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Tips to improve your e-mail deliverability


If you are going to send an e-mail to somebody, you have to prepare it in a way that is acceptable by standards. Many things can go wrong with writing and formatting an e-mail. So, you must be careful while drafting it up and stay within appropriate measures like not using spam words, etc.

When you send an email from your end, it is received on the other end in the recipient’s inbox. Your email will not always be sent and received in the mailbox of the said person. The format, words, and many other things go into notice before your email is sent. If you stick with rules and standards, you will generally have no problem in sending an email.

Tips To Improve Your E Mail Deliverability

Why is it important to take care of your email?

Businesses nowadays frequently use emails for advertising. Bloggers send in emails to notify about the latest stories, posts, and news. Emails are an excellent way of communicating directly to a person. You can customize and promote differently to each individual, or you can make groups. About 25% of the emails are never delivered to the inbox. Emails, without a doubt, have become an ingrained part of our online system, but most businesses are not concerned about this issue until a significant problem strikes. It can also result in the loss of money you earn through subscriptions. EmailListVerify help a lot in this regard.

So, how do you keep intact and manage to send emails that are deliverable and would not end up in the spam folder? Right here in this article, we are going to guide you through the mess of figuring out how to write a deliverable email.

The reputation of the sender:

Anyone who sends an email sends it through the email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. These platforms assign a score to the sender based on their reputation of abiding by the rules and the rate of deliverability of their emails. It refers to sender reputation or sender score. If you have a good reputation, you will have an easier time delivering your emails or else you will get sent to the spam or junk folder.

You can make sure that you have a high sender score or that you don’t land in the junk mail by making sure you continue to follow the rules like ensuring that you don’t appear in the blacklist and formatting your email correctly. Some ways you can make sure that doesn’t happen are as follows:

1. Keep it regular

The amount of emails you send at a time affects your sender reputation. If you send two emails a week, try to keep it in that consistency because a drastic change in that number can cause some suspicion. This way, you will also gain a predictable and comfortable place in your customer’s inbox and will have more chances of getting clicks, etc.

2. Keep it valid and clean

You need to check your email lists to make sure they are valid till date. The issue of bouncers is widespread, and you would want to avoid that problem. You can start by cleaning up your list. There are two types of bouncers you need to be aware of. Hard bouncers are those emails that are outright fake and might have been used by people as fake emails to subscribe to your list. You can indistinctly wash them out of your email list immediately. Soft bouncers are those emails that are just temporarily blocked from receiving your emails. It might be due to the reason that either the inbox is full or some other issue of having blocked your email. In this case, you can wait for a few days to see if the situation changes or not, after that you can clean them up as well. There are many email cleaning service providers that you can choose from.

3. Keep it out of spam

 Spam is dangerous for your mailbox reputation. The hard part is that even if a small number of people hit the spam button for your email, the mailbox platform gets alerted and might even remove you from their service. It calls for a definite no for purchased email lists. You must also be aware of the spam trap where you might be given a fake email and never try to buy an email list. It can also put you in a spam trap.

4. Consent is important

You must always ask before signing someone up on your email list. You should always have a permission pop-up to get customer’s approval on whether they want to be subscribed or not. It is better to have a few subscribers who are loyal and interested in your work than to have many subscribers who don’t even open your mail or worst put you in the spam folder. Don’t forcefully subscribe an email given to your website for mere registration.

5. Give an easy way out

Always give your subscribers an easy way out if they no longer want to hear from you. You should always give an unsubscribe button at the end or some easy way to get out of the list or else you can easily be put into the spam folder.

6. Stay out of blacklists

You must at all costs avoid getting thrown into the blacklist. There are many emails and IP addresses that have been blacklisted. You can quickly check whether you are in that list or not using a blacklist checker. In any case, if you do get into one, try to contact the holder and get yourself out of the list, but still, prevention is better than cure.

7. Don’t get spam twice

If you have been put in the spam folder once by a recipient, don’t make the mistake of sending them another email. It will push you further down the trap. Make sure to immediately remove the email that put you in the spam folder. If you want to get notified about spamming, you can get hold of a service provided by most ISP’s called feedback loop. In the feedback loop, you can stay informed whenever your email is into a spam folder.

8. Start slowly

You must remember to start slowly with a new IP address. Do not go all out and start sending bulk emails at once. Take your time to build up your reputation first then, increase the volume of emails sent.

9. Stay with one IP address

If you are having problems sending emails, you might want to change your IP address, but that is not always a good idea. Whenever you take up a new IP address, you will have to tread with caution since this behavior of regularly changing IP addresses can be seen as slightly suspicious. The period for which the IP address has been used also counts, including the sender score.

10.Don’t share your IP address

If you can afford, buy your IP address. If you have a shared IP address, other users can negatively affect your performance and score. If you have a lot of emails to send emails, make sure you have a separate IP address.

11.The option of double check

This method of double-checking before you shoot an email is called double opt-ins. It can happen that somebody else has registered a friend or family’s email up for the specific newsletter so, you can put up an option that confirms whether the person signed up for this wants your emails or not. There can be another permission pop-up to make sure you can send them your newsletter. It keeps you from getting put in the spam folder.

12.Keep your customer’s interest in the emails

If your customers are not enjoying what you are sending them through your newsletter and you have low clicks on your emails the, this can be disastrous for your reputation as well. You ensure that you are sending content that your customers are interested in; otherwise, you might get low rates of clicks on your emails and also lose your subscribers. It also leads to getting a low sender score. You are expected to maintain a click rate of about 25-30 percent.

13.Clean out inactive customers

If you notice the trend of not opening emails from an individual subscriber, you can clean out that email from your list. Give it some time, and if you still get no clicks, you can wipe out that particular email from your list.

14.Don’t include too many images:

Emails that contain way too many photos can disrupt your sender reputation, which can cause hindrance in your deliverability. Keep the number of images included in the content balanced.

15.Don’t use too many spam words

There is a list of risky words that you must avoid using at all cost. Words like “low,” “prize,” etc. are included in the spam words. Try to stay away from them. You can easily find a list of spam words online.

16.Some more tips

Avoid using too many punctuation marks. Limit it to the necessary points only. Give only authentic and shortened links in your emails.   


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