Buying SoundCloud plays an opportunity or cutting corners?

Competition is one of the basic reasons why the up-and-coming artists get tired when they feel like their tracks are not heard. It could be tough for the new artist to prove that they are the new diamond in the rubble. This is where the buying of Soundcloud plays comes in such that the view, plays, clicks, and likes can be boosted, the artist has the opportunity to get their tracks listened to. It is quite similar to buying Twitter followers; buying Soundcloud has its pros and cons. In this article, we explore the pros, cons and also compare and contrast with views and conclusions to make discernable decisions. 

SoundCloud 2

Soundcloud plays means playing music, sounds, and recording on Soundcloud, which allows unlimited access to post contents like records, podcasts, musical tracks. Buying real soundcloud plays helps increase the number of streams gotten on a particular podcast, record, and musical tracks released to ensure a better outlook and help better in a promotion. Over the years, it has been evident that it has worked for artists and podcasters with amazing talents with beautiful songs and recordings go viral. It has not been helpful to many artists. This is usually due to the different factors pertaining to buying Soundcloud plays.

The very importance and existence of Soundcloud do not only rest on enabling the upload of music and audio. It also helps in the area of messages and comments by the listeners and users. Soundcloud has helped music spread worldwide in different languages, which makes it easily known to have been part of the reason that brought the music world together to a safe place that benefits the creatives and the listeners. Possessing all this knowledge, artists have increased productivity and shrewdness in the production of various sounds.


Credibility and Reputation

Generally, people do follow the multitude, which means that it is more likely that an artist with over a thousand plays would attract more clicks on their music records than an artist with zero plays. This shows how the credibility and reputation of the plays affect the artist directly. This could be considered as a number disadvantage because it’s also possible for the artist with zero plays to have well-put content compared to the artist with over a thousand plays. The increase in the number of plays depends on the outreach, how the song is going put out there for more listeners. At least now you could easily comprehend why a naturally talented artist would want to be able to buy Soundcloud plays just to promote their craft.

As much as the idea of buying Soundcloud plays and gets your craft out there sounds very nice, it takes power away from the listeners, the true lovers of music, records. It simply means that they get what is pushed towards their page by Soundcloud. Then, there is an inevitable conflict between quality and quantity.

Social Credibility

Social reputation can be everything when listeners want to click to listen to an artist. The fact that an individual buys Soundcloud plays makes it look more popular; credible and attracts more people to listen. It could attract a lot of attraction ranging from agents, media, and even record companies; basically, this gets people talking and notice the content been uploaded. 

The buying of Soundcloud plays can make the content go viral. Although this might not be through for every case, it can stir up and encourage a conversation and get taken seriously. Most agents and recording companies do not take anyone with little or no reach seriously because of the absence of social credibility and listener stance. Connecting with agents can be the breakthrough for the artist because of the new opportunities, benefits, privileges, and management. All this starts with a simple step by buying Soundcloud plays to get the song started from nothing.

Enticing Listeners

The increase in play and benefits brings strengthened social proof, track reputation, and even entices more listeners because, at this stage, the artist is more known and exposed to many opportunities that just started from simply trying to kick start a song or record.

SoundCloud 1



There have been some few complaints in the music industry that has tagged or considered the buy of Soundcloud plays to be dishonest and not favorable to the less privileged artist that put in the hardwork but also another school of thought does not necessarily claim that this view is right as the buying of Soundcloud plays has a helped a lot of popular artists out there today.

The Long term

Most comments have also been about the long-term plan of the artists to sustain and maintain the appearance that Soundcloud has given. Most artists are not ready for the big stage at the same time; they are so eager to be seen more and within a very short period. This fact does not negate the idea that talented artists are not getting any necessary attention due to the way the Soundcloud algorithm is built. Having more followers, plays and likes gives room for more insights, reach, and exposure of the tracks.

Inconsistency and Unpredictability

In some scenarios buying Soundcloud plays does not give any advantage apart from boosting your plays because you cannot determine which location the plays are coming from. It could be done from anywhere, which means that the density of the listeners is scattered on the board, which might not give the artist the real music promotion he desperately seeks. The cons of buying Soundcloud is that different fake profiles could be listening in and even bots which means buying plays does not give you a fan base. It does not necessarily build a community for you where listeners can be easily notified in new records and tracks are uploaded. The idea that this can happen is like chasing ghosts, this is why it is a controversial practice; it is better to know the risks and benefits.


There are legitimate and well-functioning companies that sell Soundcloud plays, but with this in mind, as an artist, you have to be careful of scams. It is always preferable to use companies that you have made absolute research on and ask questions from people involved for a while; they always have an experience.


