Brand & Monetize Your Links Using Assetize

Now we are going to review about a website which will help you to brand and monetize your links as well. Assetize allows you to brand and monetize your links on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Each site you link to shows a web-based bar, with your brand and message above the destination page.

You can generate revenue for websites/blogs and make money quickly. They are currently having some users making more than $100 per month.

They help large publishers and individual tweeters monetize their content. They have also been providing monetization opportunities for application developers. There are two ways to share your link. You can either share them on your websites/blogs or Use a Bookmarklet (for sharing on Twitter, Facebook, comment boards, etc.).


They have been featured in famous sites like TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, GigaOm and many more.

Retain Users :

Remind users of your brand when you link externally, and make it easy for them to return.

Increase Pageviews :

Encourage more pageviews by showing related articles from your site on the bar.

Make Money :

Choose to show sponsored messages on your bar to help increase revenue.

Referral System

Refer Your Friends and Earn 25% of What They Make!

Refer your friends to Assetize. Once anyone you directly refer starts earning money, you get 25% of their earnings as a bonus. There is no limit to how much you can earn.

You can include your referral link on your blogs, or share on Twitter/Facebook, so that others may use it.

Registration Process

Assetize provides you easy registration process. Users simply have to copy and paste the small snippet of code into their site’s header. Each site or blog can have a unique bar that shows the logo and colors of the site.

#1 – Design it

Customize the bar with YOUR site’s logo, colors and widgets.

#2 – Copy/ Paste

Copy and paste the code snippet from your My Accounts page into your site’s header.

#3 – Done deal

All external links will now show YOUR bar above destination pages.

Have you tried Assetize? Do you know any other similar site? Please share it in the comments!

15+ Best Sites To Make Money With Twitter

Lots of opportunities and methods to earn bucks these days. Earlier we used to monetize our blogs to earn money, but now we are forced (by desire or curiosity) to monetize our social profiles and Twitter is amongst them. Below I have mentioned 15+ Best and Top Websites for making money with Twitter. Descriptions are taken from respective sites. Credits goes to them! Many of these sites are reviewed by Giants but still read the rules and regulations.

Even Probloggers monetize their Twitter accounts, but yet, play it safe or else your Twitter account will be banned mercilessly.

Tip – Easy Ways To Increase The Number Of Your Twitter Followers

1. Magpie :

Magpie is the number one choice for marketers who seek to engage their target clientele in a conversation about their brand, business or products, providing an easy-to-use tool for viral marketing seeding with measurable results. We believe that we help our clients to shift from last century’s online advertising techniques to engaging people in a meaningful, interesting and transparent way in social networks and micro-blogging. According to Mapie, if you have 1000 followers, you are capable of earning 200 USD per month.


Payout Option : PayPal | Minimum Payout : 50$

2. Twittad :

Twittad offers you an opportunity to monetize your Twitter stream in a fully disclosed and ethical manner. As one of the first sponsored Tweet networks, we have tweaked and modified our service over the last 2 years to provide you with the best solution for sponsored tweets.


Payout Option : PayPal | Minimum Payout : 30$

3. adCause :

adCause matches advertisers with publishers (twitter users). Publishers will get paid show ads in their twitter feed. The more influence you have on twitter, the more money you will make. Because you are in complete control of the advertisers that you approve or deny, you don’t ever have to worry about showing an ad you weren’t prepared for. If you run network ads, you can be assured that they will match your subject matter.


Payout Option : PayPal | Minimum Payout : 50$

4. TwitPub :

TwitPub is just another fantastic way to monetize Twitter. The best way to be rewarded for generating quality content (or tweets) is to get paid for it. All you need to do is to have a Twitter account and set it to private (or protect your updates so it’s not publicly visible) in your Twitter settings.


Payout Option : PayPal and Check | Minimum Payout : 25$ (PayPal) and 50$ (Check)

5. : enables you to monetize the valuable content you are producing in streams like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. pays you to send an ad to your followers on behalf of brands you love (like an ad unit placed inside your stream). You approve each ad before it’s sent, and every ad is disclosed as an ad to your audience.

