New Features Of The Latest Windows Live Messenger

Recently Steve Ballmer shared a preview of the new Windows Live Messenger. I want to share good news for Facebook users that Microsoft had made deeper integration with Facebook, you can expect Facebook Chat in Windows Live Messenger. You can able to IM all your Facebook friends from within the Messenger.

Below I mentioned some of the new features of this Windows Live Messenger :

Windows Live Messenger1. More Games : This new Messenger has lot more games. Let you play with your friends. You can also earn points and achievements.

2. Video Messages : You can leave offline messages in the form of video messages. It is similar to a voicemail.

3. HD Video Chat : It provides high-definition video chat. You can see your friends and close ones reactions in real time and that too in full screen.

4. Tabbed conversations : You can manage all your chats in one location so that you can easily juggle multiple conversations in one place.

5. Integrated Hotmail : You can now see who is online and you can easily chat with them right from your inbox through integrated Hotmail.

6. Short Message Service : You can connect your mobile phone number to the Messenger and get your friendsโ€™ instant messages easily.

More Screenshots – New Windows Live Messenger :

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger

Post Images Credits : Microsoft Corporation

11 thoughts on “New Features Of The Latest Windows Live Messenger”

  1. Nice Screenshots,,, chating with facebook freinds,,,,really i want to do,,, but ofcourse i frequently use Gtalk.

  2. Cool screenshots, looks nice.

    It will be nice to message and chat with facebook friends, got loads of friends there but don’t find enough time to check facebook regularly, it will be good to connect with them from the new live messenger ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. yayyy…tabbed conversations…finally, been using pidgin for a while and i love it’s tabed conversations.


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