However, it is important to note that with talent and hardwork, buying Soundcloud plays would help the artist more, even long term, rather than be kept in the Soundcloud algorithm’s shadow with little or no plays, followers, and likes. Purchasing Soundcloud plays can show inconsistency with the listens as you cannot control who is neither listening nor the location. This would be such a big problem that after getting your plays to a thousand plays, it is also possible not to get the attention you truly want. That is why in this article we would recommend.

Patience and Practice

In an industry of this sort, it is said that patience is a virtue with continuous practice and consistency. It is only a matter of time.


Practicing more gives the artist more room to learn and improve, consequently bringing out more quality content in the music.

Embrace the hustle

It is always good to go old school and attend scenes, gigs, events, engage in community activities; this will help spread and guide you to a better part.


Music marketing can be everything enough to get your name out there as an artist. This might involve the employment of a manager that is skilled in this area. Music marketing using advertisement can be a strong tool for the promotion of the artist.

Social media

Creating social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook while keeping up with appearances and releasing content will help spread your reach and leads.


Engaging in making new sounds with a popular artist that is already established might just be what you need to put you right on track.

Top Android Apps to Have on Your Phone in 2021

The best part about owning an Android-powered phone is not only that you can customize the smartphone as per your liking, but the fact that 90% of the apps are free, and those which are not, cost much less than they would do on an Apple phone. Plus, there are apps present only for Android phones that are not compatible with iPhone users, which of course puts Android in the lead of the game. However, the Play Store is full of apps, recommended, popular and in other categories, and of course, one cannot have all the apps on the phone, and not all apps are as great as they visually seem to be. Due to this very reason and after extensive research, we have crafted this article to help you make the most of your Android smartphone by recommending the best apps based on your interests!

If You Are Into Gaming

Once a gamer, always a gamer! Sometimes, it is better to play on the phone and challenge friends than plug in a thousand wires to play on some other gadget linked to the television screen. Moreover, now most famous games are available for Android users and have superb visual effects, colors, and fast loading time. If you are one of those people who feel the need to reach for their phone in times of happiness, distress, and boredom to play games, then these apps are for you!

  1. Call of Duty
  2. GRID Autosport
  3. Minecraft
  4. Legends of Runeterra
  5. Pokemon Go 
  6. Nintendo Games
  7. Sky: Children of Light
  8. The Room Series 
  9. Monument Valley 1 and 2
  10. Square Enix Games 

If You Want To Be Focused and Productive 

Contrary to popular belief, one’s smartphone does not always help them waste time and spend hours on mindless scrolling. It can also serve the purpose of helping the owner work quickly, efficiently, and in an effective manner! Yes, the phone can actually help you reach your daily, monthly and yearly goals with the help of these best-rated productivity apps that successful people swear by!

  1. ProofHub
  2. Tick Tick
  3. Trello
  4. Google Tasks 
  5. To-Do Ist 
  6. Rescue Time
  7. Podio 
  8. Freedom 
  9. Google Analytics 
  10. Grammarly 

Overall Must-Have Apps on Your Android Phone 

Sometimes you just want the top apps in each category to make the most out of your smartphone experience and we are all for it. We have a list of all-time favorite apps based on personal preferences and user feedback, which you need to have on your phone. They will surely serve a purpose!

  1. 1Weather
  2. Google Drive
  3. Google Maps 
  4. LastPass Password Manager 
  5. Nova Launcher
  6. Podcast Addict 
  7. Solid Explorer
  8. Tasker
  9. Texra
  10. Zedge 

If You Are a Social Butterfly 

Don’t we all love connecting with our loved ones, friends, peers, and other strangers we have something in mutual with over the internet? Internet friendships have always been the new best thing and the greatest thing to keep in touch, share life snippets with the friend list, and just plain have fun, admiring (or envying!) other’s lives. If you’re keen on socializing and feel bummed that you cannot head out with the gang due to the pandemic, then download all these apps on your phone if you haven’t already, make accounts, and start interacting! It is worth mentioning the fact that you need a stable internet service to download and use the following apps. So, if your current internet provider is troubling you, cancel your subscription and sign up for Spectrum Internet packages as they come with incredible speeds and unlimited data, allowing you to chat as much as you want with your family and friends.

  1. YouTube (For watching web series and uploading your own video content)
  2. Skype (For video calling, both one to one and group calls)
  3. Facebook (For making friends, sharing statuses, and putting check-ins)
  4. Messenger (For texting online)
  5. TikTok (For making and sharing small video clips)
  6. Instagram (For uploading photos, commenting, and liking)
  7. LinkedIn (For building relationships career-wise) 
  8. Snap Chat (For sharing snaps)
  9. Telegram (For texts and calls)
  10. WhatsApp (For texts, audio calls, and image sending)

Best Apps to Earn Money 

Moneymaking apps are the best! They let you be on your smartphone for a good purpose: that is making virtual or real money. You can make money off any social media app by becoming an influencer, gaining gigs, monetizing videos, and creating online businesses that are built and work in the virtual world. However, here are some other apps that can help you make some extra cash at the end of the month. 

