Top Commentators Award For April 2010

Once again I’m glad to announce the winners of Top Commentators For April 2010.

Last month we published more articles and thus helped us to improve our posting frequency and get lot of active commentators.

Hope we continue this kind of frequency every month.

The Top Commentator of April is Directory Sieve. The second Top Commentator is Samuel.

Total Comments :

1. Directory Sieve – 41 Comments

2. Samuel – 34 Comments

My best wishes and congratulations to them and for all who participated eagerly. Kudos.

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TC April 2010
TC - April 2010


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Pradeep Kumar

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29 thoughts on “Top Commentators Award For April 2010”

  1. congrats for the winners…….well i wish that i could have also got 1…………lol lol 🙂 🙂

  2. Yea d game is crazy dan its ever been all the same am married to d game…! Lol lets see who cn stand d rain diz mnth.!

  3. i will send it man latest on monday u will get my banner am busy wit studies lol !!!!!!!!!! thanks

    1. well, this is the next time, and looks like am going to be the top again 🙂 today is the final day, so if no one comes and posts like crazy, i will win the title again 🙂

      in case i win Pradeep, my banner is already running, just keep it on for another month 🙂

    1. yep gdi, you were very close 🙂
      lets give an even better competition this week, lets see who win it this time,

  4. Lol hahaha thanks! Wel its neva bad been d second! Directory wot cheat do u use to be d first on d list? Cos u r d second on d list b4!

    1. lol, i commented like mad, and made about 10+ comments the last night, because i knew that if i made those comments a few days back then someone will overtake me, so i waited and made those comments at the last moment to clearly win it 😀 hahehaha i am so bad, long live evil!!

      over all, it was real fun, hope you win it next time,

    1. thanks Gagan 🙂
      its a pleasure to compete along site people like you all 🙂

  5. it’s a pleasure to be seen on the top commentator list and an even higher pleasure to actually top it. Will try to maintain the position this month too 🙂

    @Go4webapps, yes every month i used to think like that, and finally i did it this time,

    1. Destiny comes with devotion… Good job both of you. Well we will miss Sudharshan this month as a Winner.. though he made a hatrick last month.. !

      1. thanks hami,
        i don’t know about sudharshan, but usually when competition are tougher, it becomes more fun, hope he comes back and give a good competition this week,

    1. bro…
      Due to my exam i cant comment as before and tooooooo i dont know more abt gadget ..
      pradeep wrote article about gadget much …so im not in this list…

      But i wil be here “always”after MAY……cheers

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