How To Know That You’re Hiring The Wrong SEO Firm

Do you want your business to grow? The first thing that you need to do is hire an SEO firm. Unfortunately, many people do not know the first thing about SEO, leaving them vulnerable to being taken advantage of by dishonest firms. If you want to rank highly in Google search results, you should hire a qualified SEO firm. This means that you should know the warning signs to look out for when hiring a firm. Here are some warning signs that the firm you are considering is not legit:

How To Know That You’re Hiring The Wrong SEO Firm

They Do SEO Copywriting

If the SEO firm you are considering offers SEO copywriting, you should steer clear. This is because Google has changed the algorithms that it uses to rank content, meaning that keyword stuffing is a dying art. SEO firms should instead focus on marketing 101. Firms need to know more about your audience to write consistently with the tone of your brand. If you tell a compelling story that captures your audience and keeps them reading, your website is more likely to rank higher.

They Have Special Tools

When the firm tells you that it uses special tools, you should tread carefully. SEO is not a hacker space anymore since Google changed its algorithms to focus on natural and organic results. It is now a space for marketers, and any special tools that you use will backfire. If you use them, your site might be blacklisted for violating Google’s policies.

They Buy Backlinks

Although getting other sites to link to yours is beneficial in rankings, you do not want links like this. An SEO firm that buys backlinks will most likely give your site automated and low-quality backlinks. Most of the places where these links appear are known as “free for all” pages because they contain many unrelated and irrelevant links. Moreover, buying backlinks is against Google’s policies and is penalized.

They Promise Fast Results

SEO is both an art and science. Therefore, any firm that promises you fast results should be avoided. The sneaky methods used to get fast results are known as “blackhat techniques”. Although these shortcuts seem to pay off quickly, they are a sure way of getting your site blacklisted. Good SEO takes time and nobody can predict how long that is. As you start seeing results, good firms will keep yielding positive results year after year.

Their References Do Not Exist

One of the most important things that you should do before hiring an SEO firm is talking about their references. If they are not available upon request, you should cross that firm off your list. The firm might be refusing to provide references because there are no satisfied customers in their list of past clients.

They Offer One-size-fits-all Packages

Each business has a different website. Therefore, they also have different target audiences, goals, and needs. If the firm you are considering offers a universal solution for all sites, you should look elsewhere. A good SEO firm should study your target demographic, analyze your website, and look at your competition before offering a solution.

They Want To Lock You In

Does the firm want to lock you in immediately? If they want you to commit to a 12-month contract, you need to think about the reasons. It could be that they do not want you to drop their services once you discover that they are not delivering. If they are that good, what is the hurry? Firms such as Youth Noise Boston should be willing to let you decide when to commit.

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