3 Steps To Giving Your Online Marketing A Human Touch

It seems that when you call a business these days, after one ring you are pushed into an automated phone system that continually asks you, “If you are blah, blah, blah, please press 1. If you are blah, blah, blah, blah, please press two etc.” Then, after pressing about six or seven numbers, a person finally comes on the line, introduces him or herself and asks, “How can I help you today?” While it’s frustrating that it took so long to finally get to the point where you get to talk to an actual person, it also is a relief because you can at least trust the person on the other end of the line to actually hear what you have to say.

Steps To Giving Your Online Marketing A Human Touch

In today’s cyber world of blogging and content marketing, it is easy for people to feel like they have accessed some automated system much like the phone, where they keep clicking and clicking in search of something human that they can trust. There are foundational steps you can take to give your online marketing campaign a human touch.

1. Don’t Make It Seem Like You’re Trying To Sell Something

It may sound strange to say, “Back off on the sales pitch.” I mean, you’re running a business that wants more business, right? But, people are wary of people and companies that are always out to get something from them. Don’t afraid to give some information that will make lives a little easier—free of charge. This can be done by posting content and blogs that help people understand the dynamics of the business you’re in just a bit more; clarify areas that are confusing, even give them a tip or two. This could go a long way in showing potential customers that you know what you’re talking about and you’re not some manipulative wheeler-dealer out for their cash.

2. Let People Know Who You Are, Where You’ve Been And Where You’re Going

Trust is all about relationship. Don’t shy away from being honest with your possible customers; let them in on the people vital to your company, let them know the history behind your business and your plans for the future. Obviously, you don’t want to give away secrets or information that could compromise future plans, but people are looking to catch a glimpse behind the polished sales pitch veneer that so many companies put forth.

3. Make Communication A Two-way Street

Another way to keep your site from seeming too impersonal and mechanized is to allow your users to communicate back to you. While it is obviously of vital importance for you to convey the proper message about your company’s products and services to potential customers, it is also extremely crucial that you give your customers a voice. A couple easy and popular ways to do this is to link with social media lines and to use good, ol’ email — though it is important to respond as much as possible so that those who communicate don’t feel like they are talking to themselves. Though, depending on the volume of messages that come in, things can quickly bog you down in trying to keep up with the volume of communication.

Another way to access the perceptions of would-be customers that frees you of such concerns is to be proactive. Ask your users questions and prompt them to give opinions about your business and your services. Then, you can pick and choose who you respond to, and you can communicate back to your users ways in which customer feedback has made a difference. The overriding effect will be that people will feel listened to and you will receive valuable insight into how your company is being perceived.

If your website has an overly robotic, “please press 1, please press 2…” feel to it, the only thing people will be pressing is the mouse button as they click the back arrow away from your site. In the highly mechanized, online world, it is important to remember that business is still all about people meeting the needs of people. The more personal you can make your marketing plan the better.

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