  1. Shop Kick
  2. Survey Junkie 
  3. Acorns 
  4. Google Opinion Rewards 
  5. My Points 
  6. Big Time Cash
  7. Lucky Day 
  8. Swag Bucks 
  9. Inbox Dollars 
  10. Post Mates

Final Words

Now that you have a powerful, fun, and great list, get to download these apps for all the right reasons! Remember, whilst these apps serve a meaningful purpose, some of them can be addictive and it is best to not only be immersed in the online world. Make sure to have a phone-life and real-life balance so that not only are you the popular popcorn pop online, but also you are the real-time diva. 

Top 8 Back-End Frameworks to Explore in 2021

Quick Summary

A software framework is something that helps the developers make applications faster and in a more uniform manner. The advancement in technology over the years has brought about considerable changes in the mobile and web applications making process. The companies try to deliver the best to their customers by using the right set of frameworks and tools. 

Top Back End Frameworks To Explore

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Top Back-End Frameworks to Explore in 2021
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.Js
  • Golang
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Python
  • .NET
  • Yii
  1. Conclusion
  2. FAQ


Frameworks are essential in the day-to-day process of software development, and choosing the right frameworks for the projects is an essential trait. Different developers prefer numerous frameworks, but there are only a few back-end frameworks that are quintessential and have the ability to fulfil your requirements of deploying a large and scalable application.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 8 back-end frameworks and give you insights on how you can use them to your advantage. Before we go any further, here are the main advantages of using these frameworks: 

  • Scalability
  • Integrations
  • Robustness
  • Security

Top 8 Back-End Frameworks to Explore in 2021

  1. Ruby on Rails

There has been a significant rise in the ROR users community as it is an open-source web application framework. ROR is based on the Ruby programming language, which encourages developers to use MVC patterns and DRY software principles. 

The features which make ROR worth exploring are: 

  • Easy to understand codebase
  • Clean ORM using active record
  • Easy to scale smaller projects into larger ones
  • Time-efficient
  1. Node.Js

Node.Js is a javascript runtime environment that facilitates the infrastructure to be built and run in an application. It is easier to execute codes through Node.Js as it uses an event-driven IO model. It makes the process extremely efficient and makes scalable network applications smoother.

The technology is gaining popularity faster than any other due to the various advantages it provides. Here are the advantages of Node.Js.

  • Faster in creating real-time and high-traffic applications
  • Allows you to code JavaScript on the client and server-side
  • Executes code faster than other languages
  • Improved efficiency helps fill the gap between front-end and back-end developers
  1. Golang

Golang was introduced in 2009, and it is already being used by business giants such as Netflix, Uber, Google, etc. It is widely popular due to the scaling speed and performance levels it provides. It has a user base that is growing steadily, and people as people are willing to shift to it. It is mainly due to speed constraints that other languages face. If a company is running an on-demand service or e-commerce business, they will go for Golang.

Here are some reasons to explore Golang: 

Golang is reliable and handles errors smoothly.

  • Efficient 
  • Fast
  • Easily readable code
  • Increases productivity
  1. Laravel

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework used to develop Symfony-based web applications that follow MVC patterns. It has a modular packing system that has a dedicated dependency manager. It has a good community, and developers recommend it as well. Laravel provides numerous ways to access the relational database while helping with application maintenance and deployment. It helps you build a one-of-a-kind web application that reflects cutting-edge solutions for your business needs.

Here are the reasons to explore Laravel: 

  • Simple routing engine
  • Dependency injection
  • Easy to use ORM
  • Easier to test
  1. PHP

The language has been around for over 20 years now and is going strong. It is a low learning curve language, unlike other languages, which take major setting up. PHP is easy to install, and you can get a page up and running within a few minutes using it. It also has a very friendly syntax and semantics which a beginner can easily get familiar with.

Here are reasons to explore PHP further: 

  • Speeds up the custom web development process
  • Simplifies the maintenance 
  • No additional codes required
  • Works well with relational databases
  1. Python

Python is a high-level and dynamic programming language that is focused on code readability. The syntax that it has helps the programmers to code in fewer steps compared to various other languages.

The developers and companies prefer the Python language as it has numerous features to offer. Python makes the applications interactive, interpreted, modular, dynamic and extensible. It is used by big companies to create a market for itself in the software industry.

 Here are some reasons to explore Python further: 

  • Large support libraries
  • Easy integration
  • Improves productivity
  1. .NET

The .NET framework is a programming language that supports applications for various platforms. It has a framework category library and customary language runtime feature, which provides it with an edge over other programming languages.

The .NET framework is best suited if you want to reduce development time, change applications quickly, and minimize cost along with ease of deployment.

