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True Requirements Of Bandwidth And Storage Space


Almost all of the companies that are in the business of web hosting are coming with attractive offers and lucrative plans which most of the time are beneficial for the customers. This is all happening because of the increasing competition in this sector but there are some of the main factors, which are risky and are misleading for the customers. In order to get the best web hosting services as a website owner you need to have knowledge of the common words used in this business. You need to understand your requirements as well the requirements of your website and then chose your plan, after all whatever you are spending is your own hard earned money and you should get the desired services for that much amount.

Bandwidth and storage

As there are more and more companies, which are venturing in web hosting you will be tempted with the words like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space but these all are fake commitments, and you have to understand the basic concept behind them.

  • Analyze the content on your website, as Text needs less space than images video files, which are in need of more space and bandwidth when they are viewed.
  • When you are promised for unlimited storage space then the same thing is applicable for another customer they have and if each everyone wants that unlimited space why will they run their company and server space.
  • There might be difference in the storage space provided by these companies when you are going for limited storage space plans. Some companies will offer 500Mb of space and some 1GB in the same price in such instances go for the services, reliability and trust of the company rather than thinking about the space.
  • You have to understand the “thumb rule” suppose where 2Mb space is enough to host 10 web pages along with 4-5 images using this you can calculate the amount of storage space needed by you.
  • Using the similar way you can calculate the bandwidth you require just make sure you do not get confused in bandwidth and data transfer. If you have high data transfer then you should opt for higher bandwidth providing plans.
  • When you have, higher data transfer with a plan of limited bandwidth then there are chances that your website will upload fairly slow and will crawl.
  • The best way to keep away from this hassle is to keep you site as simple as possible with relative and few images. In more confusion, you can take online support to discuss for the better plan you can have with the space and bandwidth, which suits all your needs.

This article is written by Sarvesh. He is a part time blogger and likes to write for unlimited web hosting sites that offer a variety of features like cpanel and website builder.


Sarvesh, a part time blogger and he loves to write on webhosting and tech niches.

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    • Jasmine

      Unlimited disk space and bandwidth might not be completely true and possible, but they are still great features to have for a web hosting plan. At least you won't have to worry about running out of disk space and bandwidth when your website really grows.

    • Kavya Hari

      Initially, you have to choose required bandwidth as well as disk space for your web site. Other wise, it will be trouble at the end of the day 🙂 Thank you so much for given here 🙂

    • Shivam Garg

      Hi Sarvesh,
      Really nice tips there.Yeah it happens many times that companies promises you many things but once you buy it every promise is not fulfilled.But i think the service is what matters the most.

    • Satish

      Yea select a good host is very difficult. No matter how pro u are, u should have a personal experience of host suspended options and all other shit. i was worried a lot when recently my site was suspended bcz of some overload. now its okay 😀 i am always confused with the bandwidth and etc. well said in the post. nice article. loved it 😉

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