Translate Text Into Multiple Languages Instantly

Earlier we shared how to translate your blog into another language instantly and how we are back with similar tip. You won’t be able to translate multiple languages instantly using Google Translate, now we’ll share another useful tool for doing so. Below you can see the screenshot, I used the sentence “I love you baby” and the different translated languages.

Nice Translator

Nice Translator has 34 different languages and they are using the same Google API. We can’t entirely depend on this, it may also have some bugs.

If you have been to Nice Translator before and do not specify any translators, it will use the last translators that you had open. If you haven’t been to NT before and don’t specify any, it will add an English translator by default.

18 thoughts on “Translate Text Into Multiple Languages Instantly”

  1. Great work on here 🙂 Superb task 🙂 so i would like to say thanks for given great post on here 🙂

  2. Nice quick tip! Since, it is using google translate api, it can be considered useful as there are none as accurate as google translate as I see

  3. Hi Pradeep,
    I am currently use Global Translator 1.3.2 in one of my blogs. It is perfectly doing the multiple languages translation. 48 different languages is an option. Of course it adds extra foreign key words just by uploading and activating the plugin.
    Can you give me strong reasons to replace it with the Nice Translator.
    Many Thanks


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