Choosing a Managed Service Provider In Washington DC

There are hundreds of them, all claiming to be the best fit for you. But you have got to have the eye to find out the perfect one for you. 

The world is running fast, and newer concepts and trends are hitting and pushing us towards changing the way we have been for years. Whether your business is just starting or it is at full speed, you often feel that it needs to be handled by a more suitable and efficient hand. And it works. Here is an essential discussion on the managed service providers and how you would deal with them, especially in Washington DC.

Basic Concept of Managed Service Provider

In simplest terms, managed services mean that a company hands part or all of the management of its network infrastructure applications and security to another entity. This other company may be a service provider, system integrator, or a value-added reseller. They are sometimes also known as business partners. The term managed service has evolved from the words out-tasking and outsourcing that are common in the managed services arena.

A managed services provider helps solve the different internal and external issues of your business just the way a contractor manages and executes the details of building a home. Instead of spending a vast amount of time and effort to renovate a home themselves, what a homeowner does is very simple: outsourcing the project to a contractor— a specialist and practically expert in their field. A quality contractor has the skills, knowledge, partners, and experts necessary to complete the job efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, with high quality.

Today, most of the enterprises are using some type of managed services. Research of 2016 revealed that by using managed services, large enterprises could save as much as 35%. And more than 90% of the well-known organizations in Washington DC are taking advantage of MSP.

The Main Benefits

Let’s first take a look at the benefits of taking advantage of MSP. There can be 5 main reasons behind the fact why so many small-scale and large-scale organizations are going for some sort of MSP every year.

  1. Time, Resource, and Cost Efficiencies

Outsourcing contingent workforce management enables HR teams to focus their time and skills on activities that have greater value to their business. The other intrinsic features are equally important: comprehensively fewer third-party recruitment fees and a more planned and tactical approach to staffing.

  1. Workforce Agility

With digital transformation often coming in unexpected waves, businesses, in almost every sector, need to be able to react to a changing market. MSP’s ensure that a business can attract the right talent at the right time, even in competitive environments. 

  1. Access to the Latest Recruitment Tech

By engaging with an MSP, a business can access the latest tech without making huge technology investments. An MSP can focus all of their attention on technology that is only applicable within their specialty and can enhance an organisation’s data analysis capabilities to ensure that their workforce is fully optimized.

In 2020, Managed IT services in Washington DC, for example, have got a 2.4% more focus than the previous year from all types of industries. 

  1. Global Reach

It can be a problem to acquire talents globally, particularly when spreading into new, unknown territory. MSP’s that operate on a global scale has the capabilities to attract, onboard, and retain the best staff across multiple domains. 

  1. Industry Knowledge, Expertise, and Insight

When engaging with several other clients, an MSP also accumulated expertise across several industries. This deep cross-sector data enables an MSP to understand vast sections of the marketplace and ensure that they can establish diverse talent pools full of potential applicants who can join the organization and accelerate meaningful progress, both economically and culturally.

How do I Choose the Perfect Managed Service Provider I Need?

Not only for Washington DC but for everywhere else, you need to set up some basic queries that will walk you through the process of selecting the right MSP for you. Here are some guidelines, in the form of questions, you can use to make sure you are picking a partner that is a good fit for your organization.

  • Consideration 1: Do they offer you a single point of contact?

You should be given a dedicated manager for your account, who will be your go-to person and an expert on your organization’s specifics. There can be two aspects of the specification: aspects that are applicable only for your company and aspects common in the fields your company deals with. The person must be an expert on your organization’s peculiarities and the common aspects.

  • Consideration 2: Does the provider have central analytic capabilities?

These capabilities will help identify patterns and proactively address issues which increases service levels and drives cost down. 

  • Consideration 3: Does the provider offer global service?

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is attaining around-the-clock global reach. 

  • Consideration 4: Is the provider’s pricing model tiered?

Look for a partner that can provide higher levels of monitoring and management for your critical systems while keeping a non-critical and lower management tier with a lower cost structure. 

  • Consideration 5: Do the provider held accountable by the SLA options? 

You should get a provider who is willing to pay a penalty fee if they cannot fulfill any of the conditions of the agreement. Also, make sure their SLA’s are based on resolution times as opposed to response times. 

  • Consideration 6: How easy is it to communicate with the provider? 

Look for a provider that allows you to set your preferences to make approved changes where it is most convenient for you, including mobile devices. 

  • Consideration 7: Do they have insurance?

Look for a provider who is properly insured, which can, in return, ensure you that any mistakes or failure of any portion of their service by them will be officially compensated. 

There you are with a clear concept of the term managed service provider and the way you can make the perfect use of it. Now you can be on your own with your business. The world is rewarding for those who surf on the edge of time.

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