Payout Option : PayPal and Check | Minimum Payout : 50$ (both)

6. PayMeTweets :

To give Twitterers a Twitter-like interface to advertise on or make money from Twitter. Keep it easy. Keep it quick. Keep it Twitter-like.


Payout Option : PayPal and Check | Minimum Payout : 25$

7. RevTwt :

Become a Revtwt publisher so you can earn money from your Twitter tweets, Facebook status updates and wall posts! It is free to join. This may not work for everyone. To make money, you will need lots of real human followers who are the intended target audience of the ads. Give it a try for a couple of days. It is free. If it works for you, stick around and make more money. If not, you are free to delete your account at any time.


Payout Option : PayPal and Check | Minimum Payout : 20$ (PayPal) and 100$ (Check)

8. Sponsored Tweets :

Sponsored Tweets is a platform that helps you monetize Tweets created via Twitter. Just remember, this is a marketplace and you are competing with others for advertiser dollars. Set your price too high and you may scare advertisers away, too low and you may be short changing yourself.

Sponsored Tweets

Payout Option : PayPal and Check | Minimum Payout : 20$ (PayPal) and 100$ (Check)

9. Assetize :

Assetize is a Twitter Monetization Network for publishers and application developers. Assetize was to help large publishers and individual tweeters monetize their content. Since then, we have also been providing monetization opportunities for application developers.


Payout Option : PayPal | Minimum Payout : 10$

10. MyLikes :

Become an Influencer on MyLikes and earn money or help your favorite charity by recommending what you like. Create Sponsored Likes for advertisers/sponsors that you Like, post them on Twitter and/or embed it your Blog. You get paid per click and your cost-per-click is set and constantly adjusted based on how influential you are and how relevant your Likes are.


Payout Option : PayPal | Minimum Payout : Weekly Basis

11. BeTweeted :

Just sign up, select links that are relevant to your friends and followers, and tweet them. We keep track of every time one of your followers clicks a link that you tweeted (including all your friends’ retweets of that link) and pay you per click up to the advertiser’s maximum budget.


Payout Option : PayPal

12. Twivert :

Twivert provides you with value ads that you can share with your friends through twitter and for every genuine click on the ad you get paid. Auto-Tweet enables you to sit back and relax, we select appropriate CPC ads for you and tweet them on your behalf.


Payout Option : PayPal | Minimum Payout : 30$

13. twtMob :

Earn money every single time you tweet some of our cool content to your twitter followers including music videos, movie trailers, comedy scetches and more. Like I said…cool stuff! No infomercials, get rich quick schemes, and other BORING stuff that none of your tweeps care about.


Payout Option : PayPal | Minimum Payout : 50$

14. TweetBucks (Site Down):

When you tweet out a link on Twitter (quite possibly your latest article on eHow!), you need to shorten that link to fit. Shorten it in Tweetbucks and you will get paid per click. Currently it is under construction and I hope it will be back soon.


Payout Option : PayPal | Minimum Payout : 25$

15. PayDotCom :

Promote products in their marketplace and earn commissions as a PayDotCom affiliate. Or Sell your products and services through our online marketplace. PayDotCom is different from other mentioned sites. You can tweet using the given affiliate products and earn commissions.


Payout Option : PayPal

16. Adjix :

Adjix is a way for people to create short links to Web sites, tweet them, track clicks, and earn revenue. All ads are 100% optional. Even if you decide not to include an ad, and forgo any ad revenue, we still track detailed link click data for you.


Payout Option : PayPal

17. Linkbee :

Linkbee is a URL shortening service that can be used with blogs, forums, websites and Twitter. Linkbee provides the following features. Linkbee has the option to select between three options while shortening your URL. Inferential, banner ad and no advertisement.


Payout Option : PayPal | Minimum Payout : 15$

P.S. Twitter is not for making money, it is for sharing concepts. So try to keep it clean and don’t SPAM it.

