Top 5 Apps To Help Run A Business

If you run your own business, department or team and do not rely heavily on a Smartphone, tablet or another mobile device to help you manage accounts, you are in a quickly shrinking minority. The average consumer spends over two hours a day on a mobile device and the majority of that time is spent on a mobile app. Mobile app development, and particularly the location based ibeacon app development has come to the forefront of digital marketing and business development.

Mobile app development now spans every conceivable area of business management. You can download the basic version of most apps at no cost. ‘Premium’, ‘deluxe’ or ‘professional’ versions of apps are available for a fee, either one-time or monthly. In most cases, this upgrade is well worth the initial investment or subscription plan. Below are five prominent ways that a mobile app can help you streamline your business, save time, and increase profitability.

1. Collaboration

You can download a mobile app that allows every member of your team to communicate with ease. These mobile apps are available to download on your desktop, laptop, home computer, work computer and all mobile devices. These days, programming even spans between Apple and PC products such as Android. Once this type of collaborative app is installed, your documents and messages will automatically be updated across all your devices and those of your teammates or employees. You can share files, emails, code or just a text message with one action. Take a look at an example of a great collaboration mobile app:

2. File Sharing

Mobile app development has made it simple and secure to share confidential company documents with team members. Download a mobile app that acts as a virtual file room that you share with your colleagues. More than just giving employees access to this app, you can dictate who has access to which folder and to what degree they can manipulate the file (Owner, Editor, Viewer, etc.). For an excellent file sharing mobile app, check out Dropbox.

3. PDF Manipulation

A cornerstone of digital documentation, PDF files are considered one of the most professional and secure forms of online media. Unfortunately, they are also notoriously difficult to manipulate when changes are needed. Until recently, if you wanted to change something on a PDF, you would wait until you were at your desktop computer, save the file in another format, make the changes, and resave as a PDF before resending. Now, mobile app development makes it possible to do all of those things in a fraction of the time from your portable device. See: for a great mobile app.

4. Payments and Transactions

If you own a restaurant or retail business, consider a mobile app that allows you to take instant credit card payments. Mobile app development now allows customers to sign credit card slips with the tips of their fingers, add gratuity and even receive an online receipt. Of course, all of this is automatically logged into your vendor account. For a popular and reliable payment transaction device and mobile app, check out

5. Financial Tracking

First widely used for personal finances, now mobile apps are being used to track the financial progress of small and large businesses. Mobile app development puts a personal accountant at your fingertips and those of your team members. Use a mobile app to check bank balances, transactions and spending. is a widely used website for this purpose.

Mobile app development has taken the office and made it accessible no matter where in the world you and your employees. As businesses evolve with the growing digital world, more people are managing their affairs from on the road, in the sky or wherever their day takes them.

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