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5 Use Cases For Brands to Utilize Web Scraping


Websites are a hub to hundreds and thousands of data which combines both valuable and invaluable ones.

If you want to access a specific data, how do you plan to execute it?

Would you prefer copying and pasting them into a document or any other method compatible to the website format?

You certainly can do it, but it might get messy or time-consuming given the huge amount of data available.

Then what’s the solution?

Web scraping might help!

So, let’s explore a few things about web scraping and how it can help you.

Web Scraping: The Basics

Web scraping is otherwise known as web data extraction. It makes use of automation for retrieving up to billions of data points. In the modern era, web scraping is evolving to help develop powerful business applications.

Use Cases For Brands To Utilize Web Scraping

The basics of web scraping include scraper and crawler. The crawler is an AI that looks for the content by indexing over the internet. Think of the crawler just like a person who takes up some time to explore the internet in order to find relevant content.

Similarly, web scraper is a modern tool that extracts the data from the respective webpage selected by the crawler. The extraction is quick and highly accurate and the complexity of the extraction project will decide on the type of scraper that is required for the process.

Apart from that, some of the common web scraping hacks include techniques or tools such as Proxy Scraping, Selenium, Puppeteer, and Headless browsers. It will help you perform anonymous scraping without coming into notice.

This is how it works, and it is highly preferable by diverse businesses across the internet for extracting valuable data.

Why Are Businesses Using Web Scraping?

Web scraping is much more than just a tool for extracting data from web pages. Businesses or brands are nowadays making use of web scraping for diverse purposes.

Some of the common reasons for which the brands are implementing web scraping are:

●  Gather Industrial Insights

Companies make use of web scraping to create databases with insights about specific industries and sell the data to diverse companies across the globe.

For instance, a company will use a web scraping tool to scrape the data from different sites related to oil imports, oil exports, and price-related data and sell it to different oil companies across the globe in exchange for money.

However, some companies even experience a lawsuit filing for scraping data without the consent of the website owners. But later, courts passed judgment that scraping data publicly is not against the law.

So, do not worry as web scraping can still be a powerful tool for extracting various industrial data for business purposes provided you have done a proper background check with your federal and state laws. .

●  Lead Generation

Businesses use web scraping for taking the details and contact information of diverse consumers over different sites. Businesses track the potential customer information and details from the competitor websites and scrap it.

The brands then hand over those extracted lead details to their sales team to approach sales conversion. Not just B2C businesses, but the B2B business environment can also gain profit from it. These types of businesses eventually take the information of their clients from the sites where they have posted their business information. 

●  Sentiment Analysis over Social Media Platforms

Sentiment analysis is yet another implementation done by the companies over social media platforms to understand and analyze the customer perception for the brand campaigns over social media.

For every post you share about your favorite TV show, the streaming partner scraps the data to check how the show is being addressed over social media. It helps them judge whether the show is a hit or not.

Companies make use of a proxy for web scraping to do the needful and it helps them remain anonymous while they execute the scrapping.

●  Transition of Websites

The companies who want to get their website renovated to modern interface make use of a web scraper tool to transfer the data from their old website to newer websites. Most of the older government organizations did implement this technique to transfer the gamut of data from their old website to new ones.

It is impossible to feed in all the data you had on your old website into your new one with manual efforts. Web scraper is an intuitive technology to help you with the process. Exporting data from older websites with the scraper tool takes only a few minutes, which helps you save a lot of time.

●  Price Comparison

Many online comparison sites offer price and specs comparison details of different products from different retailers. These websites get their comparison data from different sites by implementing the scraper tool.

They keep on scrapping the data of different retailers to get the price information regularly for offering comparison results to the users looking for such relevant information. Puppeteer is one of the most famous web scraping tools used for the purpose.


You see how people can use web scraping for their business to grow and thrive. It not only saves you time but also efforts so you can dedicate yourself to new and innovative things for your business expansion. Thus, use the right tools and techniques to ensure the web scraping gives you productive outcomes. 


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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