Here are reasons to explore .NET further: 

  • Less and reusable codes
  • Easy to deploy
  • Reliable and secure
  • It can be used across languages and platforms
  1. Yii

Yii is the next generation of PHP frameworks; it is component-based and high-performance, which can be used to create large scale applications. Not just that, it helps you create them at a rapid pace. 

Yii supports a wide range of wizards that help in fulfilling common tasks such as creating, updating, deleting, etc. This is not available in other languages easily.

Here are some reasons to explore Yii: 

  • Easy and fast 
  • Secure
  • Large community for support


There are many great back-end frameworks out there, and you can choose the one that caters your needs best. It all comes down to the type of application and its basic requirements. Each framework has its own pros, which makes it the best of a certain requirement. Most of them have been in the market for a long time now, showing how successful they have been. 


  1. Which is the best back-end framework?
  • The best back-end framework is subjective. But Laravel, Golang, and PHP are the most commonly used ones.
  1. Which back-end framework is the easiest to use?
  • The easiest back-end framework to use is Laravel.
  1. How to choose the right back-end framework?
  • The two main things to take into consideration are performance and efficiency.

Top 3 Ways to Get Diamonds in Fortnite

Whether it’s a game or real world, everyone wants to have diamonds. And the same goes for Fortnite, diamonds are one of the currencies that you can spend to get the most exclusive and rare items in the game. But just like in real life, diamonds are hard to get your hands on for free, unless you can spend some real cash to buy them.

Top Ways To Get Diamonds In Fortnite

You can get pretty much get anything using diamonds, be it rare items, Elite passes and so much more! But not everyone has some spare bucks in their pockets to throw away on in-game diamonds, so everyone is looking for ways to get these shiny stones for free. 

Well, its your lucky day, as we have made a list of top 3 ways to get free diamonds in Fortnite!

Reward Apps

One of the best ways to earn yourself some quick diamonds in Fortnite is using the reward apps. And there are ton of these reward apps out there, with different surveys and tasks that you can complete to earn points that you can later spend on diamonds. 

And the one that we recommend is Google Opinion Rewards, as it is the safest and trusted way to earn play points. It’s easy to use and you can get started right away with short and easy surveys.

Get Paid to Apps

The other way to get diamonds in Fortnite is somewhat similar to the first one but with a few changes as there are ton of things you can do besides completing the surveys. Users can complete different tasks, try out simple quizzes and much more to earn points or get rewards with the gift cards. 

You can easily spend these in Fortnite to buy diamonds and use the diamonds to buy pretty much anything you want. 

Trading Sites

All these apps and websites do work and you can earn some points and rewards but it takes time and sometimes they run out of surveys. The quickest and probably cheapest way to get diamonds in Fortnite is to buy them on Trading sites. 

While, there is plethora of trading sites out there but we would recommend Eldorado as it is the safest option, not to mention cheapest one to buy a ton of diamonds. Not only Fortnite but it offers deals on all your favorite games including PUBG and Free Fire.

Note: There are plenty of third party applications out there that might seem legit but be careful and don’t use apps that are not trusted.

The Most Watched Games on Twitch

There’s no question that Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform by market share, and despite some ups and downs, it continues to be the go-to place for millions of users that want to watch their favorite video games and players in action.

The Most Watched Games On Twitch

That got us thinking, what are the most watched games on Twitch? Of course, we know that it’s a hotbed for esports, but is that it? In a nutshell, the answer is ‘no’, so let’s take a look at what’s popular right now.

Before jumping into our list, we want to give an honourable mention to Just Chatting. It’s the most viewed “game” on, with 260,116,421 viewed hours, but it’s not really a game (rather just a load of random conversations from what we’ve seen) so it didn’t make the cut. 

#2 Grand Theft Auto V

With a massive 243,941,970 viewed hours, Grand Theft Auto 5 is easily the most viewed game (excluding Just Chatting as mentioned) on Twitch. It’s the gift that just keeps giving when you consider this game was launched in 2013. Set in the fictional state of San Andreas, the main characters Michael, Franklin and Trevor go on a spree of committing heists and many other unlawful activities while being hounded by powerful criminals, drug lords and corrupt government officials. 

#3 League of Legends

League of Legends has achieved iconic status in the world of esports and on Despite the game being released all the way back in 2009, it still wipes the floor against all other games that are also played as a professional esport.

LoL, as it’s commonly known, is a multiplayer – typically five players on each team – battle arena game, where each side must defend their ‘Nexus’ while plotting to attack the opposition’s base to destroy theirs (Nexus). There are more than 630 League of Legends channels on Twitch, ranging from pro players in high-level esport competitions through to random fans that simply play for fun with their mates.

