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How To Use Keywords On Your Marketing Strategy Effectively


Although many pundits have synonymized the current era with the “death of SEO,” the truth is much more complicated. SEO may be changing, but in many ways it has further emphasized the need to utilize in-depth keyword and optimization tactics across the board. The continued proliferation of eCommerce sites and the limited access to tools like Google AdWords have only made effective SEO more imperative. This article will discuss how to use keywords effectively throughout your marketing strategy.

Use Keywords On Your Marketing Strategy

Use Keywords On Your Marketing Strategy

On Individual Web Pages

There are a number of places in which you need to use keywords to optimize individual web pages on your site:

  • Within your page’s SEO title tag—this allows for on-page optimization of a keyword.
  • Within your page’s meta description—the keyword will be bolded should it be part of a search query.
  • In the file name and alt text of an image.
  • In the first paragraph of the page.
  • In content scattered throughout the page.

Social Media

Although most social media channels do not allow for optimization of the “SEO Title” field, other components of your social profiles and pages should be keyword optimized. For example:

  • Twitter and Instagram bios should contain your primary keyword.
  • On Facebook, your keyword phrase should be present in the “About” tab, including “Short Description,” “Long Description,” and “Category.”
  • Pinterest’s “About You” box should contain your keyword phrase.

Many social sites, such as Google+ and LinkedIn, have different recommended practices depending upon the type of profile setup.


The best way to establish a brand online is to use a consistent message. One way to do this is through using a stable and accurate keyword phrasing across the web. For example, if you are a veteran freelance writer, you can say, “I am an experienced writer with an expertise in popular music.” Finding this specific phrasing is the hardest and most important part— this is why keyword research matters.

It should be reiterated that the ultimate use of this keyword phrase is for utilization across all platforms in some capacity.

In Content Creation

With content creation, there are different ways to go about incorporating keywords. One way is to write the content as intended without taking into account keyword placement. The idea here is that you’re writing for your audience first, with keywords and optimization techniques being implemented afterwards.

Another approach is to do keyword research first and base content around the keywords that you discover are most effective. A great tool to conduct research is with Google AdWords Keyword Planner. The spreadsheet that you download from AdWords can be expanded to include details on the content based upon this research.

Other Avenues

These keyword-based strategies only cover a handful of ways in which to market effectively online. Many other avenues with their own tactics should be explored, such as guest blogging. Using an experienced online marketing firm such as Coalition Technologies can help your business become more directed in terms of all of the aspects of keyword strategy.


Atinder Pal Singh, an SEO specialist at Coalition Technologies, is based out of Culver City, CA. He loves writing and considers SEO and keyword research to be two of his specialties. When he isn’t researching and implementing best SEO practices, he loves to cook and listen to music. Connect with him on Google Plus.

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