How Technology Has Influenced the Financial Ecosystem

The financial sector has always been known for employing innovative technologies in optimizing its operations. These innovations over time have greatly influenced the dynamics of its ecosystem, making it a more robust and secure place. 

The Finologee Difference 

Taking advantage of this rich ecosystem, Finologee in luxembourg has created a center where finance and technology interact. This center fosters innovation and develops solutions to shape the future of financial services. In the following paragraphs, we will highlight areas where technology has impacted the development of today’s financial ecosystem.

5 Impacts of Technology on Finance

Here are some of the ways technology has dramatically influenced global finance. 

Lightening Fast Transactions 

The speed and number of transactions completed today are at their peak in history. Visa, one of the world’s biggest payment platforms, is believed to carry over 24,000 transactions per second. These lightning-fast payment systems, built with the latest technologies, have helped the financial sector grow exponentially. It has helped increase the level of interaction among financial institutions and encouraged increased customer trust in the industry. 

Data Security

Before now, the financial ecosystem was full of loopholes. The safety and security of customer details were not fully guaranteed as they could easily be lost in fire outbreaks or accessed by unauthorized persons. However, as the tech space developed, the need for an interactive ecosystem of experts from finance and tech space to find data security solutions became imperative. This ecosystem, which is called Fintech, yielded lots of positive results. Combining the knowledge from both worlds, they were able to provide innovative solutions which ensured that access to customers’ details was limited and secured.

Inclusion of Digital Platforms in the Financial Space

Digital banking is now the order of the day in the banking system. No customers would approve of any financial institution without a digital platform. This is because they give customers the freedom to conduct transactions at their convenience. This seamless inclusion of digital platforms into the financial ecosystem wouldn’t have been possible without technology. The inclusion has saved people from queuing in banking halls to perform simple transactions. 

Increases Competition

The influence of technology has created healthy competition within the financial sector. Every financial institution wants to get its hands on the latest technologies to optimize its operations and boost customer experience. This healthy competition will attract new investments that help in the rapid development of the Fintech space.


Thanks to technology, financial institutions can now reach the financially excluded people in society. These are people who don’t have access to basic banking facilities. However, the increased influence of technology in the finance industry is helping fix these issues. People from different parts of society are getting easy access to financial instruments such as loans and grants. Including this group of people has helped expand the coverage and operation of banks.


Technology will continue to play a massive role in the development of the financial ecosystem. While there are still a lot of shortcomings that need to be addressed, the industry has come a long way in the last few decades.

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