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Tips to Blog About Unpopular Topics in an Interesting Way


As a content creator or digital marketer, content, revenue, and traffic are the only three things that should matter to you. Everything else is secondary. Luckily, these metrics are intertwined, meaning if you succeed in one, you have already succeeded in the other two or you are on your way there. Good traffic is the product of good content, and revenue is bound to increase with the increase in traffic.

Tips To Blog About Unpopular Topics In An Interesting Way

In view of that, most content creators have adopted the strategy of focusing only on content and letting everything else systemize itself. Safe to say that has worked, but now the internet is brimming with quality content, and what was once a masterstroke doesn’t possess the magic anymore. This explains why many bloggers have shifted into writing controversial topics.

There are many topics out there that can elicit fervor and animosity in equal measure. Alcohol, partisan politics, religion, and gambling are good examples. Dedicating your blog to any of these topics is treading a godforsaken avenue that can either work perfectly (from a traffic and revenue standpoint) or go horribly wrong. We have discussed below ways in which you can make good blogging about unpopular topics:

Set Your Goal

If you are blogging about an unpopular issue, you are more likely than not going to ruffle a few feathers, and many readers are going to approach you with their own preformed opinions. Ask yourself if you looking to inspire readers towards certain actions or if your goal is to simply get them to see things from your point of view. Are you trying to educate your users or redirect traffic to a product or service website?

It is important to know what you are trying to achieve, so you can always craft your language in a way that passes the message effectively.

If you are a new gambling blogger, Lottoland has a blog about playing the lottery that has a lot of takeaways to help you get started. Check on other established websites as well and see how seasoned bloggers go about sticking to the same topics, language, and writing styles.

Avoid Being Hyperbolic

When you are enthusiastic about a topic, it is easy to get carried away and lay it on thick with some subjects. Emotions are never a plus when writing about unpopular subjects. They may portray you as radical and turn off some of your neutral readers. Think critically whenever you use superlatives and plugging statements. If you are advertising an online casino or sports betting platform, remember gambling addiction is a thing. Avoid looking as if you are trying to recruit greenhorns into gambling and focus on selling your service to existing gamblers. For the record, this strategy works even better in alluring new users than directly persuading them onto your gambling platform with hyperboles.

Avoid Platitudes

If you are creating content about something with a religious or political bent, try going through a few similar posts or books before diving in. Take note of the terminology and common phrases they use and try to understand their meanings. If they are overused, find better substitute words, but be careful not to be pompous. This may make your work feel knotty at the beginning, but as time goes and you continue generating content, you will be the proud owner of a blog that emanates vibes of your true personality.

Stay Focused

Letting your attention wander while blogging about a topic that is bound to evoke passionate disagreement is a mistake. Some of your readers will be following your posts just to see if you really mean what you claim to stand for. A seemingly negligible contradiction would provide them with a vulnerability to use against you. Some, particularly those who share your sentiments, will lose interest in your blogging and assume you are doing it for the money or approval.

Always stay focused and have a full understanding of the core ideas and themes of your specialty. If possible, have a third party editor to review each of your writings before publishing them.


Setting yourself up as a blogger these days is a piece of cake. However, blogging about controversial topics can have its setbacks, including ruining your personal reputation. The above tips can help you launch yourself into the game securely and get on with your blogging with the utmost ease.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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