12 social media tools for a digital marketer’s toolbox

Social media tools can help marketers sort out their everyday task management and automate some of the tedious tasks that they need to accomplish regularly. However, social media managers sometimes doubt the importance of social media tools, thinking that they can do everything manually. This is not entirely true – you need tools to work in the most productive way and stay focused! Find out about our 12 suggestions for social media tools to complement your toolbox.

Social Media Tools For Digital Marketer Toolbox

Complex social media tool: NapoleonCat

If you need a reliable social media scheduler, then napoleoncat.com will be the best solution for your social media management. Apart from scheduling options, it also offers advanced social media analytics including Facebook analytics and Instagram Analytics. this may be the tool you never knew you always needed. what is more this social media tool also enables a social inbox so you can manage your community directly on the platform.

Make your social media videos better with Reevio

Improve your communication with short and sweet videos that you can make with this social media tool. With Reevio, you get access to many templates elements and music that you can add to your videos to create them in a heartbeat. If you thought that creating social media videos was hard then this tool will definitely change your mind.

Power up Facebook analytics with Grytics

This social media tool will be very helpful for you if you are in charge of creating and managing groups on Facebook. Grytics provides you with Advanced Analytics of your performance in terms of Facebook groups and how to better understand your target group so that you can provide the best possible communication with them.

Make the most of social media analytics with HypeAuditor

If you are in charge of influencer marketing in your organization then you might consider using a social media tool for identifying and verifying selected influencers for your marketing campaigns. With HypeAuditor, you can easily recognize whether a selected influencer is a good fit for your brand and take a deep look into their statistics.

Create amazing graphics with Snappa

Snappa was designed to help you create amazing and appealing social media graphics in a few seconds. you have a lot of template icons and pictures at your disposal, so preparing a set of simple graphics only takes a moment.

Build social media chatbots with Chatbotize

Some social media marketers think that creating a fully functional chatbot takes a lot of money and time. This is a totally wrong approach and there actually exists a social media tool that can make this work a breeze. With Chatbotize, you can create your dreamy chatbot in a few minutes, using many interesting templates and plugins to make your chatbot fully interactive.

Amaze your audience with Instagram Stories from Unfold

If you are looking for some fresh creative designs and templates to use then Unfold should definitely be one of your go-to mobile apps. You have many templates to choose from there to create amazing Stories in a heartbeat.

Get inspired with Google Primer

Every social media marketer needs some inspiration in their life. Apart from reading a lot of blog posts like this one or some books, they can also use a very handy mobile app coming straight from Google. It’s called Google Primer, which delivers short and actionable marketing classes that you can complete in as little as 5 minutes.

Prepare mockups with SmartMockups

Sometimes you may need a mock-up to power up your communication, to show an app or a program on a monitor. This is widely used in the B2B world. 

Benefit from smart remarketing with RocketLink

Do you know that you can create custom audiences from shortening links? Yes, you can! With RocketLink, it’s easier than ever before to even make the most of external content that you are not the author of.

Design infographics with Venngage

If you need to prepare a longer graphic form then Venngage is a good shout. Here you can create infographics as well as social media posts.

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