TorrentSafe: The Best Cloud Torrent Client You Need

Recently we had the chance to chat with the VP of research and development for, our 2016 editor’s choice for best cloud torrent, and ask him the following questions:

What is TorrentSafe?

We provide an easy to use an anonymous torrent client that will download any existing torrent file you provide safely and anonymously. Copy a torrent magnet URL and paste it to in the download bar, that is it, no registration, no complicated software, no need to use a VPN, and we do not log.


Why use TorrentSafe over other cloud torrent clients?

Ease and simplicity, our competitors want you to sign up for their email, register a new account, download their apps – TorrentSafe on the other hand wants you to get your torrents in the most efficient and easiest way possible. We ask our users to just visit our site to start downloading immediately (see screen shot above), we do not throttle your download speed, we will not say you file is too big…. just go to the site and start your anonymous download.

Is there a free version?

Yes, of course, we want our users to thoroughly experience our product before they even consider buying. We do limit free user’s number of monthly downloads and file expiry time, however, premium users can download unlimited files and unlimited file size.

Why are your premium prices so much lower than competitors?

Our Competitors use old school sales trick to squeeze more money from their customers. They have multiple pricing tiers based on limiting their users in some form. Limited file size, limited download speed, etc. We want all our users to have a great experience, so we offer one premium tier. Available for an annual rate of $29.95 and monthly $3.95, but prices may be increasing with the release of new features soon.

What new features are on the horizon?

We are very excited about some of our upcoming features; we have been listening to our costumer’s feedback. Coming soon will be a streaming feature that will allow the best quality and buffering speed of any other site out there. The user will be able to download their files or stream directly from the site. We feel this will allow mobiles users more access to our services. We also are working on the way to download directly to user’s 3rd party cloud accounts like Google Drive.

Thank you for your chat, any parting words? We are currently running a promotion where users can get a free premium subscription by leaving a review or social media share on a qualifying count. Contacted us from Facebook or our site for more info.

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