#5 Fortnite

Coming in as the fifth most watched game on over the past 30 days with 82,685,972 viewed hours is Fortnite. There are three distinct mode versions: survival, battle royale, and creative. While all three variants are hugely popular, Fortnite Battle Royale has become a global phenomenon. In this mode up to 100 players fight against each other with the last man/woman standing being the winner. It’s a great watch on Twitch, particularly if you know some good players as you can follow along and pick up loads of useful tips, too.

#12 Online Slots

A more recent edition to the Twitch most-watched leaderboard is online casino slots. This trend really only started 3 or 4 years ago, but now there are nearly 80 channels with 27,319,837 viewed hours collectively. These channels consist of casino players playing free online slot games while chatting away to their audience. One of the appealing aspects of this niche is that you don’t need any special skills. Many Twitch streamers use a popular casino review website like Gamblers Pro to find the best place to play, create an account, get hooked up to Twitch and start broadcasting. It adds a new dimension to gambling, and judging by the numbers, people seem to like it.

How to Find Out Unknown Caller’s Number and Contact Details

What do you ideally do when you get a call from an unknown number? Do you answer it or ignore it? Do you call that number back if you have missed it? Unknown phone numbers open a pandora’s box of mixed emotions. Not all unknown callers are well-meaning. 

If statistics are to be believed, you will be amazed at the number of people who have been fooled by fake IRS calls, by sham donation seekers. We live in gullible times and our vulnerabilities are mostly at stake. 

The growth of such calls is the very reason that platforms like CocoFinder have found immense popularity. Millions of people check the phone numbers of people on this platform, only to be shocked by the unknown caller’s details.

Your Phone Number is a Saleable Asset

If you are under the impression that only the people you gave your number to have it, you’re under a misconception. Your phone number is a saleable asset. Everywhere you provide your number- for instance, any survey, any contest, any draw, lottery, or just at the mall, it will be sold further.

Scammers mostly buy your phone numbers from such databases. It will have a complete bifurcation of your interests, annual incomes, cars you own, where you live, what you do, etc. Based on all this information, they can try to befool you. 

Cocofinder 1

How to Find an Unknown Caller?

Of course, you do not know the unknown caller, but you can know the caller before calling them. The easiest way is to find a cellular number on CocoFinder and that would give you the most reliable information on the caller.

One might argue and say ‘Aren’t their apps existing that identify an unknown number?’ Yes, such apps exist and sadly, they are not as useful. The mere reason for the same is that with apps, the scammers can end up taking the premium membership thereunder. 

With a premium membership, you cannot only hide your identity but also know if someone is looking you up. So, your suspicion will be revealed and thus that makes you look furthermore vulnerable.

Another constant struggle with such apps is the fact that they are not able to recognize a new number. If the scammer has a new number that has never been used before, the apps will not identify it. Thus, it leaves you in a Cache 22 situation.

Why is CocoFinder the Best Identity Reveal?

CocoFinder is the best way to identify an unknown caller because it is the best online platform to instantaneously know everything about an unknown caller. While other platforms mostly just reveal the names, you can do an extensive search on CocoFinder.

Reverse Phone number Search

You can do a reverse phone number lookup from CocoFinder. All you need to do is to visit the CocoFinder page and opt for the Reverse Phone lookup tab. Now, you just need to enter the phone number that you need to run the search on.

Once the number is so entered, you can press enter. CocoFinder immediately runs the number on its extremely vast database and the results are generated. You can see everything from the name of the caller to every other vital detail that you intend to see.

Why is Phone Number Lookup Effective?

Phone number lookup is extremely effective because it turns out to be one unique identity of an individual issued by the telecommunication partner. While many people in the world can have the same names, phone numbers are unique to one’s existence.

No two people can have the same phone number. When it comes to phone numbers, we need to provide this data almost everywhere. Whether it be in official registrations, authorities, even with the State paperwork, a phone number is always required.

So, with a phone number, you can extract quite a lot of important details about someone. You can see their shady past or the felonies related to the particular number under question. 

100% Authentic Information

You only get authentic and reliable information with CocoFinder. You do not even have to second doubt and cross-check any information that is revealed through this platform. The truth is that CocoFinder is linked with only verified sources.

Only if a source is verified, State-owned or correct, it finds its place in CocoFinder’s database. When the data is extremely authentic, you attain information that is extremely trustworthy and verified.

As you might end up taking vital decisions based on the results, it is important to ensure that what you see is the truth. CocoFinder essentially ensures that any and every piece of information that you attain is well-vetted through authentic sources.

Immediate Information

You do not have to wait for eons or hours to attain the required information from CocoFinder. The moment you enter the number and press search, the platform immediately runs the number through its database.

The data churned will be retrieved immediately. There is no wait time and no delay in the display of information. As opposed to the other so-called number revealers, the caller would never know that you looked their number up.

