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Things to know about Kratom for Pets: A complete guide


People nowadays prefer herbal and natural forms of remedies because of their minimal side effects and broad set of benefits. Many users consider these natural supplements as cheaper options and some testify them as recreational. If we look back to our history and observe the present scenario in South Asian countries, we will find that many natives still consume Kratom by chewing its leaves. They believe that Kratom can help in relieving pain and symptoms that lead to other ailments. 

Kratom is a herbal substance gaining considerable light and ground in the market. It contains higher amounts of alkaloids that act as opioids. Some beneficial ingredients are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These active ingredients can alleviate inflammation and can regulate muscle functioning. The interesting thing here is that just like it is beneficial to humans, it is beneficial to our pets too. Are you also wondering how? Let us see how Kratom is beneficial to pets.


Is Kratom beneficial for pets?

Just like humans, pets also experience a lot of chronic ailments which are needed to be cured. They commonly face problems like excessive inflammations, hip dysplasia, and these further lead to stressful thinking and anxiousness. And for all these issues Kratom is of great use. To get the best store for kratom, you can search for which are the best Kratom Capsules Vendors Online? and after reading the reviews, you can select the best for you.

Kratom provides the following benefits to pets,

• Anti-anxiety medicine

• Arthritis relief

• Chronic pain relief

• Seizure treatment

• Appetite stimulation

• Energy stimulation

We as humans can use Kratom in tea as capsules or as a powder, but we should make it more interesting for its use for pets.

  • We can add Kratom to some sugar-free peanut butter to cover its bitter taste because most pets go crazy for this sandwich spread and they will take it as a treat.
  • We can also add a small amount of it with a special treat like a hamburger or beef bits.
  • We can take some apples or get a little steamed pumpkin and mix in it.
  • We can also mix it with beef bone which dogs always love.
  • If you use moist food, you can stir the powder directly into their food.

Dosage guidelines

There are no dosage guidelines for pets so finding the right amount of Kratom involves some trial and error. Start small as higher dosages can have negative side effects including:

• Constipation.

• Nausea.

• Seizures.

• Diarrhoea.

• Liver damage.

Based on our research, some pro-veterinarians and owners use a Kratom calculator for human dosages to determine how much to give their pooches based on weight.

PRECAUTION: When you give Kratom to your pets, add probiotics to support the digestion of the alkaloids compounds. A review of studies on its effects in humans and animals suggests that Kratom is minimally toxic, but at very high doses it may damage the liver and cause seizures.

Benefits of Kratom for Pets 

Helps in treating anxiety

One of the most significant factors behind making a dog or any other pet feel low or away from its natural behavior is anxiety. Many Kratom strains are known to stimulate and strengthen the condition of your pets. While Red Bali Kratom offers quite the aroma to energize the pets with pain-killing effects. The active ingredient, mitragynine, helps in communicating and binding with the opioid receptors of the brain. This process helps in decreasing the pain that pets usually experience.


Helps in treating Arthritis

Arthritis causes sluggishness and sways the pets away from their natural behavior. Kratom can help in managing chronic pains and arthritis. For your safe side, you can also go through other pet owners’ testimonials.

Helps in treating seizures

Many animals suffer from epilepsy which can be daunting for your pets. Adding Kratom into their food with the right amount of dosage can help in treating seizures.

Consultation with vets

If you initiate the doses of Kratom without any professional consultation, your pets will fall into the pit of side effects or addiction. Many times a lack of information also leads to adverse effects and makes your pets suffer. While consulting vets, another vital point to consider is the blend with which you can serve Kratom. A vet would clear such doubts and will guide you about the dosage and proper method to feed the supplements.

It is very obvious that being a pet owner it is difficult for you to trust any source of medicine easily and also when you are not sure about the dosage that needs to be added into your pet’s meal. Many pet owners divide the prescription based on their pet’s size. The dosage of smaller pets varies. Human dosage limits are 8-11mg, so for bigger pets, you can opt for 3-4mg of Kratom. Also, make sure not to start with higher doses in the first go and introduce your four-legged friend slowly to such a herbal substance to get the best out of it.

With Kratom’s rich history people now positively add this substance into their pet’s lifestyle to treat their ailments. So, if you want to experiment with Kratom talk to vets first and use extreme caution.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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