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Smaller Mobile Brands Making The Bigger Ones Think


ubiquioOnce there was a time when there used to be only 2-3 branded mobiles every where in India i.e., Nokia, Sony Ericcson, Motorola and so, but the time has changed and the era has set up for a whole new mobile brands floating in like Karbonn, Lava, Micromax, T-series which were unheard in the past. Now these brands have really put them in serious thought of reviewing their prices as they provide much more features at very cheaper rate than the branded ones. Now lets see some of the reasons.

Why Local Brands Tough Competition For Big Ones?

The thing is very simple, Nokia had always been in top for the past 10 years are so just because of its quality even though the prices have always been higher. Now, these local brands are targeting the lower middle class and the middle class families with its prices and features. Warranty had always been the issue with the local brands which is being changed that’s why almost all the brands are providing a one-year warranty and service center in almost all the cities. Thus, When you are getting good features and quality at a very reasonable price you are bound to buy those than the big brands.

Advertising Strategies

One thing which these smaller brands are doing is that they advertise by promoting there products with features and not by price. Heavily loaded features are getting into the customers and when they walk-in to the showrooms they inquire more on the same, and when they see too lower prices in comparison to the big brands they go for that product.

Service Centers

Almost all the brands have started their own service centers across the country in order to have some benefits for the customers which has been given a very high positive response by the customers. The parts of the phones are being charged normal fee at those centers after the warranty period as well.


Most models come with Wi-Fi access and heavily loaded stuff which are very rare to find in the bigger brand’s smaller phones which a normal person can buy. 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, Motion sensors are  some of the specialty of the smaller brands which they are giving off at a very low rates which you or I can buy with ease not having to put a heavy load on the pockets.

What’s your take? Branded mobiles or the rest? Share your opinions as comments below.


Sandeep Singh is the editor of Technoleash. He is a Engineering student and Blogger. He owns almost 10+ blogs and he is trying his best to start'em. Connect with him on .

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    • wordgeist

      this is great I think is help to the market to the winner ๐Ÿ™‚

    • icechen1

      As long the smaller makers make the big ones change their ways, it’s a win-win solution for us all.

    • Luqman @ UK Webmaster forum

      There is lots of good smaller mobile brand around the world today and some of them are doing very well in the market. I think in the next one year price of the branded mobile phone will be force down.

    • Josiah

      I think you’re right to a certain extent. There is an obvious market for Brand-name smartphones though. Apple, Palm, Blackberry, Android-based and now Windows Phone 7 is coming out later this year. Apple is really too expensive and although many people want an Iphone, they opt for a cheaper phone, maybe a Blackberry or Android, still big brands. In-fact, there aren’t too many “smaller” brands that make it into cellphone shops these days. Well, at least in the smartphone department.

      I don’t see Nokia going anywhere soon. For the lower to middle-lower class, that’s the price they are in for a cellphone, if a cellphone is even an option for them.

      • Sandeep

        I agree that brand name has a effect ! But you must be knowing that nokia and samsung have seen large decrease in the sales of there products since the entry of brands like karbon nd micromax

    • Luis

      I think bigger companies are so focus on profits they forget and maintaining the infrastructure they forget how they got in the position they are now I think the only exception is Apple. Apple Rocks!!!

    • Jose Tinto

      Some good thinking points Sandeep. In fact this competition is good for the end customer because they get the best product in best possible price.

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