It is the best and immediate way to ensure that your interests are safeguarded. You can’t let your vulnerabilities out on display. You have to be careful and there is no platform more prompt or appropriate than CocoFinder.


To find a cellular number on CocoFinder, you need to do the bare minimum. You are not required to download any application or subscribe to a membership plan. So, it turns out to be the most cost and time-effective mode to ensure that you know who called you.

Responding to unknown numbers is not something you should do impulsively. It could be your EX you don’t want to connect with, a scammer, or just IVR frauds that will rip you off your finances immediately.

Therefore, you must make an informed and conscious choice to use platforms like CocoFinder to unearth the truth.

Penny Stocks Trading Guide: What Newbie Investors and Traders Need to Know

If you want to start trading at low entry costs with potentially significant gains, then investing in penny stocks might be an excellent choice for you. 

However, while penny stocks trading can be lucrative, with some making over 4,000% in gains in just a few months, they often come with great risks. 

Before investing, you’ll need to know critical details about penny stocks to ensure proper trading and minimize potentially massive losses. 

To help you out, we covered the essential things you need to know when investing and trading penny stocks. 

Penny stocks: A quick overview

Penny stocks are common shares of small public companies trading at low prices. 

The specific definition of penny stocks can vary depending on the country. For instance, in the United Kingdom, penny stocks are stocks priced below one pound, while they are priced five dollars or less in the United States.  

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines penny stocks based on these features:

  • Highly illiquid
  • Issued by small companies traded below five dollars per share. This also includes shares of specific private businesses without active trading markets.
  • Stocks that are often challenging to price since price quotations for penny stocks shares are hard to obtain
  • Commonly traded over the counter (OTC), such as via the OTC Link LLC or OTC Bulletin Board. This also includes stocks traded on the securities exchanges (including foreign securities exchanges). 

Additionally, penny stocks are typically categorized as microcap stocks with a market capitalization of less than $250 to $300 million. 

Penny stocks vs. small cap stock

Small cap stocks and penny stocks can represent company shares with low market capitalization — companies with relatively small valuations. 

The difference between the two is that penny stocks trade at both a low price and market capitalization, often trading OTC instead of getting listed on stock exchanges. 

On the other hand, small cap stocks are not based on where they are listed or their stock prices, but solely on a company’s market capitalizations (between $250 million and $2 billion). 

An example of a penny stock is a share that a company trades at one dollar per share that isn’t listed on national exchanges but traded on the OTC bulletin board. 

A small cap stock can have more than five dollars and is traded on a typical stock exchange. A lot of small cap stocks are included in small cap indices and trade on stock exchanges. 

Benefits of investing in penny stocks

Some of the benefits of trading and investing in penny stocks include the following.

Easy entry

Getting started with penny stocks trading is fairly easy since you won’t need any degrees or special certifications. 

As long as you have a laptop or desktop with a reliable internet connection, you can create a brokerage account, and you’re pretty much good to go. 

No big account required

Unlike traditional stocks, where you would need to spend thousands of dollars to get shares, penny stocks prices are on the low end, making them accessible to traders with small accounts. 

This means you won’t need a lot of money to start investing in and trading penny stocks since you can buy shares for, let’s say, twenty cents and cash out at a dollar or more.  

Gains when penny stocks values go down or up

You can get potential profit as penny stocks’ value go up or down. Many companies who offer penny stocks tend to fail, but this provides opportunities for traders to sell short. 

With short selling, you’re betting the stock depreciates instead of buying the stock in the hopes it increases in value before you sell it. 

Or, you could buy penny stocks for cheap and get massive gains when their values start to soar. An example would be Amazon shares in 1997 that you could buy for five dollars or less, but now, Amazon trades at around $3,000.

Rewards for diligence

One downside to penny stocks trading is the lack of regulation since this can make it challenging to identify legitimate from fraudulent companies. 

However, this can also be a huge advantage if you know what you’re doing and do diligent research. 

With thorough research, you can learn about the companies that make good investments, increasing your chances of making significant profits and potentially striking gold.  

Potentially quicker profits

Penny stock trading is often fast and furious, with stocks moving 20%, 50%, or 100% quickly, allowing you to make gains within minutes, hours, or days.

As long as you implement the right strategies and understand the risks of trading penny stocks, you could gain significant profits relatively faster than when trading regular stocks. 

Penny stocks investing risks

While penny stocks can be excellent investment vehicles, they are inherently speculative because of their low liquidity and high volatility. 

This makes it critical for you to know the penny stocks’ characteristics that make them risky investments to help you understand what you’re getting into before diving in. 

Limited historical details

Most young and startup company stocks have limited historical information, making it hard to determine their potential. These companies usually lack proven track records about their products, revenues, assets, and operations, making it extremely risky to invest in them.

The key is to conduct thorough research to evaluate a small company’s legitimacy before investing in penny stocks.

