not the only way to build brand engagement and visibility through groups. Creating your own company group is a killer way to boost visibility and help establish an authoritative stance within your industry.

Get active and get growing, by showing new potentials your ability to create an engaging experience.

3. LinkedIn Is Primo Real Estate to Increase Your Organic Visibility

If you’re not in tune with what’s happening in the world of LinkedIn, then you need to get with the program because yes both your Company Page and the posts you make created using LinkedIn Pulse, are indexed by big search engines, ever heard of Google? By keeping your business profile and regular postings optimized, you are doing yourself a huge favor when it comes to making sure you are doing your part to see spikes in organic search visibility, unique visitor traffic, and industry relevant referral traffic when putting a link back to your distributed content from your landing pages.

4. It’s Not Sales It’s Creative Storytelling at Its Finest

In a world where the average “plugged-in” person is exposed to nearly 5,000 ads daily and process more than 100,000 words over the course of a day, standing out is like finding a smurf in a bucket of blue paint. It’s not easy, which is why copywriting and the art of storytelling has yet to die down, seeing increases in demand for creative minds to direct, curate, and develop captivating content.

Your LinkedIn profile page or company’s “brand” page is essentially the perfect place to start engaging your audience by establishing your brand’s story. While it’s true, words sell, attracting more attention, leads, and shareable opportunities can only be done by expanding on your marketing strategy. To do this, increasing your visual representation like images, videos, infographics, and other data that tells your brand’s story to gain your audience’s attention.

Stand out by showing what makes your brand and company story different from competitors.

5. Expanding Your Connections to Enhance Your Network

As we mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is a professional social platform where like-minded individuals forge bonds, relationships, and partnerships within a network to strengthen a user’s industry-relevant resources, contacts, and leads. With that being said, it only makes sense to continue to expand your network by gaining new connections and added to your list of contacts.

Through direct engagement and the sharing of content on the LinkedIn platform consistently, the trust of your followers will grow, enhancing their experience as having you in their network, which makes it easy to prompt connections to join an email list to receive future updates of your stellar content, news, and other brand-related activities. This is much more effective than using opt-ins in hopes of gaining a few new emails or loading your content down with call-to-actions when being straightforward and asking flat out tends to yield the best results on this platform.

6. Using LinkedIn Analytics to Capture More Leads

Rounding off this list is probably one of the most essential tips, strategies, hacks, or whatever you want to look at it as. LinkedIn is no different from any other platform most businesses use, meaning it is collecting data that is just sitting there waiting for you to use. They have a comprehensive and easy-to-understand interface that helps narrow down on audience engagement, so you put your message in front of the right audience. Whether you are using promotional ads or organic content, LinkedIn Analytics helps make sense of your page’s data. Know where to go, whom to reach out to, and which of your efforts are working the best, with LinkedIn’s analytics corner. Are you ready to take your LinkedIn strategies for B2B marketing to the next level?

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