Top 5 Careers To Dive In With Zero Qualification 

If you’re a fresh graduate, and you started looking for a job, you probably know it’s not that easy to find a good, and well-paid position, especially when you don’t have much experience. Most of the best paid-jobs require various certifications, degrees, and years of experience. But contrary to popular belief, even if you have zero qualifications, you can still find a job, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a dead-end.

Top Careers To Dive In With Zero Qualification 

Start your job search adventure, and try out some of the following suggestions.

UX Designer

Many people believe that one of the requirements to get a job like a user experience designer is having a degree. But it’s not true. Of course, it’s great if you know more, and you had an opportunity to cover foundations, but specific skills are more valuable for employers than certification. 

However, if you wish to gain additional knowledge in the UX field, you can check out websites offering training courses, for example, Career Foundry. Attending to course like that will speed up your learning process, and allow to find a job faster.

When you’re new to a field like that, you should soak as much knowledge and information as possible. A good understanding of what you have to do is crucial. So send your CV’s and learn at the same time. Read books, and watch the videos about UX, talk to the people who work in this industry, and attend events if there is any nearby. 

Once you do that, make sure that you make use of your knowledge and practice a lot. Do anything that can motivate you to apply what you’ve learnt. You can start writing a blog. This idea is good because it’ll also allow you to build a portfolio where you can present your skills. It’ll impress employers because they see you’re interested in what you do. Therefore, your chances of getting hired significantly improve because people tend to hire those who enjoy their job. 

Web Developer

It’s a perfect job for creative people who are also looking for a good salary. The demand for people who design and maintain websites is incredibly high. Even without education in this field, it’s still possible to make up for the shortage. You can develop your skills by taking an online course, which will help you learn the most needed things. Keeping up to date is recommended even for educated web developers, because the technology changes so fast, that it’s crucial to know what are the latest web trends.

Some web developers are freelancers, while others are working for companies or individuals. Their projects are essential for company development in pretty much any industry you could imagine, and the demand for their work will only increase in the future.

Computer Support

Computer service technicians are responsible for fixing any issues connected with software or equipment. If you’re good with technology, and you can quickly fix any computer related problem you should consider applying for this job. 

You don’t need any qualification or education. Computer support specialists have to have the advanced technical knowledge, great communication skills, and the ability to figure out problems and find a solution to them quickly. 

Administrative Assistant

In most cases, high school education is enough to apply for this job. The ideal administrative assistant should have outstanding organizational abilities because a good organization is his primary goal. On top of that, good communication skills are necessary for this post.

Also, having strong technical skills is something that every administrative assistant needs. In order to create multiple reports for the company, one should have proficiency in not only Excel but all Microsoft Office. Sometimes administrative workers have to deal with data, so having a good understanding of computers, and CRM systems are always a great addition.

Another must-have in this job is the perfect time organization. All company departments cooperate with you. Without proper planning, you’ll feel overwhelmed with work, and you certainly won’t be able to keep up with deadlines. That’s why this position is perfect for people who are good at planning.

Online Proofreader

Proofreading is a process of looking for everything that is not right in-text, for example, typos, mistakes, errors, etc. As a proofreader, you’ll read a wide variety of texts. Books, website copies, or even YouTube video transcriptions, so it for sure, is an exciting job. 

People often believe that one of the responsibilities is to edit or rearrange the text, but don’t worry, it’s not. This job is done earlier by an editor. Proofreader only task is to find mistakes, that editor or an author could have missed. 

It’s a perfect job for people who’d love to work from home, and there are no qualifications needed. The hardest thing about proofreading is the fact it’s hard to stay focused during long periods. So make sure you can concentrate, and work on this skill.

As you can see, it’s possible to be hired even without having any qualifications. The most important thing is to “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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