Low liquidity

Most penny stocks are traded over the counter, making their liquidity low. This means you might not always sell the shares at the best time. 

Low liquidity also leads to low trading volumes, meaning relatively small transactions can cause large swings in the share’s prices. 

No requirements for minimum listing

Companies that issue penny stocks are not required to meet specific minimum listing standards since the stocks are traded over the counter. 

When a company can no longer maintain its listing position on a stock exchange, it can move over to a smaller OTC listing exchange without meeting standard minimum requirements.

This removes the safety cushion that minimum listing standards provide for investors, making it riskier to invest in penny stocks. 

Lack of publicly available information

It’s not mandatory for companies issuing penny stocks to file reports with regulatory bodies such as the SEC. The stocks are also not covered by professional stock analysts from specific financial institutions. 

This can make it challenging for you to find reliable resources to make informed investment decisions. 

Comprehensive research and working with an honest broker are critical, helping ensure you’re making the right investments with credible, legitimate companies. 

The final takeaway from our penny stocks trading guide

Penny stocks trading isn’t for the faint of heart. If you want to succeed, you’ll need experience and a thorough understanding of the field. 

While it is challenging, it’s not impossible. Start by knowing everything you need to know about trading and investing in penny stocks, and build your strategy from there. 

Once you get the hang of it, understand the risks, and spot legitimate companies. This should allow you (or with the help of a reliable broker) to gain significant profit from penny stocks trading. 

MostBet India: The Best Betting App?

Top Football Betting Sites in 2021 (3)

MostBet, an internet gaming firm, entered the internet gambling industry about a decade earlier. 

Throughout that time, the company was able to establish certain benchmarks and gain recognition in nearly 93 countries. This article will go over a detailed overview about Mostbet India.

Members from everywhere in the globe will gamble on sports like cricket, football, basketball, golf, hockey, sweepstakes, even esports through the legitimate online gambling business. The website also allows users to gamble at casino sites with over 1300 slot machines.

MostBet India promotes gaming mostly as an enjoyable pastime but helps their customers to engage in it safely by exercising self-control.

Every day, the bookie surpasses the threshold of 800,000 bets.

Registration and Verification of Mostbet

To start moving on MostBet India, a player must first create an account.

Of becoming an active player but be eligible to insert betting on the web, you must fill out a voting form and will provide the latest details:

  • Date of birth has been used to guarantee that perhaps the participant is above the age of eighteen.
  • First and last name
  • Place a residence
  • Valid Email Address
  • A username and Password

How to Place Bet in MostBet


Users will provide another international team account in order to make bets: you should register, get into registration, and finance your fund. The buying method was also made and long and information systems follow by the Mostbet sportsbook:

  • Log in under the account 
  • Go to the site of the Application
  • Select the match in Champions and league
  • If you have a promo code, Enter in the bottom line of the coupon
  • Click on “Place a Bet Button”

Payments options

Whenever the number with betting reaches the number of its first investment, any Mostbet player will transfer cash.

To do the same, log through a private customer by sending a removal letter, which will then be reviewed within 72 hours. Payment could be extracted electronically using the following methods:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa card
  • Paytm
  • Maestro

Live Bets in MostBet

MostBet provides bettors with a wide range of sporting disciplines as well as other activities to wager on.

Football, cricket, hockey, tennis and table tennis, eSports (popular Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, and some others are eligible), fantasy leagues, including horse racing too are accessible for prediction.

Bet Types and Odds at MostBet


MostBet India takes betting on esports, which is getting more popular as a result of technological advancements. Indian groups are powerful in esports, allowing you to fix games like StarCraft, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends,


Users can gamble both on popular and unusual activities, such as Australian football and snooker, all in this room has both an opportunity to win a worthwhile draw.

Live Bets

Bets for tournaments that are distributed digitally through video are recognized in this sector. His function, in addition to the video, still displays live data as well as other statistics in a line chart.  

Mostbet has the greatest chance of most of their bookies. MostBet also has complete casino games with all the bells and whistles.

How to clean your gaming consoles?

Just like we dust and clean our house, appliances, and gadgets from time to time, our gaming consoles should not slip out of our minds too. Gamers spend hours every day with their beloved consoles, playing their favorite games. Little realizing that the devices are continually collecting layers of dust, which get converted to sticky grime mixed with the sweat of their hands. Also, when you munch on your favorite snacks, happily playing along, they too add to the gunk as well.

How To Clean Your Gaming Consoles

So even though consoles are built to withstand some pretty good amounts of wear and tear, maybe a bit of gamer rage as well, you should not take dust lightly. 

A dirty console with filthy buttons not only looks unsightly but, over time, may also lose out on its performance. Heavy dust and grime build-up can clog their air intake grilles and interior fans. And the overheating it results to can lead to a significant reduction in system performance.

