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Testing Magento E-commerce Platform: Challenges and Solutions


It is quite difficult to imagine the modern world without e-commerce. Most business owners prefer to use the flexible and multifunctional Magento platform for their online stores. And this is no wonder. After all, Magento has so many advantages. For example, the ability to create several stores in one system, a multilingual, user-friendly interface, a large number of extensions.

Testing Magento E Commerce Platform Challenges And Solutions

But when choosing Magento, it is worth considering all the possible difficulties. Business owners should take care of the website security, its ability to handle high loads, and smooth functioning. Only a perfectly operating site can gain the users’ trust.

Key Magento QA Testing Practises

The e-shop website is the first thing a user sees. It’s the face of the store. Testing your e-commerce website allows you to ensure that your site works properly and make a good impression on your customers. You can perform tests of the site within your company. However, an independent specialist who was not involved in the product creation could be an option too. So, you might engage a professional QA company.

To assess the performance of the website specialists use several basic techniques, which we offer to learn.

 Functional Testing for Magento E-commerce Platform

These tests show how the user will see your store, how easy it is to use the features, how smoothly everything works as it is needed, and what needs to be fixed immediately. For maximum effectiveness, it should be tested after each new feature is added.

Magento Load Testing

Your e-commerce store should be able to withstand heavy loads. It should not crash with a large number of orders at the same time. Performance testing includes checking page load speed, website navigation, how the page is displayed in the browser, etc.

Magento 2 Integration Tests

E-commerce applications inevitably use third-party systems. They are needed to manage orders, customer information, payments, shipping, search, and SEO, etc. The task of integration testing is to check whether all these components interact correctly.

Web API Functional Testing

Web API is an invisible bridge between the website and third-party servers. Magento supports both REST and SOAP protocols. They allow you to automate information management about the product, orders, payment, etc. The initial task of testing Magento Web APIs is to identify and solve all the issues of the system at the early stage.

Magento Unit Testing

This kind of testing is performed by the developers in the process of creating the website. Checking each single code unit and how each change affected the functionality allows you to identify bugs before the website is ready. As a result, you reduce the testing time and cost.

Static Testing

Like the previous one, this testing type is used by developers to control the code quality. They check the compliance of programming languages with Magento coding standards. Besides, more complex scenarios are also used, such as circular dependency or exception hierarchy. When static testing is performed well, code problems will be identified and corrected before the website release.

Bottom Line

Magento offers great opportunities for business growth. Take a serious approach to testing all aspects of the website at all stages of its development and in the future, you will be able to get the most out of a flawlessly working online store.


Kate Zalozna. CTO at QA Madness. I’ll share my knowledge and experience of implementing QA strategies and ensuring their alignment with a company's business needs. After working in QA and software testing for over 9 years, I have a lot of things to share.

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