Training That Will Impress Any Recruiter

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In contrast to previous generations, today’s workers will change jobs – even industries – frequently over the course of their careers. A recent study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates this trend is likely to continue.

Today’s worker is confronted with a near-constant need to evolve, to learn more skills and improve upon those skills they already have.

But deciding on training that will level up your career will depend on a number of factors. We can take a step back and look at the question in more global terms.

Specific jobs may require specific training to master a particular tool, machine, or software. But with the volatility of the labor market today and the high probability that you will be changing jobs – if not fields – in the near future, how can you be sure the training you’ve completed will serve in your next position?

It is important, not only to select a training program that will show recruiters you possess the skills they are looking for, but it is also important to frame the training you’ve already done in such a way as to demonstrate that you would be a valuable asset to their organization. 

What Does Training Show Recruiters About the Candidate?

In certain fields, there are skills and knowledge of specific tools that are required to carry out a specific function. While you may not have done the requisite training to acquire those skills or knowledge, you have done training that is far more telling to recruiters.

Whatever training you have done, you will want to frame it in one – or several – of the following ways:

Training That Expresses Curiosity

Intellectual curiosity is a valuable attribute of any candidate to any company. When a recruiter looks over a resume, they should get an indication of how intellectually curious the candidate is. 

Intellectual curiosity will reveal itself in the choices the candidate has made, including any training done. Even non-work-related training can effectively demonstrate a candidate’s level of intellectual curiosity. And this kind of training is always highly-regarded by recruiters regardless of what field they are hiring for.

Training That Expresses Attention to Detail

Attention to detail implies great dedication and a good work ethic. It demonstrates that the worker cares about what they are doing and strives to do it to the best of their abilities.

You may feel that training that is highly specialized in mastering a given tool might be a waste of time if the position you are seeking does not require using that tool. However, if you frame the training as proof of your dedication and your attention to detail, this will translate to any position in any company.

Training That Expresses Flexibility and Adaptability

Any training wherein the trainee must learn a new methodology or a new way to do things is valuable training. This will show your prospective employer that you are flexible and that you possess the ability and willingness to adapt.

Flexibility and adaptability are always highly sought-after attributes. By deciding on or framing the training you’ve done to highlight how it has made you more flexible and has increased your capacity to adapt, you will have gone a long way toward convincing the recruiter you would be good for their organization.

Training That Expresses Ambition

Dress for the job you want not for the job you have. That adage is true for clothing, and it is also true for training. A candidate who clearly demonstrates ambition is telling the recruiter that they see value in themselves and in what they can accomplish. This is always an attribute recruiters want to see.

A training program that is not directly linked to a position you held but can be used to fulfill another position would be a good way to demonstrate your ambition. Let’s say your position did not require any public speaking, yet you attended a seminar on public speaking. This can be framed to express your willingness and initiative to better yourself, to improve on your communication skills perhaps to be used at another position at a later time.

Not only have you demonstrated ambition and initiative, but you have also demonstrated long-term thinking and preparedness.

Training shows recruiters far more than what software or tools you can use. Well-chosen training programs – or programs appropriately framed – can demonstrate to prospective employers that you possess the curiosity, attention to detail, flexibility, adaptability, and ambition that would make you an excellent fit for their organization.

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