Studying abroad? 4 ways to start getting prepared!

Congratulations on being accepted into your study abroad program! You’ve worked so hard to get to this point and you deserve a hassle-free and perfectly straightforward studying, travel adventure. But in order to get this, you’re going to need to be super prepared and even more organised than you were when you first applied! Its great having all your study equipment ready and waiting to go, things like laptops, word processing software and plagiarism checkers are ideal – you can compare plagiarism checkers here – but what else do you need to arrange? 

Studying Abroad Ways To Start Getting Prepared

Preparing to study abroad sounds a little overwhelming, but if done right you’ll be able to swap those nerves and anxious feelings for a little excitement and anticipation instead. Read on for 4 ways to get prepared for your studying abroad adventure.

Get your passport and visa sorted

If you don’t have these in place then you’re not going anywhere. You need to have a valid passport so you can travel overseas. Check that your passport has not expired and that it will still be in date within six months of you leaving your study program and your return to your home country. If you don’t have a passport then you need to apply for one now. Passports can sometimes take months to process; you might also have to attend an interview and you might need other documentation that could take time to locate and apply for. If you’re staying for an extended period of time – which is the case for most student programs – you’ll probably need to apply for a visa. Do some research to find out the regulations of the country you’re heading to.

Visit your Dr

Being in good health before you travel is essential. You wouldn’t want your study experience ruined by an unexpected illness or a returning problem that has gotten worse. Make sure you’re given a clean bill of health and speak to the Dr about any concerns you have. You’ll also need to check if your destination requires visitors to have certain immunisations and get them done accordingly. If you take prescription drugs – make sure you have enough with you! 

Get travel (and medical) insurance 

When you’re abroad, anything can happen which is why a good travel and medical insurance policy is essential for anyone who’s studying overseas. A good policy should cover things like, medical treatment, lost luggage, flight delays or cancellations and even evacuation for medical issues or even natural disasters. Only health and travel insurance will cover BOTH kinds of claims so make sure your policy covers all the bases. Don’t travel without it!


Your study destination is going to be your new home for a while, so it’s worth doing plenty of research before you travel. Get to know local customs, how people dress, the country’s history and culture. Gathering plenty of information about your destination will only enrich your studying experience. So, head online, watch YouTube videos, speak to people who’ve also travelled there or check out movies, TV shows and books from your chosen destination. If anything it will hopefully prevent an evitable traveller-faux pas!  

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