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Take Your Business Forward With Google Apps For Work


Here’s why growing enterprises should move to Google Apps for Work – Businesses are increasingly relying on cloud computing to meet their IT requirements and Google with its cloud-based Google Apps is soaring ahead of its competitors in this aspect.

Google Apps For Work

Google Apps for Work is a bundle of popular Google Apps, which makes communication and data storage easier, especially for small and medium businesses. For the uninitiated, here’s what exactly Google Apps for Work covers – Gmail for email, Drive for document production and storage purposes, Hangouts for video calls and messaging, Calendar for integrated business calendars and so on.

The biggest draw is that you needn’t invest in expensive hardware and software. While this makes Google Apps extremely affordable and useful, businesses are still a bit apprehensive if the switch to Google Apps will help them in the long run. Firstly, here’s a look at why you need Cloud Computing in today’s world.

Why does your business need to move to Cloud Computing?

  • Google Cloud computing is ideal for fluctuating businesses. If your business needs increasing scaling up is easy with the cloud’s remote servers.
  • It’s important for businesses to invest in robust disaster recovery and cloud-based recovery solutions like Google Apps for Work provide it.
  • The migration is essential to counter the limits of traditional server hosting.
  • The best part of cloud computing is that you don’t have to waste time maintaining your system yourself. Besides Google Cloud offers you the flexibility of getting your data out of Google Apps in case you need to stop using the service.

There are a lot more advantages when businesses move to Google Apps for Work which helps them grow faster. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Google Apps helps sync all online business tools

When businesses move to Google apps, they get to focus all their business efforts using one streamlined product. Google apps sync across all emails, Google Drive, Docs, Calender and even Hangouts so they are easily connected without any complications and more focused on achieving business goals.

2. Business spends less when they adapt Google Apps

Another point to be noted, Google Apps is far cheaper and easier to manage than a traditional server and allows people to focus better on their job. Many businesses are reported to be saving by migrating from servers like Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps, which is relatively inexpensive. Businesses save time and money because there’s no costly software to license, patch and periodically replace.

3. Google Apps for Work helps faster collaboration in businesses

All business data in Google Apps are stored in the cloud hence, multiple users can easily access them simultaneously irrespective of their OS, or browser.

For e.g. If someone is making any changes in a document, coworkers can easily access them in their browsers and make changes that other authorized users can see in real time. For teams which are focused on working together, Google apps save time and reduces frustration.

4. Familiarity with Google Services helps businesses learn faster

For most upcoming businesses run by millennials, their first email IDs were most probably Gmail and first doc software, Google Docs. This familiarity with Google, makes businesses hooked onto Google Apps, which they are already trained to use. This is useful since otherwise employees are subjected to a stressful re-learning schedule each time companies upgrade traditional software.

Besides, traditional servers have different pricing packages, while Google has only two – Google Apps for Work at Rs.150 per user per month and the Advanced version at $10 per user per month.

5. When you opt for Google apps, server uptime is more

Google Apps have maximum network uptime. Know why? Since clouds are interconnected servers so if at any point of time, your server has some problem, another server from the cloud will take the workload of the failed server.

So when your business has emails on Google Apps, rest assured you have maximum uptime (Google claims it has less than 15 minutes downtime per month). Even large enterprises with excellent disaster recovery systems target a recovery time of one hour, and this is where Google Apps will make your business stand out.

6. Get Increased Security, Good backup and Disaster Recovery

Businesses are at an advantage when they adopt Google Apps because Google’s large investments in security are passed on to their business customers. Besides, Google Apps provides a good disaster recovery feature as data is automatically backed up by interconnected servers. In the case of traditional servers, you need to arrange for backups as you are dependent on a single server and any crashes might send your data for a toss. This also increases the cost of investment.

Besides this, there are other factors which make Google Apps useful for businesses like:

  • Excellent Performance
  • Latest Technology
  • Low maintenance and inexpensive in the long run.

In short, when businesses move their data to a cloud like Google Apps, the effort is worth it due to its increased features and affordability.

Thinking of using Google Apps for Work for your business? You couldn’t have taken a better decision! Besides, you can save on Google Apps for Work using Promo Codes when you purchase them now.


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