Hence, occasional cleaning of your game consoles is necessary. According to research from Betway casino, it is recommended that you deep clean your consoles around every three months, supplemented with a more frequent, light dusting in between.

However, we understand that cleaning your precious console is a delicate process, and here’s how to go about the TLC safely.

Things you’ll need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Lint-free cloth/disinfectant wipes
  • Cleaning solution
  • Q-tips
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • brush
  • cloths/paper towels/newspapers

Set up space on your table, with all your cleaning supplies handy. Also, keep some dry cloth/paper towels or newspapers nearby to manage spills, if you get any. Put on your rubber gloves and follow these step-by-step instructions to breathe new life into your console.

Turn off sleep mode, as if the console is covered and is woken up accidentally, it may overheat. It is best to power off and disconnect your console from the wall before beginning with the cleaning.

Dust your console lightly first to get rid of all the loosely layered dirt.

Powered by Betway

Get a soft, lint-free/microfiber cloth and a bleach-free cleaning solution if you have one. If not, you can add a mix of liquid soap and water. Be careful to avoid getting any liquid in any of the console’s openings. Damp the cloth with a little bit of cleaning solution or soapy water, making sure that it is only damp or moist, not soaking wet with water dripping. Or you may also use premoistened disinfectant wipes if you would like. Start rubbing the surface of your console from a corner, and continue until all the grime from the entire surface has disappeared. Once done, wipe the surface with a clean, fresh cloth.

Powered by Betway

The buttons are difficult to clean with a cloth due to their small surface area, nooks, and crevices, and heavy dirt build-up, stuck to them. So, clean the buttons using a Q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Also, use a brush to dust along the margins where the console can be opened to get as much dirt off the insides as you can without risking opening it. If your console has a disk drive, you need to open, dust, and clean the drive’s interiors as well. Just be extra careful and gentle.

You can’t do much about the scratches on your console’s surface accumulated over the years. But the greyish-brown gunk and yellowish tinge must have gone away by now, and your prized possession must be looking all bright and shiny again.

Now that you are done with the cleaning make sure to put a dust cover over your ‘as good as new’ console. If you don’t have one, just cover it with a clean, dry towel to make sure its squeaky clean condition lasts for as long as possible.

Also, congratulations, all the hard work is over now, and it’s time to enjoy your near-new console and start gaming right away!

How to find a credible casino?

We all know that it is vitally important to find a credible online casino when looking for a new destination to play a selection of online casino games, but it can be a challenge working out if one is credible or if one is dangerous and a potential scam.

How To Find A Credible Casino

Unfortunately, with the world we live in, there are far too many scams going around and many fall victim to them every single day. Indeed, those who do not find legit online casinos will be vulnerable to an attack, however there are a number of ways in working out how a casino can be trusted.

Licences and Accreditation

The very first way in working out whether an online casino is credible, and perhaps one of the best ways, is to check what licences that they have and whether they are regulated by certain governments and laws.

There are many different licences available, although it would be wise to look for those online casinos that have licences for jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Gibraltar and Malta. Again, there will be many different licences available, but the UK Gambling Commission will protect players when using an online casino registered in the aforementioned countries.

If an online casino does not have a license of any kind, then it would be wise to avoid it as a precaution.

The same goes for those online casinos that have accreditations. These casinos can be trusted as they have been provided by third-party auditors who will look at the safety and security of an online establishment.

Privacy Policy

All online casinos should provide punters with the ability to check out the privacy policy that they have. However, it should be one that is detailed and provides a good amount of information, such as not revealing any player information.

Check casino reviews

There are many different online casino reviews available via a quick search on the internet and these can sometimes be the best way to show whether an online casino can be trusted when used. These reviews will generally be detailed and will provide a comprehensive outlook on all of the key aspects.

However, it would be wise to make sure that the reviews can be trusted, as there will be affiliate links that look to make an online casino appear in a positive way, when others may not. Therefore, take a look at a number of different reviews to gauge an overall outlook.

Responsible Gambling and Customer Care

With gambling and betting being highly addictive activities, online casinos have a duty of care for their members and one that they must treat with huge importance. Many operators will highlight a message of ‘Responsible Gambling’ whilst many will also highlight that their services are not available to anyone under the age of 18 (or the age within their respective jurisdictions). 

Again, by checking out the customer support network that is on offer can help in the search of a credible online casino, as they should be looking to look after their clients as effectively and efficiently as possible. One way to check as to whether this is the case before signing up is to simply get in contact and see what kind of customer support experience is provided.

Banking and financial transaction

Although money will be spent playing the wide array of games that can be found at an online casino, having reliable forms of banking methods and those used to make financial transactions should be checked out to ensure players can make these as safe as possible.

Indeed, if top payment gateways are available to use, the casino can be trusted as these methods of payment will usually protect you against any fraudulent activity.