Video Marketing Tips for More Conversions

You’ve just made the perfect marketing video.  You know it displays everything you want potential clients to understand. And, you are sure that it will help boost sales—if it gets in front of viewers.  That’s the tricky part.

Video is invading SEO, and the numbers are off the charts.  In fact, 7/10 marketers are optimizing their SEO for video because companies that use video marketing grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

So what tips can we offer to help you use video marketing to get more conversions?  Take a look.

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Use Lead Captures

Collect a visitor’s information by any means necessary.  One way to do this with video is to insert a lead capture into your video.  Now, you may be thinking this is impossible, but there are several applications online that can help you accomplish this feat.

An excellent strategy to follow is to create a compelling lead into your video, then put the lead capture in.  The trick is to make sure the lead capture shows up within the first 10-20% of the video.

The results for the people who followed this strategy are fantastic.  Some companies have seen increased conversion rates ranging between 38-43%.

Smiles Sell

Another excellent yet often overlooked strategy is to create custom thumbnails with smiling faces. People are naturally more drawn to smiling faces then they are to large fonts and bulky text. So, they are more likely to click on a thumbnail for a video if there is a person instead of a word.

Keep it Short but Fun

KISS—keep it simple, sista!  You have about one minute to keep a viewer engaged before they lose interest.  Make sure you take advantage of that time by making your video fun and exciting.  Don’t spew a bunch of facts at people and expect them to care.

Create Product Videos

A product video is an excellent resource to use on an e-commerce page because they aide shoppers along the buyer’s journey.  And, they help people make informed decisions. Remember, you don’t just want to sell a product, you want to create a returning customer.  

Showcasing your product on your website is a great way to answer consumers’ questions so they can be sure they are getting what they need.  Just make sure you show people what your product can do. Don’t just review its parts. Actually, show it in action.

Use Branded Video Content

Branded video content is a relatively new concept.  But, its one that can help you boost conversions for sure.  Build awareness for your brand by sharing your values. Then place your product into the video accordingly.  

The great thing about branded video content is that it can go viral quickly.  This is because it’s customer focused, and no products are being pitched. When things are customer focused, there is a much higher level of brand recall.  


The ultimate goal is to convert.  And, video is the new black. If you take some time and learn how to master these five tips, your numbers will grow.  

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