Do you know any other cool site for making money with Twitter? Please share it in the comments!

Sites That Pay You To Write Reviews [Paid/Sponsored Posts]

HBB’s first income source was a ‘sponsored review’. We got $20 (during 2009) for featuring a product (a software I guess) on our blog. It was a surprise for me, and I realized the concept of ‘paid blogging.’ Blogging is currently the most powerful medium to advertise something I guess; it’s permanent, and it can easily become viral.

In this article, we mentioned some of the best paid review sites we have personally used. You’ll be connected with relevant brands and advertisers. I always believe Blogging should be unbiased and should be targeted. If you are running a blog about ‘Gadgets’, then kindly don’t publish a sponsored post/review about a ‘Fashion’ product just because the brand is paying you good money. I’m sure $ matters a lot in Blogging, but you have plenty of ways to monetize by building a proper brand.

Note: Google is strictly against paid links or any unnatural links, so regardless of whether you are getting paid or not, it’s wise to be natural and unbiased in your reviews/articles. Write the post as if you are not getting paid for it, be honest.

Sites That Pay You To Write Reviews [Paid/Sponsored]

Most of the websites mentioned in this list accept PayPal for transferring money, so if you don’t have one, you can sign up and get one. Some of them pay you per post, or some of them might have minimum payout (like $50 or $100).


Sign Up For Payoneer Today & Easily Earn $25* For Almost Free

1. FameBit


2. SeedingUp


3. BlogExpose


4. GetReviewed


5. LinkVehicle


6. Blogmint


7. SponsoredReviews


8. Matomy SEO

Matomy SEO

9. IZEA (or PayPerPost / SocialSpark)


If you are not interested in writing paid reviews, then these websites also have affiliate programs, so you can just sign up and refer other Bloggers who might be interested in this.

If you know any other popular and trusted sites that pay you for writing reviews, then kindly let us know in the comments below, we’ll be happy to update this list accordingly.

Chitika + Infolinks: A Better Adsense Alternative

Most of the bloggers (Including me) starts a blog or website for earning money. Google Adsense is the Main stream of money for most bloggers. But now Google is too strict to approve an Adsense account. Most of the newbies are facing this issue. Some other people are banned for fraud clicks. These people are searching for a better Alternative for Adsense. We can find hundreds of Ad networks, Affiliates websites. But the income from these is not so good.

I have tried a lot PPC Sites; here I share my experience with you. Google Adsense is my Main stream for revenue. I would like to Recommend Infolinks and Chitika to the people searching a better Adsense alternative.



Infolinks, is a leading provider of In-Text Advertising services Established in 2007.


  1. To get an account is easy. They will approve your application after checking your details.
  2. No need of Adspace, don’t worry about to fit the Ads. Just copy the Two line Script in your blog.
  3. We can Choose the Payment options (Paypal and Bank Wire) Its recommended to don’t use bank Wire, Some bankers charging 25 $ for each transactions.
  4. Customer Support – Their customer Support is great.

  5. You will get the payment on time.

  6. Can mange Multiple Blogs/Sites Easily.


  1. Minimum payout is $50.


  1. For Blog Spot users, go to Layout, add a gadget >HTML/JavaScript Add > paste and save.
  • For Self hosted WordPress Blogs/Websites Paste the ad code in any of your common page. (I am not sure about the any Plugins for WordPress).
  • Click Here to Register an Account in Infolinks

    Though infolinks is an additional in content monetization option along with other PPC, some bloggers, such as Ajith of the DollarShower, believe that it makes money via misleading the visitors into clicking a regular anchor-like links. In a way, it’s true as well.



    Chitika Founded in 2003, Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka), is a full-service on-line advertising network serving over 2 billion monthly impressions across more than 80,000 websites.


    1. You can use it with AdSense or as an AdSense alternative.
  • Getting approved is easier than Adsense.
  • No Worry about self Click (Chitika Invisible in Your system).

  • Payment Options are Paypal (Min $10) and Check ($50).

  • Click Here To Register An Account In Chitika