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The Best Smartphones for Stock Trading in 2019


The best smartphones for stock trading in 2019 are the ones with the best features that attract the market. The best phones for stock trading are the ones that have a strong battery. The battery life is an important factor for people who rely on their phones to complete their tasks and yet they are always out in the field. The screen size is also an important factor since a small screen limits your potential as a trader. Other than the screen size, the speed of the phone will determine its sales drive in the highly competitive market.

Best Smartphones For Stock Trading

Apple iPhone X

Almost all iPhone products need no special introduction as they are a well-known consumer brand in the market. Apple has released a series of iPhones upgrading each new one released in the market with more advanced features than the previous one. IPhones tend to be a consumer favourite as they have proved to be extraordinary over the years. The focus on introducing a better version of the phone each year has made it one of the consumers’ favourite.

The feature that makes the iPhone suitable for mobile forex trading is its large screen space. There is nothing at the front that can get in the way of the screen. The speed of the phone matches up to that of the Samsung S9 model. It therefore has really fast data. The best feature of the iPhone x phone is the battery life. If you use your phone well, the battery can serve you for up to 10 hours without charging.

Samsung Galaxy S9

This phone is one of the best for trading as it provides a lot of space for visual use. The screen space of the Samsung phone that is 5.8 inches is the best as it allows one to present more information. For traders, the big screen is crucial as it allows them to view all the charts and analyse them accurately. The speed of the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone allows it to process financial data faster.

OnePlus 6

This is the perfect phone for traders who are on a budget. It is perfect for someone who needs a phone strictly for trading purposes. The phone has a huge screen of more than 6 inches that is bright and lovely. Ladies who are traders would certainly enjoy it. The design of the screen allows the phone users to get maximum value out of it. Considering the price, the speed of the phone is also efficient.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

According to the information shared on XiaomiToday, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that was launched in August 2017 has some of the best business smartphones. One of the main features that make it a great phone for trading is the business feature that consists of stylus applications for taking notes and keeping records. The phone has a big screen that can be used with several applications. The battery of the phone performs well in consideration to other competitive phones in the market. This phone allows traders to acquire more information about the market with a lot of ease.

Google Pixel XL

As much as these types of phones are still new in the market, it is a good choice for traders who are looking for phones that are not too costly. The battery life of the phone is exceptional as it can last well over 24 hours once it is fully charged.

This makes it possible for one to scan charts several hours a day without worrying about the battery life. The screen of the phone is 5.5 inches that is suitable enough. The speed is good enough and when the newer version of the phone is released, it will certainly be better.

Asus ZenFone

The recent models of this phone have been quite impressive. The speed of the phone is highly recommended for traders. The top models speed performance can be ranked as in between onePlus and the Samsung model. The battery life of the phone is good as it easily lasts 24 hours. The only downsize of this phone that may make it unsuitable is the screen size, otherwise it is manageable.


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