Statistics of illegal gambling business

In the gambling world, even the very best online casino real money aren’t able to accumulate or even come close to the illegal gambling business that is happening all over the world. It’s many times bigger than the legal gambling industry around the globe since it can even be found in many countries that have very strict anti-gambling laws. 

Statistics Of Illegal Gambling Business

Gambling is strictly controlled by governments in the countries that it’s allowed and to acquire a license is both very expensive and a long process which is exactly what makes people turn to the underground world of gambling and try their luck there.

The most noteworthy statistics of illegal gambling around the world are staggering and quite alarming and some of them are as follows:

Cockfights in California

One of the most popular illegal gambling operations in California is the cockfights that are taking place in this state. The stakes on these fights are quite high which is what brings gamblers together. They estimate that one can win up to 15000 US dollars on a single bet in one of these fights. Back in 2010, police action was taken and they managed to pick up over 30 people that organized these cockfights and get a hold of 400 cocks that were being prepared to fight.

The people who organized these illegal gambling gatherings were paid pretty well, estimating their daily income at around 2000 US dollars.

The yearly arrest records of people being detained for illegal cockfighting is around one hundred.

Cheating in Las Vegas

The so called playground of the US has its own share of cheaters that roam around and try to do some sort of scam in their casinos. As much as five hundred people a year are being detained in Las Vegas for cheating in the best online casino for real money. Even though the technology for security is getting higher and higher, the type of technology that can be used for cheating is also easily accessible. People that were caught cheating often used mini cameras, special lenses, sprays with UV or infrared radiation and pocket size PCs. 

Football match fixings

One of the most famous countries for this type of illegal gambling is Italy and their favorite betting sport is football. People that organize the fixing of the match are able to get as much as two billion six hundred million US dollars by fixing one football match in Italy while the maximum amount they have to pay to do this is around five hundred thousand US dollars. Around the whole world, the football match fixings are making fifteen billion US dollars in revenue for the organizers.

Thailand underground gambling world

The research that was done by Chulalongkorn University showed shocking results regarding the illegal gambling scene in Thailand. The results they presented are as follows:

  • Around twenty seven billion US dollars is the approximate amount of all illegal bets placed.
  • A little over 63% of the residential population in Thailand is betting in one year.
  • A little over 62% of the population begin playing for money by their twenty fourth year.
  • Approximately 20 million of Thailand population are involved and betting on an underground lottery.
  • Illegal gambling establishments are frequented by more than 3 million people.
  • The number of illegal gambling casinos is somewhere between seven hundred thousand and one million in Thailand.

Ndrangheta gambling group

The Italian clan of Ndrangheta from Calabria is one of the most notorious criminal organizations in the modern world and its revenues reach up to 10 billion US dollars per year. Their total revenue isn’t all from illegal gambling, but a large amount of it is because of it. Unofficial records have their illegal gambling revenue somewhere around 2 billion US dollars although authorities think it’s much higher.

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