The Evolution of Tech Giant into Banking

In the last two decades, we have noticed some monumental shifts for tech companies. Decisive movement from brick and mortar to the internet creating a vibrant communication spaces. Other platforms are now also shifting towards new directions integrating payment options online. 

The Evolution Of Tech Giant Into Banking

Just like the ones rivernile sports betting casinos offer to make payment. The same thing is now happening for everyone.  

On that note, lets take a look at some of the tech giant that are now moving into banking. This is actually an amazing prospect since people will have a lot of options when it comes to banking their hard-earned real money. And it promotes competition in the market as well. 


Tencent is another key example of the integrated payment in the multi-conglomerate. This payment platform has actually traversed industries. It has highlighted it desire to make sure that they meet the needs of its clients. 

In 2013, the company moved to finance sector via the creation of WeBank (China). The platform has extended overseas to Hong Kong as well as Malaysia. 

They are actually doing well, making sure that they establish themselves as the main player in the financial payment industry. 


Google has put in place mechanisms to make sure that they put in strategies that will allow them to compete with other tech giant that are into banking. 

They face a stiff competition from Amazon therefore; they need to strive to make sure that they attract users to base with them when it comes to making payments. 

Who knows? Maybe Google is on its way to make sure that they implement the payment options for real money online casino gamblers. 

We just need to sit back and wait for their next move. But at the same time playing southafricancasinosites’s online slots games is the only thing that can keep us following these updates of Google payment option that  might be on its way very soon. 

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